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  1. I think themes from Template Monster have random number at end, so try to check original theme preview image in back office. On image there could be name of theme, or search by some term from that image. For example computer store... Also you could try reverse image search on google with same image or just post it here.
  2. Well interesting issue Could you give more info like how many products do you have, categories? Do you have some cron jobs defined or some modules that sync products ? Does any module have auto update? Do you have any MailChimp module? And for profiling do you have more info blocks, like for modules and hooks ? Also just as guess, any syncing between servers?
  3. For blank page in back-end have you tried to enable debug mode and see if there is any error ?
  4. One of our client used https://addons.prestashop.com/en/order-management/28499-partial-shipment-delivery-remaining-order.html nice module but not sure it is what you what. So before shipping you can split order and choose what do deliver. So check it out.
  5. Hi @Budrys We have created project on our portal and sent you invite.
  6. Think from version you can switch to PHP 7.0 with no issues and that gives some boost in speed. So yes 5.6 for your version. Good luck with hosting company and hope you resolve issue soon enough.
  7. First do try to use at least 5.6 even that is obsolete right now. That error is strange but seams to have connection with /tmp folder permissions Few first links from Google https://serverfault.com/questions/84890/cant-create-write-to-file-tmp-sql-xxxx-myi-errcode-13 https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/can-t-create-write-to-file-tmp-sql_1f98_0-myi-errcode-28 https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/mysqld-innodb-error-unable-to-create-temporary-file/ Not sure if you have access to that folder but try mentioned changes. Or ask your hosting company to help. And shared hosting is generally not recommended.
  8. Can you check in Advanced Parameters > Configuration Information what is your PHP version. Could be hosting switched to some new one like PHP 7. Also you can try to turn debug mode and see if there is any clear error And do you have WordPress or Drupal on same sever ?
  9. On test domain I would recommend to block robots in robots.txt file, have shop in maintenance mode or password protect folder. Local can be good for development but for final testing I prefer test domain but if possible on same server. That way you can see how would PHP version with installed extension and MySQL are working. Good luck with development and selling after, just remember content come first then visual
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum Yes it is linked to one store/URL but also you can use it on test domains. If you have multiple stores/URL you have to get license for each one.
  11. Thank you for reporting and sorry to hear you got scammed but it is always good to check about company before buying. Looks that is though big scam as there are over 25 sites using same address in France and company name. Prepared for Black Friday and then Christmas with to good to be true deals. https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/anyone-heard-of-or-dealt-with-technodroneuk-3296038 https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/e16tq0/fradulant_websites_selling_nintendo_switches/ And that website seams to have really bad reviews https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/fun-and-wheel.uk
  12. Ako misliš na dve kategorije u meniju na vrhu, onda nije preneo posešavanja is blocktopmenu modula pa probaj da podesiš ps_mainmenu modul. Ako je nešto drugo u pitanju, možda neki snimak ekrana gde se prikacuju samo dve kategorije.
  13. ok vidiš do je greška u modules/shopimporter modulu. To je stari modul koji ti verovatno nije potreban. Možeš da preimeniješ direktorijum shopimporter u _shopimporter na primer. Tada će verovatno da ti prikaže sledeću grešku Opet pogledaj putanju, koji je modul u pitanju i preimenuj.
  14. Pa sad sledi sređivanje. Prvo, uključi "debug" mode u naprednim podešavanjima > performance ili ručno https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/224525-how-to-turn-on-error-reporting-for-debug-information-blank-page-500-internal-server-error/ Verovatno neki stari modul ili više njih nije obrisano i prouzrokuju greške. Preporuka ako možed id administratorskog dela da ih deinstaliraš i obrišeš ili ručno prebaciti module u neki novi direktorijum na primer STARO. Neke nove module možda ćeš morati ponovo da podesiš na primer, module koji prokazuje kategorije, meni i slično.
  15. U module postoji dugme za više opcija (napredne opcije) gde treba izabrati "Major version" tako da nakan osvežavanja stranice 1.7 bi trebalo da se pojavi. https://build.prestashop.com/news/updated-1-click-upgrade-module/ Nešto stariji članak ali u prinicipu opisuje postupak.
