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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to this post. I'm still trying to configure smtp settings...yes in 2019 and in prestashop 1.7.5. It took a long time playing around with all sorts of things. But once we got the test email working we also had the problem we couldn't send customer service messages. I then changed to php and back to smtp and it worked. So I just wanted to say thanks for this idea. It worked for us.
  2. Okay I have found the solution myself. I will leave it in the hope it helps someone else. Originally I downloaded the language pack English GB as I am a UK user. All the changed I made were in the English GB language and my shop default language display was English (not GB). I disabled one of the languages (in localization) and now everything updates and we're all fine. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Hi, I hope I'm in the right section. I have just installed prestashop in an attempt to update my website and renew it. Am basically starting again from scratch. In the custom text block I have changed the text and pressed save but nothing changes on the front end. Any help appreciated. I have just noticed many things aren't being updated. Customer reassurance module the text also doesn't change. My category description the text doesn't appear. Really need help now. PS I have to use Microsoft Edge to work on the website as many things don't work in Chrome. Is this standard?
  4. Hi, I am trying to find a way of allowing my customers to check out in a simpler manner than the standard checkout procedure. Even with allowing guest checkout there are so many hoops that customers have jump through to just to purchase an item from us. Examples are - Date of birth fields, the need to click 'save' in order to proceed to postage and payment details, in my opinion it is very long winded. Is there a way of shortening the process and making it more simple from within prestashop and if not how do I go about finding an easier checkout experience. Which modules would I require? PS Apologies if this has been discussed before I didn't find anything in my initial search.
  5. Hi, I also have this problem and would really appreciate anyones help. I have ALL items except for one in stock and the whole combination listing will not allow an add to cart button because it is out of stock.
  6. Thank you HavanA I have found PS_shop_name and email in the ps_configuration table as stated earlier. (I didn't see all the entries as I didn't know that you have to continue on to the following pages). It is exactly as HavanA says. I searched through the whole table and found two entries for shop name and email. One was correct and one wasn't. I corrected the second one and it has now changed in the backoffice. Many thanks for those who have helped on this topic.
  7. Hi, I need some help on this matter. I'm using prestashop I don't have the same entries in the ps_configuration row. I have ps_contact which had two emails as the default [email protected] I changed them both, it made no difference however. The email is still set at [email protected] and the store name always changes straight back the to the default 'My e-commerce'. 'My e-commerce' is in the heading to emails to my customers. Any help would be much appreciated to change the email address and shop name. Many thanks
  8. Hi, I had the same problem as the original poster. I also disabled Ajax mode and it worked. Well sort of...it makes people go straight to the checkout rather than allow them to continue shopping which is not so great. But it does keep the products in the cart. I would like to know if someone has solved it, so that it can work with the Ajax on Thanks
  9. Hi, I know the original post was in march 2013 but i'm having exactly the same issue now with prestashop 1.6. Was wondering if anyone has solved this yet?
  10. Thank you very much. Will save me a lot of time. Worked on but i don't think you need to know that since I just noticed previous post said it's working on!!
  11. Hi SweetDreamHome that was very clever i like it!!! I may be a bit too far down the line to re-categorise my shop like that but I understand how you did it and will consider it thanks. PS i really like the top logo graphic and the purple colour that you have added to change the look of the top of the page. Would love to know how you did that.(although it probably doesn't fit in with this topic .
  12. Thanks i tried that already but in the page: field it doesnt let me put in 404 and there is no option in the dropdown for 404.
  13. thanks for your replies. I deleted it through the back office. I don't know which file has gone or if any have it's just gone from the back office.
  14. Hi, I have deleted the 404 not found page by mistake and want to create a new one. When i try 'create new' it doesn't allow me to choose 404 for the page option. I would appreciate any help on trying to put the 404 page back on. I'm using prestashop Edward
  15. ok well thanks jd.creative for your try anyway. nice to know there are people out there who are willing to help!!!
  16. thanks for your help. I've changed the file as you've suggested but they are still coming up!
  17. thanks for quick reply. I'm using prestashop with the default theme. My categories are 'mens watches' and 'ladies watches'. many thanks for your help
  18. Hi, I've been using prestashop for a few months now and just want to know if there is a way to display some of my categories in the top horizontal menu ONLY, and not in the left hand category column. I still want to display the bulk of my categories in the left hand side column but I want a select few to appear in the top horizontal menu only. I hope that was clear. Any help would be much appreciated.
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