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  1. Thanks great and quick tutorial :-) Think it is good option to theme developers to pack overrides in one module. Also to watch out for possible conflicts when doing overrides.
  2. Think without AWP page would load much, much slower. If I calculated right that is about 370 million combinations when not using AWP and with AWP 535. So AWP should be great choice. But page is loading slow around 8s and you are right good part (around 4,5-5s) goes on server. You could try to enable debug profiling in defines.inc.php. Also there seams to be JS error at end of page source <script>if (screen.width < 768) { } else {</script> One more thing you could try to optimize color texture images so from 40-50KB you could get around 20KB with tinypng.com for example so from total 1.25MB you could remove 400KB. This is not related to main issue you have but should help a bit in general.
  3. Hi welcome to the forum. Those looks like right settings but depends where are there. Maybe there is another place/file (php.ini , php5.ini). You could try to contact your host so they could fix that. Check also these two topics maybe some info could help. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/245816-warning-your-php-configuration-limits-the-maximum-number-of-fields-to-post-in-a-form-1000-for-max/ http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/235573-max-input-vars-1000-solved/ Also translations you can do on-line in official Prestashop translations repository https://crowdin.com/project/prestashop-official/bs
  4. Images are stored in img folder, for example img/p/ contains product images. And in database there are image id's. When you upload/import image it gets new id for example 256 and then Prestashop creates images for all types defined in Back Office > Preferences > Images, and those images are stored in img/p/2/5/6/ folder , for example img/p/2/5/6/256-home_default.jpg. For HTML try to wrap between double quotes or/ and use html codes for those characters. And test on local with small csv file.
  5. Try this override, no changes to template files. Code in assignProductList is bit messy so needs improvement. And also do not forget to enable overrides and clear cache. CategoryController.php
  6. Check http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/CSV+Import+Parameters. So images can be imported from foolder on your server (full path like in example) "Enabled";"Name";"Categories";"Price";"Tax rule ID";"Buying price";"On sale";"Reference";"Weight";"Quantity";"Short desc.";"Long desc";"Images URL" 1;"Test";"1,2,3";130;1;75;0;"PROD-TEST";"0.500";10;"'Tis a short desc.";"This is a long description.";"http://www.myprestashop/images/product1.jpg"
  7. I was thinking maybe simple module that will save pair category, number of products per category and override of FrontController paginate function but fred_vinapresta solution is more precise.
  8. Sorry I do not notice all errors at once. In global.css line 330 color:#2166a2' should be color:#2166a2; There are some other css errors, but those should not influence. http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.shopmost.co.uk%2F&profile=css3&usermedium=all&warning=1&vextwarning=&lang=en
  9. Sorry for not being precise , this is how it should look like. .sf-menu li li a { color:#444444 !important; } .sf-menu li li a:hover { color:#c0c0c0 !important; } li.sf-search { background: inherit; float: right; line-height: 25px; }
  10. There are more errors , in modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css extra ; before !important .sf-menu li li a { color:#444444; !important; } .sf-menu li li a:hover { color:#c0c0c0; !important; } bit later li.sf-search { background: inherit; float: right; line-height: 25px; Success! } and delete Success!
  11. You have to move /* not to take away #featured-products_block_center{ margin-left:13px; } /*#featured-products_block_center li .ajax_add_to_cart_button {display:none;} #featured-products_block_center li span.exclusive {display:none;}*/
  12. You have few css errors that show when CCC is activated modules/blocknewproducts/blocknewproducts.css extra closing bracket } #new-products_block_right tr td {padding-bottom:0px;} } and in all 3 homefeatured files , you commented out } also #featured-products_block_center{ margin-left:13px; /*} #featured-products_block_center li .ajax_add_to_cart_button {display:none;} #featured-products_block_center li span.exclusive {display:none;}*/
  13. Think it is b**tstrap , because b**ts are black listed and there is topic in this subforum about that. And for your question , you could replace theme folder with one from latest version http://www.prestashop.com/en/download but also theme should get updated if you select "Upgrade and switch to the default theme of the new version" from 1-click update settings.
  14. Like tuk66 said remove that height, it is messing things. And change css a bit Add #header .banner { background: #4D3366; } remove .header-container { background: #3D3366; height: 100px; } and one line from header { background: 4D3366; } You have missing # there.
  15. Really sorry to hear that an hope this new year would bring you lot more sales. I remember you had similar topic some time ago and people pointed out your biggest problem - Amazon. Do not want to get into more discussion about that but will try to give few advises, and that means bit more work on store, sorry. First, your website looks nice and clean, not have some big graphics and image backgrounds but I like it as it is. It would be better if it theme is responsive as lot of traffic is done generally on mobiles and tablets. But I think you need to bring out some important things in first plan, so customer would notice them. Like Paulito said those things customer should notice straight away. But you have Hot list on side that is almost invisible. Content on homepage is good I think, maybe bit more info then needed but it is ok. You could try to add few more simple slides on top slider with some of those things Paulito said, or add 2-3 small banners like: big red sale, win competition , tweet and get voucher and so on. And when I mention win competition, that page should look more inviting some nice images like those banners you have, big call to action button , maybe some of previous winners reactions... Next, your product pages, I clicked randomly on few and most of them do not get much info, some just image and product title which I think is not enough, not for customers and certainly not for Google. Also you could add some more social share buttons, not just FB. And small thing there also those social icons on right maybe to have same links as ones in footer. So some general tips for optimization check http://nemops.com/prestashop-google-rich-snippets/ should give some boost to SEO. Also compress css and js files to speed up loading a bit. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/150107_G0_151N/ Some tips you can see here http://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.shopmost.co.uk/JXhoqqEs few things like gzip and browser caching should be sorted. You do not need to get high score but 80 or something should be good. Also check http://www.woorank.com/en/www/shopmost.co.uk that free report gives some points that could improve your SEO. This could mean lot more work but did you consider maybe upgrading to 1.6 ? At least try it on local computer or hidden sub-domain (so it does not get indexed). Last thing, if you considering retro games only, could new domain and separate website be an option ?
