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  1. Any chance you can share a link to your product page ?
  2. It is a standard practice to connect to users and yeah it is marketing and you may get spam. But you can after unsubscribe. To bypass all that you actually do not have to leave email in form but just mark two checkboxes that you agree. Also you can directly download latest version from here https://www.prestashop.com/en/previous-versions or https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/releases
  3. @miguelamo No utilice todas las letras mayúsculas en la publicación o el título. Edité tus 2 publicaciones y el título por ahora. Espero que resuelvas el problema y feliz año nuevo.
  4. Hi @Verlonimo Sorry but backend demo is not available. All settings are here https://medias3.prestastore.com/1299358-pbig/shipping-localization-we-deliver-country-name.jpg and I have enable language and currency in popup right now. Also I did enable few countries, yours should be there also now. So check again and maybe open new incognito/private browser window. But yes user country will be recognized, and then set currency that is connected to that country. Will send discount code in PM
  5. Hi @Verlonimo Thank you for taking an interest in our module. It does not require any override and it is fully compatible with default geolocation. You can choose in options to display visitor country or display default country one. But it is nice for visitors to see their own flag straight away. If you have any other question, let me know.
  6. Try to follow https://github.com/mollie/PrestaShop/issues/252
  7. Hi @Erkan TEKGÜR Just a fair warning, think twice to whom you give access to your site, server , FTP. @Keshva thakur. please share your fix here and help out fellow user.
  8. It means you have posted in wrong section of forum. This is French sub-forum so you should French. But I will move topic. Also do check link solsol69 mentioned and check your PHP version.
  9. People, people go easy. @SamirGeorge Please formulate and format question bit. From what I have read first thought was you need a module to sync, so paid work. You last post does clear that but to me it was not clear on first read. @D. Tengler and @CedCommerce Team please try to refrain for offering services outside of Job offers. Especially you CedCommerce Team you do have few warnings about that already. You all can politely explain that what is needed is good amount of work and that it should be posted in Job offers. Like your last replay D. Tengler, move on to other topic. And CedCommerce please understand, you may need work and you look every post as possible one. But forum is primarily place to help each other. And users, especially new ones comes in hope for some guideless. And if they are bombarded with PM and paid offers then will not come much to forum. And maybe skip chance to get some help and later to help someone else.
  10. Yes think I saw that issue once. Leo feature module is one that have add to cart button, compare and add to wish list feature defined in one module. But not sure where is second class WishList.php coming from. Could be in Leo Theme modules or some other module that you have. See in module list if you have anything similar. Next step could be contacting Leo Theme support about issue.
  11. hmm You did enable debug mode ? Alternatively there should be some errors in /app/logs folder in your root PrestaShop installation. Files prod.log and if debug enabled in file debug.log. Also maybe if you have access to some server logs. But they could be harder to find.
  12. Hi @Colinee Welcome to the forum. I have seen similar issues with some Leo Themes and AP builder. When you see 500 (Internal Server Error) that is sign to turn debug mode on to see real error message. Go to Advanced Parameters > Performance and turn debug mode and try same steps as before. You should see some error in inspector but if not, instead of Console tab got to Network tab and maybe filter by XHR and check response tab of failed (red) line. An example: In most cases that error was connected to folder permissions but see first what you got.
  13. Salut, il existe plusieurs modules payants et certains gratuits qui le font pour vous. Mais il y a aussi un tutoriel http://prestacraft.com/adding-new-fields-to-the-registration-form/# si vous voulez vous essayer. Le module Note est plus facile à ajouter et à supprimer. Voici le premier gratuit que j'ai trouvé, je ne sais pas si c'est bon, essayez la démo back and front office https://www.knowband.com/prestashop-free-custom-registration-fields
  14. @cdelicath81 Got the answer from Simon QA manager And I do see it in a list
  15. True it is not visible on addons download. Will ask on official Slack channel and probably get some replays tomorrow.
  16. Hi It should not be paid to my knowledge, you can get module from GitHub https://github.com/PrestaShop/autoupgrade/releases Note like with every upgrade it is recommended to test it on staging site first and make several full backups.
  17. Yeah that code was untested, sorry about that. Try this <div class="add"> <button class="btn btn-primary add-to-cart" data-button-action="add-to-cart" type="submit" {if !$product.add_to_cart_url} disabled {/if} > <i class="material-icons shopping-cart">&#xE547;</i> {if $product.price_amount <= 0} {l s='Download now'} {else} {l s='Add to cart' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'} {/if} </button> </div>
  18. @hdhazard Not sure if that is behavior you want. even if you just change text it would behave like add to cart button, no ? But if you are making changes use else statement {if $product->price <= 0} {l s='Download now'} {else} {l s='Add to cart' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'} {/if}
  19. Dans ce cas, c'est probablement à cause de la fonctionnalité personnalisée de l'utilisateur. Mais cela ne change rien au fait que vous vous précipitez pour informer l'utilisateur par PM d'un travail personnalisé qui n'a pas encore été demandé. Et c'est contraire aux règles du forum et vous le savez. La section "Offres d'emploi" est réservée à cela
  20. @ndiaga Voulez-vous arrêter s'il vous plaît. Si la personne demande un module, n'offrez pas votre module s'il contient 2 mêmes mots dans le titre ou une fonctionnalité similaire à 5% Lisez les messages plus attentivement et ne spammez pas les gens avec votre module et perdez leur temps. Aussi, si le message est dans la section "Recherche de module ou de thème", veuillez le respecter et offrir une réponse, cela peut être un module de quelqu'un d'autre, ou ne pas publier. Si l'utilisateur avait voulu un développement personnalisé, il publierait dans les offres d'emploi. Vous aviez trop souvent mis en garde contre ce même comportement. * Traduit par Google
  21. Check https://www.prestashop.com/en/previous-versions
  22. hey @SPolischook Yes it is in progress think with every 1.7 version more admin pages got turned to Symfony ones. You can see in demos it is slightly different theme on different admin page. Check this https://build.prestashop.com/news/prestashop-in-2019-and-beyond-introduction/ could be interesting for you. But answer to your question about help please ask on prestashop.slack.com
  23. Hi First sorry I have to start from end of your message: it took you hours to write it but you expect someone can fix it in few minutes ? It just does not work like that, just to warn you if you expect quick results. And about issue it is true, it can create big issues because of default settings. And while they might work fine for stores that use small amount vouchers/car rules for stores that use different kind of vouchers like you mention it can cause big problems. We had similar issue with one client, they wanted to import 3 x 100.000 voucher codes. And import module took long time and eventually crashed server. Reason: ps_cart_rule_combination table was about 20GB Because of numbers of vouchers it exponentially grows. We had to find custom solution for that by making dynamic vouchers, added only on use and incompatible with other rules. So what you can do ? I advice you take this directly with PrestaShop developers team by creating new issue on https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues if there is not any similar already. For forum I found this so maybe can be used to change CartRule class but needs testing. P.S. Please do not bump topic after an hour and also do change topic title, by editing first post, because using Caps is against forum rules.
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