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  1. This depends on your theme, and that slider you use. Generally sliders have JavaScript options to show/hide pagination (usually dots) and/or to display navigation (usually arrows), So first try maybe slider module configuration, and if no option then some code is needed to change is .js or .tpl file. Also link to your site would help.
  2. Not sure if this would help, but make sure you have quotes around your category names and also make sure CSV file have UTF-8 encoding.
  3. How did you set up both carriers ? For example if letter is 0 - 0.4 kg and package from 0 - 100 kg wouldn't that bring both carriers as an option ? And do you maybe have specific carrier defined in product back office settings ?
  4. Hi Pragash Jayaram Just wanted to clear out that our module is covering different aspect of shipping then easypost pro module.. I does not help in managing carriers in back office, theirs creataion, price range .... It does however helps customers in front office, to see correct shipping cost for non logged and also logged customers. So it would work toghether with any module that creates or manage carriers in back office.
  5. Check official topic https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/544579-major-security-issues-with-few-modules-and-themes/
  6. Sometimes it can be a glitch but in most cases your post contains a blacklisted word. Word that spammers use a lot or just word that should not be in post. Before clicking button to post do copy/backup text. And try to add small chunks and later edit post.
  7. Try this: in back ofiice edit your carrier and on second tab where prices are check this setting Out-of-range behavior set it to disable carrier. Then it should not display carrier in checkout if order weight exceeds limit.
  8. Check your free modules you instelled. That most likely comes from DH42 or NemoPs free modules. And follow Daniels advice how to remove it.
  9. Hello hairmania I just edited post :-) post is by "Programmers Direct" But yeah disabling and also removing modules that you will never use could help a bit but that depends, 2 sec could be too much. I suggest you open new topic and have detailed explanation of your problem. Give as much info you can, like what type of server your site is on, what PrestaShop version, what things you already tried... and so on
  10. Nice, finally someone made this. There were few topics about Zappier. Wish you good luck with sales. Other scenario that I know peole used is on new order receive SMS or even fax order :-)
  11. @shokinro If I understood rodrigocoelho he suggest that you add in code some variable, I think discount is not right term, that will hold %, like 3-5% of order. And that % will go to you as module developer. So from from every sale, 3 sides take payment. First seller, then store owner and you as developer. So maybe have different plans, like for trial period module is free but % is higher. This is just idea, hope you do not mind :-)
  12. Hi First thank you for showing us really great website done with PrestaShop. It is highly customized and think functionality you need is not a module but custom coding integrated into theme. You could try to contact owner and ask if he can share developer info. From existing module check Attribute wizard pro https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/47363-module-attribute-wizard-pro-create-unlimited-attributes-combinations-choose-frm-7-input-types/ check demoes but to get similar effect it does need good amount of styling and customizing.
  13. That is bit specific feature and if you did not found anything by now on Google good chanses are that there is no module available. So you would need custom module development. I did found this API but there could be others http://www.vehicleregistrationapi.com/ (there is Sweedish site too). It is paid servise by lookup so not sure if there is free one. From that API you could get info needed and then you would search products in your store, depending how they are defined. Think for that there are few modules on Addons o r like this one https://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-car-engine-fuel-filter-module/9806841 but you need to cobine API with some search like mentioned in previous post can be also done with block layered or any other filter module. P.S. : Please do not make 2 -3 topics with same question.
  14. If you use some 3rd party module to regenerate, I saw few that use ajax so no issues on server, they shoul use settings from back office, so if you have Erase images enabled it should delete old images. For safety do backup images. Also you can try to rename img/p folder to lets say img/pold and create empty img/p folder and try to regenerate. Not sure if this would work so do have backups. Well this is not standard feature maybe that or other module you have. But I am really interested how they are added in firstplace. Could be that you have to delete language so those images are not created. So again backup all :-) And to ask why you are deleting them ? Even with 4000 products times number of image types and languages you should not have storage issues, right ?
  15. Images with 2x are generated because of setting in Backoffice > Preferences > Images under setting Generate high resolution images there is yes checked. Try to disable and regenerate if you want to remove them. They are useful though "Enable to optimize the display of your images on high pixel density screens." P.S. If I may ask do you have Product images by language ? Some module or modification ?
  16. You should be able to sort products in category by going to Backoffice > Catalog > Products and Filter by Category you want. Then you can move products on Position column.
  17. razaro

    I need help

    Yes you need to give more info and be more precise. Esecially you posting in Job offer forum, so is it complete process like installation, adding data, theme, modules and so on. For start check official documentation http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/English+documentation and some video guides http://nemops.com/prestashop-101-series/
  18. Yeah this will get it done :-) For php well not cleanest solution but try to override CMSController.php, but still thinks custom module would be better. But if that works for it is OK :-)
  19. Hi welcome to forum and sorry you did not find answer for few days. Posting in General sub-forum is new users first choice so it get lot of posts there. About your issue, where are you adding HTML code for that form ? You are maybe using some existing module to add HTML code, but in that case editor would strip JavaScript code. And what is custom page, some CMS page ? My advice is to make new custom module and put HTML in tpl file, JavaScript in js files and that way you can control it better. I assume you have some php code too that is needed when form is submitted ?
  20. When you uninstall module Agile it will not auto remove merged code so you will have to also remove code manually. Compare with code in Agile module folder override/controllers/front/OrderConfirmationController.php or remove all and reinstall Cash delivery module. Backup all first.
  21. There could be some JavaScript error on product page that prevent modal to appear. Can you post link to your site ?
  22. Prestashop include one free default template as seen in demo http://demo.prestashop.com/en/?view=front You do have beside that theme configurator module that gives option to have different color combination of that template. Also on forum and by Google you can find couple of free templates that you can use just check what version of PrestaShop they use.
  23. Hi seams you changed font for that simbol. You have in themes/default-bootstrap/css/modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css line 55 .sf-menu > li span:after { font-family: "Corbel"; content: "\f067"; font-size: 26px; } but that is wrog font and it displays those letters. So use this instead .sf-menu > li span:after { font-family: "FontAwesome"; content: "\f067"; font-size: 26px; } Also if I may to suggest try this in same file line 44 .sf-menu > li { float: none; position: relative; border-right: none; width: 100%; } to have each category in one row.
  24. Really strange, only maybe if it is http_referer field in ps_connection table. But not sure how that would display on front office. Maybe some last visitor module for front office.
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