  16. Hi Angela Welcome to the forum, but sorry to say think you can not install Prestashop on Squrespace. Squrespace is specific platform that offer easy creation of websites and not full hosting service. http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/24961/php-mysql-on-squarespace But to try Prestashop you can install it locally http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Installing+PrestaShop+on+your+computer and check pinned posts in this sub-forum http://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/7-installing-prestashop/ . Also this is new option but you can try also http://www.prestashop.com/en/beta cloud version (but would have to wait couple of days).
  17. Try following changes product.css line 148 change to #pb-left-column { float: left; margin-left: 50px; width: 600px; } line 154 to #pb-left-column h1 { margin-bottom: 5px; margin-top: 2px; margin-left: 0; padding-left: 0; font-size: 25px; line-height: 30px; font-weight: normal; border: none; clear: both; float: left; width: 350px; } line 178 to #pb-left-column #buy_block { margin-top: 6px; clear: left; float: left; width: 350px; } In table you are addin change styles to <table style="width: 201px; border: 1px solid #ebeced;float: right;margin-top: 15px;" border="1" align="right"> And last thing is to move in product.tpl {if isset($HOOK_EXTRA_RIGHT) && $HOOK_EXTRA_RIGHT}{$HOOK_EXTRA_RIGHT}{/if} before {if ($product->show_price && !isset($restricted_country_mode)) || isset($groups) || $product->reference || (isset($HOOK_PRODUCT_ACTIONS) && $HOOK_PRODUCT_ACTIONS)} <!-- add to cart form--> <form id="buy_block"{if $PS_CATALOG_MODE && !isset($groups) && $product->quantity > 0}
  18. I think you are missing few things there. For example check module block social https://github.com/PrestaShop/blocksocial/blob/master/blocksocial.php and getContent function. First you can use Configuration class to save your settings to database, then renderForm function must have submit and you need to catch values from that submit in getContent function and save them. Later you can get those values and use in any hook.
  19. By default you do have 4 modules in that hook and 4 tpl files : blockcontact - use nav.tpl file to disaplay code in that hook blockuserinfo - also use its own nav.tpl while blocklanguages and blockcurrencies use same module name tpl files. And I am not sure why you say only one is generated. If you have only one currency module is hidden. Also possible that theme hides them.
  20. You can check in back office in Modules > Positions. There is a list of all hooks and modules that are associated with each hook. Then when you find out what module is hooked should be easy to find which tpl file gives the code. Look into modules main php file and search for function that have hookDisplayNav in name.
  21. Hi First error message is telling you that function needs same parameters in call public function addCSS($css_uri, $css_media_type = 'all', $offset = null, $check_path = true) and some is missing from that override file. For second error check if maybe same file /newshop/override/classes/controller/FrontController.php have few space at end. Sometimes that is causing error you got.
  22. It is possible but depending on amount of products could be too much to add different color/image to each product. But it can be done by products and by category. For example if you view source of product page you will see <body id="product" class="product product-1 product-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts category-5 category-tshirts hide-left-column hide-right-column lang_en"> there you have few classes that could help, product-1 is with ID , product-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts with friendly-url and similat to categories classes : category-5 category-tshirts. So you can style like this body#product.product-1 {background: pink} body#product.product-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts {background: url('../img/product-bg.jpg')} body#product.category-tshirts {background: blue}
  23. Ok on footer you have two extra modules enabled, My account footer and , Block contact info, try to disable them. And after slider you have custom code in home text editor module. Think if you check here http://withinpixels.com/themes/autumn/documentation/#configuringyourshop there is code to enter <div class="row"> <div class="column col-4-12 t-align-center"> <div class="wpicon wpicon-power medium2" style="display: inline-block; padding: 15px; background: #da3b44; color: #ffffff; border-radius: 30px;"> </div> <h2 style="margin: 20px 0 12px 0; padding: 0; font-weight: normal;">It's powerful!</h2> <div>Autumn has a lot of features to give your customers a unique experience. It also has powerful modules such as Megamenu module that allows you to create unique menu layouts.</div> </div> <div class="column col-4-12 t-align-center"> <div class="wpicon wpicon-transmission2 medium2" style="display: inline-block; padding: 15px; background: #da3b44; color: #ffffff; border-radius: 30px;"> </div> <h2 style="margin: 20px 0 12px 0; padding: 0; font-weight: normal;">It's fluid!</h2> <div>Because of the fluid design, your shop will look perfect in every screen! Resize your browser window right now to experience the Autumn's fluid design!</div> </div> <div class="column col-4-12 t-align-center"> <div class="wpicon wpicon-heart2 medium2" style="display: inline-block; padding: 15px; background: #da3b44; color: #ffffff; border-radius: 30px;"> </div> <h2 style="margin: 20px 0 12px 0; padding: 0; font-weight: normal;">It's developer friendly!</h2> <div>Autumn's custom css grid system built with necessary shopping elements in mind. You won't need weird workarounds to make things work unlike many other pre-built css grids.</div> </div> </div>
  24. And what was solution ? Maybe solution could help someone in future.
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