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  1. Look here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/24829/general_discussion/keep_cart_collapsed__always I tried it and didn't notice problem mentioned in post . Edit: I commented ajaxCart.expand(); line 487 ajax.js and it is working
  2. Look here first http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Moving_and_Transplanting_Modules/#Transplanting_a_module So to remove Featured block go to Back Office » Modules » Positions Homepage content section and delete Featured Products on the homepage v0.9. Then to add New Products block click Transplant a module Module : New products block Hook into : Homepage content But to New Products block looks like Featured block you have to change css and tpl files or to download module like this one from this post or similar , search the forum.
  3. Like mrmracing said go to Back Office » Payment » Currencies Click on edit icon Under Formatting: "select X0,000.00 (as with dollars)" and if you want check"Include a blank between sign and price"
  4. Find in modules\blockuserinfo file blockuserinfo.tpl. Here is code you need to change {if $cart_qties > 0}{$cart_qties}{else}0{/if}
  5. Css file should be in ..modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css Here is beginning /*** ESSENTIAL STYLES ***/ .sf-contener { clear: both; width:100%; border-top:4px solid #81A8B8; } .sf-right { margin-right: 14px; float: right; width: 7px; } .sf-menu, .sf-menu * { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; } .sf-menu { width:100%; float:left; height: 36px; line-height: 1.2; z-index:5; /* <- this is added */ } I tried it on your site but you change it now. And if you use Firefox download plugin Firebug
  6. Add z-index of menu in modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css .sf-menu { ..... z-index:5; ... }
  7. If you want to hide left column from homepage in header.tpl in your theme folder use this if statment {if $page_name != 'index'} {$HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN} {/if}
  8. Very nice :-) It's not easy to make clean and simple theme. Thanks for your contribution and sharing. Looking forward for more themes :-)
  9. CSV file is jest as plain text file. with some rules. , or ; as seperator. This is example from sample products Product Id;Name;Price;Active 1;iPod Nano;124,58;1 Upload file Select which entity to import -> select Product Click Next step Skip 1 lines Select ID,Name*, Price tax exl ,Active in dropdown boxes And click Import Data products.csv
  10. Have you looked here http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Importing_Product_Data/
  11. Example: in this code from homefeatured.tpl getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'large')}" height="260px" width="300px" alt="{$product.legend|escape:html:'UTF-8'}" /> And here is function from Link.php in classes directory public function getImageLink($name, $ids, $type = null) { return ($this->allow == 1) ? (__PS_BASE_URI__.$ids.($type ? '-'.$type : '').'/'.$name.'.jpg') : (_THEME_PROD_DIR_.$ids.($type ? '-'.$type : '').'.jpg'); }
  12. Try something like this. In prestashop\modules\blocklanguages\blocklanguages.php add this public function hookRightColumn($params) { global $smarty; $languages = Language::getLanguages(); if (!sizeof($languages)) return ''; $smarty->assign('languages', $languages); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blocklanguages.tpl'); } public function hookLeftColumn($params) { return $this->hookRightColumn(); } and check css. In default module only Top hook is defined, so you have to add hooks for left/right columns.
  13. Thanks DG.Craft for nice slideshow :-) @finto and peter.marius This is replacement for editorial module so you need to copy content of akilaslideshow folder to modules/editorial replacing original files. Or you can put editorial.tpl, jquery_002.js, prod.css and images folder from akilaslideshow to modules\editorial (create if not exists) of your theme folder example for default theme copy files to : themes\prestashop\modules\editorial
  14. @Armodilo It could be just some semantic error like missed ; or } . Or if you uploaded files to your server - check permissions for / tools / tcpdf /.
  15. If i understood correctly you want to rotate a little whole blocks. Here is css you can put for div.block -webkit-transform: rotate(2deg); -moz-transform: rotate(2deg); but it maybe effect font clarity. And check this link http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/12/19/what-you-need-to-know-about-behavioral-css/
  16. Look here : http://www.ecartservice.net/06082009/customising-prestashop-module-templates/ Or you can zip original module and add .bak.
  17. I don't know about v 1.3 but i followed this guide and set up UTF-8 in pdf files on 1.2.5 This is google translate http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/36255/lietuvikai/utf8_koduot_pdf_sskaitoje_v_dot__1_dot_2_dot_5&sl=auto&tl=el Here is example with part of text Greek (second page) http://www.tecnick.com/pagefiles/tcpdf/example_008.pdf Hope it helps :-)
  18. EDIT: didn't see rocky's post, this is same. Woolen ----Men --------V neck --------Turtle neck ----Ladies --------V neck --------Turtle neck Is this what you want. First create category "Woolen" with Parent category "Home". Than you need to create categories "Man" and "Ladies" with Parent category "Woolen". Then create categories "V neck" and "Turtle neck" with Parent category "Man". And create categories "V neck" and "Turtle neck" with Parent category "Ladies".
  19. Sorry i forgot to put code tags in first post . And here are some pics. Edit : uploaded manual in first post attachment.
  20. Hi, this is my first module for Prestashop.I made it to get acquainted Prestashop code so any suggestion are more then welcome Description: This module displays featured products for different categories in jquery carousel. Carousel is displayed only on category page in center column or you can hook it to left/right column. In Back Office you can choose which products will be displayed. Installation: 1.Add hook variable in ../prestashop/header.php.Add this line after other hooks 'HOOK_CATEGORY_FEATURED' => Module::hookExec('categoryFeaturedHook'), 2.Add hook by adding this code into template file category.tpl (../themes/prestashop/) {$HOOK_CATEGORY_FEATURED} 3. Install module and make sure categoryfeatured folder have ‘write’ permissions (also known as “CHMOD 777” ) and apply these permissions recursively (to their subfolders) then hit configure. 4. In BO choose category, search and add product. 5.In FO go to your category page Module is tested on Prestashop 1.2.5 and 1.3.1 and Firefox,Chome and IE. UPDATE: version 0.2 added configuration of carousels in Back Office,tested with Prestashop 1.3.1 But it still need some adjustments. So please comment. I uploaded detailed instruction in manualv01.zip file. manualv01.zip categoryfeatured.zip
  21. Thanks Mats i hope this is correct And thanks shacker , i just discovered what is purpose of Friendly urls :red:
  22. I tried again no error this time.Maybe i got error because then i just registered ?
  23. Abh change line 187 exportproducts.php $category = new Category($cat['id_category'], 1); to $category = new Category($cat['id_category'], $lang); or replace 1 with 2 or 3 ,your language ids.
  24. ysco i got same error. Go to My orders and click on order and then on product , URL 2 PDF link, and download.
  25. Nice module thanks for contribution I have a little problem with languages. Example: my shop have default language with id=4 but in FO when pdf image is clicked page is saved in pdf with language set to id=1. Adding manually &id_lang=4 to end of url solves the problem but could this be done in code ? P.S. For your website how did you set languages ? .../lang-en/blocks/86-url-2-pdf.html .../lang-fr/blocks/86-url-2-pdf.html Some module or ... ?
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