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  1. You missed 1 step. Go into DB and Alter your table ps_products. Change column condition with enum("Value1","Value2")
  2. I am looking for same. Is there anyone who can guide me. How to override Cart Class to do same?
  3. I want to display Carrier Transit time at product page and I changed Product.php from classes, ProductController.php from controller->front and product.tpl from theme. ProductConroller.php protected function assignCarrierDelay() { $carriers = Product::getProductCarrier($this->product->id,$this->context->language->id); //echo $carriers; $this->context->smarty->assign('carrier_delay', $carriers); } Product.php public function getProductCarrier($id_product,$id_lang) { return Db::getInstance()->getValue('SELECT cl.`delay` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'carrier_lang` AS cl LEFT JOIN`'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_carrier` AS pc ON pc.`id_carrier_reference` = cl.`id_carrier` WHERE pc.`id_product` = '.(int)$id_product.' AND cl.`id_lang`='.(int)$id_lang); } Product.tpl {$carrier_delay} But nothing happened. Could someone please help me to get this?
  4. Hi walter6, Have you done this? If yes, could you please tell me how is it possible?
  5. I tried Cart Rule but it's taking Voucher Code at first attempt.
  6. Hi, I searched a lot for 2 issues over Google and Prestashop Forum but didn't found any satisfactory solution. Now I am ready to pay for these to complete the website. Issues are as: 1. Discount Voucher - I want to assign discount voucher at purchase of specific product which can be redeem in next time shopping by that Customer. 2. Carrier - I have a lost of Zone with Cities and Zip Code with me provided by Carrier Company. I want to upload that list into DB when customer check product details he/she can check availability of delivery in his/her area by inserting Zip Code in a textbox at product detail page which will match the database and return the message. Please do let me know if someone do it on quick note. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I want to create a voucher for all customers who buy specific product. For example I have 3 products A, B and C and assigned a discount of coupon of Rs. 1000 on product A. If any customer buy Product A, a voucher of Rs. 1000 automatically assign to that customer and he/she can redeem these points in next shopping. Please help me as quick as you can. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I am trying to add 3 values (hot, sale and offer) in product condition with New, Used and Refurbished. I altered ps_product table with ENUM (new,used,refurbished,hot,sale,offer) and edited information.tpl file to show these values in BO. Now as I save product with any of new value then an error comes with: Property Product->condition has bad value (allowed values are: new, used, refurbished) at line 837 in file classes/ObjectModel.php . Here is the screenshot.
  9. Hi Nemo1, thanks for your reply. http://www.toygully.com/ has same thing I am looking for. Could you please help me to customize the module?
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