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  1. thanks for the module but i have also too many problems to install it on ps 1.7 i checked the module here https://validator.prestashop.com/
  2. topic is a year old and i dont know if you need a better solution i use this option in custom.css big screens only depth-level 2 - little screens full depth @media all and (min-width:768px) { .top-menu[data-depth="2"] { display: none !important;} }
  3. On the same server with a PS 1.6. Version it works without any prolems. Only with PS 1.7 does it appear, despite the changes, not to connect to the database. I do not know if the changes are correct. My knowledge with php and myswql is not so good.
  4. PS 1.7.x I changed 2 lines to connect to the database - but it does not work require_once ('app/config/parameters.php'); and $db = new PDO("mysql:host=localhost;port=3306;dbname=database_name", database_user, database_password); does anyone have any other ideas to make it work with ps 1.7?
  5. hello I re-enter the subject, since I have also found nothing further. Is it possible to create such a function? thanks
  6. Hello everybody. I'm just about to set up a new shop for a customer. This would like the Prestashop version 1.7. Now I'm just setting up the shop and there is no Paypal module for this. Even if I agree with previous comments that it takes time, I am very disappointed. Version 1.7 has been available for many months including the test phase and it is not possible to make a Paypal module available for it so far? It is not meant to be evil, but we are very sad at the moment. I hope now that it does not take too long.
  7. Hello, Is there a possibility for the products to insert already existing tags from a selection list (dropdown-list) in the product without writing the tag again in the field? For example, there is a good help in the forum with the product features, so it is possible to enter Multiple Feature Values that already exist in the features list. So I would like to avoid writing errors or similar terms. The tag-site at backoffice is ok, but for to many products, we must search the new correct product. For PS and - it was a really good help for us. sorry for my bad english. Thanks Select multiple values for one feature https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/176242-modification-select-multiple-values-for-one-feature/page-12
  8. Hi everyone. I would like to get the 2 columns in the list view in the width exactly the other way round. As a solution, I already had the two divs in the tpl file swapped and entered by float in the css. In the view via PC it is ok, but it does not look very good in the view on mobile devices. I would like to have the div with the picture wider, since the main pictures are almost all narrow. The div with the short text should become narrower. The size of the images are then adjusted via the picture option and css code. If someone has a solution to adjust the <div class = "left-block col-md-4 col-sm-4"> and <div class = "right-block col-md-8 col-sm-8"> From? Somehow I do not find the corresponding code. Thanks in advance. PS based on LeoTheme http://roxotech.de/5-tshirts
  9. Many many thanks Vekia. This also applies to the other useful tips and tricks from you. Great help.
  10. Hi everyone. I hope that someone can help you with the ccs problem. I think that I have a flaw and does not find the error. The text is not wrapped, he intersects the div field right. Thanks in advance. PS LeoTheme https://fashionmoon.eu/kleider-dresses/34783-hinreißendes-pailletten-kleid-4250738601185.html#/4-größe-one_size/33-farbe-schwarz
  11. Hallo. Ich stehe auch gerade vor dem gleichen Problem, gibt es dafür schon eine Lösung? Danke
  12. Under certain circumstances no tax is payable upon order, if this example are delivered from Germany to the USA. How do I get it out that when invoices with VAT, the text, as it has now been set remains and is registered with invoices without VAT the text correctly in the column, so that then there is "excl. VAT". Respectively, the column will not appear in the bill.
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