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  1. Hi @hitin sorry to hear you have those issues. It is really slow. I am not sure if I can help but please provide some more information. How many products/categories do you have ? What hosting you are on and what kind of server it is ? Do you have some voucher module or just lot of discounts/vouchers created ? Please check your database directly, like with phpMyAdmin and see what are largest size tables? My guess you have 30-50 000 products which is good amount, but what could be an issue is cart rules like log shows. For example I saw few times cart_rule_combination tables that are over 10GB and that can slow down a website to halt.
  2. @D. Tengler Thank you for report and nice that you included map also Probably some bug in forum software, someone from PrestaTeam will look at that issue. cc @ttoine
  3. That error does not seams yet connected to Stripe, but module, maybe part of theme, posstaticblocks. And it have to do with PHP version you have, it may work with 7.1 but that is already deprecated so it would be best to contact theme developer and ask for fix it for 7.2/7.3 version of PHP. Should not be big change. But that is just a warning so should not be main issue, but should be fixed so you can check checkout and Stripe. Other error message I think is for back office but cant say more.
  4. Have you tried to enable debug note and check those requests in console ? They should give you some clue why that 500 error appears.. Also checking hosting error logs could help.
  5. Have you tried to turn debug mode on on those page you get 500 errors ? There could be some error showing that could give more details on what is wrong. Also you could try and check error log on your hosting side. That error is from module Custom text so after you manage to get to module page you could reinstall module. Should not be a main problem. You did not mention from what version you upgraded from and how did you upgrade. With native module or some 3rd party one. If you are maybe upgraded from 1.6 there could be several issues. But try to enable debug mode, if some error appears in connection with some module you can try to just rename main module folder temporarly. Also do clear PrestaShop cache if you can access page with no issues.
  6. hey @Brighteyes Do you have GB language pack and also do you use some custom checkout module ? You can try in Theme translations , your theme, your language and search for State https://nimb.ws/slxD4N (this is from English GB language pack) https://nimb.ws/u2wsqD (part at bottom of page after you should see field on right). If you have some module it can be under Installed modules translations.
  7. Yes @El Patron this has gone long enough. I am locking this topic as I think it is not fair to talk about someone that can not replay and defend/explain. Moderators did try to contact him but with no luck, so do not what is happening to him. @vekia If you do get notification do let me know to unlock topic. For people that bought modules but did not get them, try to dispute payment if possible. For people that got modules but got issues, try to post in forums exact issue. There could be users that may me had similar issue or there are someone that could help with that specific issue. And there is a good practice to contact developers before buying a module/theme.
  8. OK sorry I looked in wrong part Yes bit strange. What file did you edit and added that code ?
  9. Hi I do not see it right now on your page, have you removed it ?
  10. Hey Marek So if I understood, if you create custom cookie in JavaScript you can not call it in PHP with $this->context->cookie->__get('custom_cookie_name'); as it needs to be created with Context class ? Could you then use Ajax to create cookie in JavaScript but that Ajax call would create cookie with Context in PHP ?
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. For languages and other things you can check official documentation http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Languages there should be explained in detail.
  12. Hi welcome to the forum. That image looks like from editorial module .editorial_block { background: url(http://www.rcracing.ro/img/line34.png) top right no-repeat; padding-top: 35px; margin: 30px 0 0 0; } Try to find css file in theme/default_bootstrap/css/module editorial or how it is called.
  13. If it is 3rd party module you can not do much if developer is not responding. You could write to [email protected] ,think that is correct email even if not native module. Also contact @ttoine or share more details in PM with moderators, so if it is shared on forum we could hide topic. PrestaShop does not yet have Bug Bounty program but it should be available in future. But again most likely not applied to 3rd party modules.
  14. Not sure what is unclear but of course you can use modules on development/test/staging website. And final customer URL should be entered on Addons. When you click on download of module this message will show and it should be clear enough.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum. No need to be sorry, no harm done in asking. You could try though in topic to check with some users that already have that module. But I must warn you that mypresta do not replay for some time on messages. Could be personal reasons but still, just so you know. For your question, free module does not have any options so you would need to code that yourself. It can be by adding text field with IDs or multi-select dropdown depending how much manufacturers you have. Then you can filter all manufactures to match just selected IDs and pass that to front display. Good luck.
  16. Well that is strange. If it was installed it should be in list when you go to Module manager. Try search option, sometimes PrestaShop hide some modules in the list but usually not 3rd party ones. First for maintenance mode in general, check if your IP is in list of IPs that can access store. Could be you do see regular pages because of that. Or maybe some browser cookie thing so also try to open store in new incognito/private browser window.
  17. OK so that on image is content of folder, which should be called "maintenancepro". If you go up (back) from current screen you should see that folder. Now you can compress that folder to .zip file and upload as module into back office. Or alternative to copy that folder "maintenancepro" into your modules folder so path from root looks modules /maintenancepro.
  18. Hi and welcome to the forum, Every module usually have some detail documentation and should have install steps. For most modules it is straight forward process as you need to upload module into aback office. Here is general guide http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Modules+Selection#ModulesSelection-Installingorpurchasingamodule In rare cases and that is mostly emphasized in some way you need to unzip module archive and it may contain documentation or PSD files along with real module zip file you will have to upload in back office. You can install module manually with cPanel by unzipping archive to right folder. That is also in link posted. Another thing is to ask developers they usually can help with installation if there is some extra steps.
  19. Hi and welcome to the forum, For your question, yes those are predefined pages by default. They do come with with PrestaShop by default. If you need more custom pages they need bit of programming, by making a new module or new front controller. Warehouse is a nice theme and CMS pages can cover most of requirements you may need.
  20. @ndiaga jet.com is really famous in US and global also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet.com You should check it out as flow is really nice and you could get some idea for modules. Menu, checkout, category pages all good examples. And he was asking about similar theme. @JohnSmithUK Not sure if there is theme that is close to jet.com, some unique features, but you can check https://addons.prestashop.com/en/3-templates-prestashop and also this https://www.leotheme.com/prestashop/themes/supermarket-marketplace-themes.html It is theme with marketplace module, have not tested and there are few other solution if you need marketplace functionality. But with all themes/modules recommend contacting developer, and do good tests in demo stores.
  21. So it is not your store ? Could you ask owner of website to send you zipped file with module you have developed before?
  22. yes you should have it in install with registerHook but now i see you had correct submit button, so not sure why it did not triggered. Do check in positions, and "display hidden hooks" is it module actual hooked correctly.
  23. For getting input data you can use Tools::getValue() function public function hookActionProductUpdate($params) { $fname = (int)Tools::getValue('fname'); $lname = (int)Tools::getValue('lname'); // and rest of the code, you can use var_dump($fname); and die(); to check values } Bit older tutorial on topic but might help https://belvg.com/blog/how-to-create-a-custom-product-tab-in-prestashop.html Good luck with development.
  24. HI welcome to the forum and also welcome do module development. Can be tricky at times. You should be using hookActionProductUpdate function for sure but think you may need to change buttons code. Try with <div class="panel-footer"> <a href="{$link->getAdminLink('AdminProducts')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="btn btn-default"><i class="process-icon-cancel"></i> {l s='Cancel'}</a> <button type="submit" name="submitAddproduct" class="btn btn-default pull-right"><i class="process-icon-save"></i> {l s='Save'}</button> <button type="submit" name="submitAddproductAndStay" class="btn btn-default pull-right"><i class="process-icon-save"></i> {l s='Save and stay'} </button> </div> That should trigger it.
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