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  1. Abh change line 187 exportproducts.php $category = new Category($cat['id_category'], 1); to $category = new Category($cat['id_category'], $lang); or replace 1 with 2 or 3 ,your language ids.
  2. ysco i got same error. Go to My orders and click on order and then on product , URL 2 PDF link, and download.
  3. Nice module thanks for contribution I have a little problem with languages. Example: my shop have default language with id=4 but in FO when pdf image is clicked page is saved in pdf with language set to id=1. Adding manually &id_lang=4 to end of url solves the problem but could this be done in code ? P.S. For your website how did you set languages ? .../lang-en/blocks/86-url-2-pdf.html .../lang-fr/blocks/86-url-2-pdf.html Some module or ... ?
  4. Video works fine. I am guessing you still works on website, so i hope you don't mind some suggestions Background in body tag should be set to repeat, for resolutions wider then 1400px. And some of white text in cart and specials blocks is not readable because of background.
  5. I think that IE6 has problem with style="float:" and solution is to change the style of the floated element to "display: inline".But that theme uses a lot float so maybe it is a lot of work.Best way is to define alternative css, like <!--[if IE 6]> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="iespecific.css" /> Also there is module to prompt user to upgrade http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/41651/modules___development/module_ie6_update__help_to_kill_ie6 And here is nice tool IEtester http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage
  6. Very nice theme. Thanks for sharing :-)
  7. maxhome try to replace this line $export_final[$field] = iconv("UTF-8", "ISO-8859-1//TRANSLIT", $export[$field]); to $export_final[$field] =iconv("UTF-8", "ISO-8859-1//IGNORE", $export[$field]); That way when you check "Format Currency? e.g. £99.00, 99,00 EUR" your currency formatting will remain.
  8. Look here: Export Products v0.2 http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/37900/modules___development/module_product_export_module_v0_dot_2_free It is nice module still in development but working fine.
  9. Totally agreed with mandrin. Thanks again for great work. Hope you don't mind if give some suggestions. Choosing languages works great but there is small bug with Categories names,line 187 exportproducts.php $category = new Category($cat['id_category'], 1); i think it should be $category = new Category($cat['id_category'], $lang); Now suggestions for future versions :-) If you could add another drop-down list for encoding/charset like in Preferences>>PDF I changed to cp1250 $export_final[$field] = iconv("UTF-8", "cp1250", $export[$field]); Another thing is formatting of prices,could it look like when editing Currency in Payment >> Currencies - Formatting? EDIT: cp1250 works for exporting but leaving in utf also works for me $export_final[$field] = $export[$field]; and it is better for importing in PrestaShop :-)
  10. Great module really nice work. :-) Working on localhost and on server with prestashop 1.2.5 with small corrections. My shop is still in development and i don't have translation of my products to English. I dont know if this is best way but i added and pl.`id_lang` = 4 to this query $sql='SELECT p.`id_product`, '.implode(', ', $fields).' FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product as p LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang` pl ON (pl.`id_product` = p.`id_product` and pl.`id_lang` = 4) GROUP BY p.`id_product` '; and i removed utf8_decode :-) because some letters wasn't displayed correctly.
  11. I tried on 1.2.5+wamp and it works. In cvs file lines are following this pattern ProductID;"../productImages/image.jpg";ProductName 312;"../productImages/table1.jpg";Kitchen table When you select cvs file set drop-down to Products,and in this example i choose columns ID,Image URLs (x,y,z...),Name Hope that this helps :-)
  12. In Back office on preferences tab select Product and change value -Products per page -
  13. One way to do it is in BO>>CMS you could edit terms-and-conditions-of-use by adding code similar to this, just enter full path to pdf file in href Download Terms.pdf and that in Footer links block module add Terms and conditions of use page. This is what first thing came to my mind i don't know if that is what you want :-)
  14. Sorry i misunderstood. Try something like this , in global.css in #center_column change margin:0 0 60px; to margin:46px 0 60px;
  15. Hi I you talking about slider, look here http://webdeveloperplus.com/jquery/featured-content-slider-using-jquery-ui/ I don't know if there is module based on that but you can check out this one http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/31444/modules___development/module_carousel
  16. Thanks a lot works fine Just to add last part for me looks like this static public function iconv($from, $to, $string) { /*if (function_exists('iconv')) return iconv($from, $to.'//TRANSLIT', str_replace('¥', '¥', str_replace('£', '£', str_replace('€', '€', $string)))); return html_entity_decode(htmlentities($string, ENT_NOQUOTES, $from), ENT_NOQUOTES, $to);*/ return $string ; }
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