  16. Modul je sa ove adrese https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/5496-.html ? Proveri da li je u fajl sistemu pod modules, folder autoupgrade ? I ako jeste da li ima odgovarajuće dozvole 755.
  17. Pozdrav Kao što savetuju većina članova najbolje je testirati na kopiji prodavnice. I to po mogućstvu na istom serveru ali drugi/test domen. https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/upgrade/ Ovo je generalno uputstvo, manuelan metod nisam koristio za nadagradnju 1.6 u 1.7 ali taj metod je bio jedini do verzije 1.4 i radio je u većini slučajeva. 1-click upgrade besplatni modul je u poslednje vreme dosta stabilan i preporuka za ovaj metod ako prodavnica ima standardnu temu i ne previše modula koji ne dolaze sa osnovnom verzijom PrestaShop-a. Tu je takođe bitno da se pripreme verzije modula koji podržavaju 1.7. 1-click upgrade ponekad doda nove verzije standardih modula ali ne obriše strare module. Naprimer ps_shoppincart je posebno pisan za 1.7 dok blockcart je 1.6 i može da prijavi greške i . Treća opcija su module koji se mogu naći na zvaničnoj PrestaShop prodavnici. Skoro svi su ustvari migracije a ne nadogradnje, neke probne/besplatne verzije mogu da se nađu na forumu. Par modula dosta dobro radi, imaju zgodne opcije za sinhronizaciju. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/32298-prestashop-migrator-safely-upgrade-prestashop-to-17.html https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/8934-migrationpro-prestashop-upgrade-and-migrate-tool.html Tako da probaj 1 click upgrade prvo, ako prođe ndagradnja komplento, poželjno je uključiti "debug" mode tako da se vide eventulane greška u temi ili starom modulu.
  18. Glad it works, sorry for typo. Best of luck in developing and selling.
  19. Hi and welcome to the forum. When using bootstrap grid with columns you should wrap it in div with class row <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-6"> <img class="img-fluid" src="https://mtdata.ru/u7/photo53A0/20946911428-0/original.jpg#20946911428" alt="original.jpg#20946911428" width="400"> </div> <div class="col-md-6"> <h2>Why Do Cats Like Boxes?</h2> <p>"Cats like boxes because they are cryptic animals; they like to hide," Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told Business Insider. "And a box gives them a place of safety and security."</p> <p>While inside a box, cats feel that they cannot be snuck up on from behind or the side — anything that wants to approach them must come directly into their field of vision. In effect, such hiding spaces allow them to watch the world around them without being seen.</p> </div> </div> That should make white background all around content.
  20. Hi you need to apply zone to each state of Canada and Australia. That is something that should have been set by default maybe a bug. I changed just one state that I have set test address. Hope this helps.
  21. Good, glad you have found right place as there are several files that could be a source of a problem. And no payment needed, glad to help.
  22. Hmm OK. See https://nimb.ws/J5NAu1 in code that url line is missing so i could be captcha module is overriding that template file. So check first in theme folder _PS_THEME_DIR_ . 'modules/ets_advancedcaptcha/views/templates/front/front-contact-form.tpl' then in root module folder modules/ets_advancedcaptcha/views/templates/front/front-contact-form.tpl if it have similar code near end. And no need to copy code here just check if it is similar.
  23. Thanks for code, I had to hide it as it is from paid module and should not be public. Think you are missing one line in contact-form.tpl in your theme folder /themes/default-bootstrap/contact-form.tpl <input type="text" name="url" value="" class="hidden" /> so that section near end should looks like <div class="submit"> <input type="text" name="url" value="" class="hidden" /> <input type="hidden" name="contactKey" value="{$contactKey}" /> <button type="submit" name="submitMessage" id="submitMessage" class="button btn btn-default button-medium"><span>{l s='Send'}<i class="icon-chevron-right right"></i></span></button> </div> Try to make a change and clear cache in PrestaShop, Advanced Parameters > Performance.
  24. Do you have ContactController in override folder so full path would be override/controllers/front/ContactController.php ?
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