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  1. Hi there, Are there any modules that connect with either SugarCRM or vTiger that are compatible with PS Thanks
  2. Hi there, Can someone create or does a guide exist that visually shows where all of the hook locations are? For example, a document that shows: Main page hooks Order page hooks Product page hooks Category page hooks Blog page hooks etc. etc.
  3. I fixed it. The user account for my FTP settings did not allow for write access... doh!
  4. If you can't get it working. Try using eMagicone's Store Manager for Prestashop. I downloaded the 30 day demo and it's helped me upload images and data for 1500+ products. You setup a database connection and an FTP connection, and then import the CSV file you've created, map the columns to the correct columns in the database, and voila, you have a site full of products. Pretty incredible and can save you plenty of time.
  5. I hope they can help me. I've tried every possible combination of image upload. Upload via URL, upload from localhost... changing directory names, modifying URLs...
  6. Hi Prestashop Community, Is there a way I can bulk upload all of my images to our development site on localhost? I am using Store Manager and while I can upload all of my product data, I cannot bulk upload images. I have tried every possible combination of settings, but the best I can get is a blank file uploaded to the database. I have all of the images here on my local computer (localhost).
  7. Hi, http://addons.prestashop.com/en/content-management/4731-Prestashop-blog.html Is this module/addon available in English? If not, can anyone recommend another blog solution? Thanks
  8. Hi Quochung, Check this link out: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/export/1128-SugarPshop-FREE-v3-2-SugarCRM-connector.html
  9. Hello Shopping Flux, I don't have a working store yet... I'm currently building it! When I am finished I will write you for a test. Thanks
  10. Hi Prestashop Community, I have abit of a problem. I'd like to bulk import my products to PrestaShop, but I have two different and unique product IDs/numbers that identify my products and are necessary. 1. An internal product ID generated by my bricks-and-mortar POS system 2. The products SKU I need to upload both to PrestaShop, but there's only one column for a reference number. What should I do? Upload the SKU to the reference column and the product ID to another column, like UPC or EAN? Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi Prestashop, New user and will be building my shop on Prestashop. That said, I did a ton of research on different shopping carts, and saw a really cool template view/editor during my demo of Highwire.com. Is anything like that possible with Prestashop? It seems extremely intuitive. Thanks!
  12. Hi there, Is shopping flux also available in English? I can't seem to find an English version of their website. Does it work with PS 1.5?
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