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  1. Depending on your PrestaShop version and theme you could hide quantity field in few fays. In 1.7 if you inspect code you should see that body element have lot of different classes and there is one for product. For example in default theme you could hide quantity field and label with : body.product-hummingbird-printed-sweater .product-quantity .qty { display: none; } body.product-hummingbird-printed-sweater .product-add-to-cart .control-label { display: none; } Other ways are to edit product template add condition if, and compare with product id. Lastly you can define specific template for single product where you can remove parts you do not need https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/reference/templates/templates-layouts/#specific-templates
  2. Think simplest solution is to use attributes and combinations. So options will be: Print: single-sided double-sided Pack: 100 200 500 And assign prices like you mention in beginning.
  3. Ah OK so you do not want to give customers chance to buy 55 cards or 150. If you just want to offer in 100, 200 or 500 maybe just to make combination ? I first thought you want to sell from 0-100 for 0.20 and so on.
  4. Check official documentation http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Managing+Products#ManagingProducts-Specificprices:ManagingDiscounts Think you should check Starting at [] unit. so for each specific price that can be 200, then 500.
  5. Maybe style is added through JavaScript, but in general you can override inline style with #wrapper { display:block !important; } Not the greatest practice but if you need it try it out.
  6. Try to got to Translations and choose Theme translation for classic theme and your language. Then in Shop > Forms > Help you should find the line you want to translate. https://nimb.ws/JLWKiC
  7. @toimata Please be careful when posting your credentials online and especially so publicly. I have hidden your post, but you can sent them by Personal Message if you want. Do consider creating backup of your site before and changing password after.
  8. Try to scan file you got with other anti-virus software or online links mentioned. But like I said it is most likely false positive and PrestaShop might make official statement later. Also file for sure did not change but "virus" changing name is just a sign that Windows Defender is not sure what it is.
  9. Hi all I checked also and did not had any warnings, checked on virus total site too. Also here is replay from member of the team: They might release official statement about this later, but know it is safe. And you might try link on github https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/releases/tag/ But that zip is most likely same as one used on download link.
  10. Try to add then also next code @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1024px) and (orientation: landscape) { .page-content.page-cms img { width: 100%; height: auto; } } Adjust min-width px if needed lower number.
  11. Hi caffe663 To clear something up, "default-bootstrap" was default theme for only 1.6 version of PrestaShop. In 1.7 version have new default theme is named "classic" . Now to your issue. Problem are images you are adding in CMS page. They have fixed width that is larger than screen. for example on food-safety page you have image Syoku-Anzen-Title3.png that is 550px wide. To fix you can try bit of CSS code, try to add in /themes/classic/assets/css file custom.css @media (max-width: 575px) { .page-content.page-cms img { width: 100%; height: auto; } } Clear PrestaShop cache and browser cache.
  12. OK good but think you should know what is next step Change remove 'jolisearch' and 'jolysearch?s=' from $pages_to_hide array and add 'module-ambjolisearch-jolisearch' save and it should hide banner now from search pages. Also do not forget to delete that var_dump($this->context->controller->php_self); line.
  13. Hi Try to found out what is controller used on those search pages. It is a module so it might be different then other regular pages. Add first in call function var_dump($this->context->controller->php_self); and see if you get some name that contain joliSearch.
  14. Hey @ttoine could you check this up, think some time ago there was some mix-up with same sub forums. Thank you
  15. Glad it work. It is just bit of experience from years in PrestaShop. Good luck with your store.
  16. Hi Think revolution slider does not work with those restrictions because it uses _call function. With that you can hook module anywhere. By default is displayHome, like I said that sounds like quickest solution. Not sure why it must be on top hook. But if you really need to be at top of page try to edit this code public function __call($function, $args) { $hook = Tools::substr($function, 0, 4); if ($hook == 'hook') { $hook_name = Tools::substr($function, 4); return $this->generateSlider($hook_name); } else { return false; } } You can try to use this suggestion https://build.prestashop.com/howtos/module/Common-mistakes-while-coding-module/#5-do-not-trigger-code-if-it-is-for-a-specific-page So something like, this. Note not tested at all. public function __call($function, $args) { $pages_to_hide = array('address', 'addresses', 'bestsales', 'cart', 'category','contact','order'); // add more if needed if (in_array($this->context->controller->php_self, $pages_to_hide)) { return false; } $hook = Tools::substr($function, 0, 4); if ($hook == 'hook') { $hook_name = Tools::substr($function, 4); return $this->generateSlider($hook_name); } else { return false; } } Good luck
  17. For modules check maybe this https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/5545-filter-products-pro-advanced-search-of-products.html have not use it, so check with developer first. But they add filter button on side for mobile, looks like OK solution. There is also https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/2778-advanced-search-4-filters-search.html but mobile view is slightly different.
  18. Hi And welcome to the forum. As you may have guessed on line you marked there is CSS class "hidden-md-down". Like name says it hides that div element on middle size screens and smaller. So you can try just to remove that class, but you probably will have some work to style faceted search on mobile. Good luck.
  19. Seams some more people have same issue in 1.6. Check this topic in French, do use google translate But in general 1.6 had issues with theme and some modules that allowed access to hackers. Do check that topic and try to find files that are changed, remove code, change FTP, Hosting access. Backup. Good luck
  20. Salut Veuillez ne pas utiliser toutes les lettres majuscules dans le titre du sujet, cela va à l'encontre des règles du forum. Pour le dernier sujet, j'ai fait un changement. Vous pouvez le changer en éditant le premier article et le titre du sujet est là. Merci (Google translate)
  21. No problem, forum is there for questions and help. And you will learn few things fast enough. For that image, code is there and while not it looks it does not influence display currently you should change for sure. Think it is also in css file.
  22. Hi next time please make new topic, this is completely unrelated issue. Beside it is on your website For icons seams they are hidden in themes/jakiro/css/custom.css line 4602 img.Enquire_icon, img.add_too_carts { opacity: 0; } That opacity you can set to 1. Also note code for images includes some from your domain https://www.autovivo.it/themes/jakiro/img/add_to_cart.png but also some from https://www.thepremises.org/dev/autovivo/themes/jakiro/img/add_to_cart.png ( and this one is missing) So it could cause issues in future.
  23. Hi @T3Gunner You said you have API keys but you did not say what is payment gateway name. From naming of keys it sounds maybe like Authorize.net, but it could be also something else.
  24. I am no expert but been around a lot, so hope it is OK to replay. First question: have you checked all custom modules? There could be some coming soon, maintenance module that can hide category, product or all site. Beside that it can be specific category template https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/reference/templates/templates-layouts/#specific-templates check if maybe is there some. And lastly it could be plainly hardcoded in category template.
  25. Puedes ocultarlo ahora. No estoy seguro de si se trata de la configuración del módulo o del generador de páginas AP, pero en pantallas de más de 1595 px, el menú no es visible. Pero a medida que reduce el ancho del navegador, aparecen algunos elementos del menú. Y alrededor de 700px veo varios elementos del menú. Así que, tal vez, verifique algunas configuraciones receptivas del módulo de menú.
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