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  1. If you can't get it working. Try using eMagicone's Store Manager for Prestashop. I downloaded the 30 day demo and it's helped me upload images and data for 1500+ products. You setup a database connection and an FTP connection, and then import the CSV file you've created, map the columns to the correct columns in the database, and voila, you have a site full of products.


    Pretty incredible and can save you plenty of time.

  2. Hi Prestashop Community,


    Is there a way I can bulk upload all of my images to our development site on localhost? I am using Store Manager and while I can upload all of my product data, I cannot bulk upload images. I have tried every possible combination of settings, but the best I can get is a blank file uploaded to the database.


    I have all of the images here on my local computer (localhost).

  3. Hi Prestashop Community,


    I have abit of a problem. I'd like to bulk import my products to PrestaShop, but I have two different and unique product IDs/numbers that identify my products and are necessary.


    1. An internal product ID generated by my bricks-and-mortar POS system

    2. The products SKU


    I need to upload both to PrestaShop, but there's only one column for a reference number. What should I do?


    Upload the SKU to the reference column and the product ID to another column, like UPC or EAN?


    Thanks for your help!

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