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  1. That last error is from module powatag and admin controller. Since you upgraded from 1.6 could be that one is not fully compatible with 1.7. Though that error is should be easy to fix. In AdminPowaTagConfigurationController.php line 30 public function setMedia() should be public function setMedia($isNewTheme = false) Path to that file you can find in last error message. But think this would not fix modal and cart. For PayPal do check forum, think there is lot of similar topics.
  2. Hi @mausbaus First welcome to the forum, even occasion is not good for you. It is not good practice for customers to wait for order that long. Patience have limits and it is usually sign you will not buy again from merchant that treats you like that. Like El Patron said you loose momentum and work is put on hold. And from my time on forum I did some from time to time users with similar cases and not much you can do now. As it is weekend, like you said you will get replay next week. And for catching an employee, was good try but if you posted on Friday maybe you would have more luck. You can try on monday and ask @ttoine for some help. Also PrestaShop replay on Facebook relatively fast, again, within working hours. Also I think they support get lot of request and you did not get in time on Friday. And how they run business is maybe funny to you, but think you wouldn't also like to have lot of fraud orders on your store. System they have must work good for them but it can have false positives. Unfortunately that one happens to be you. Not sure if item(s) you purchased are available outside Addons, but you could try to find them and ask PayPal for dispute. Usually developers have it listed on their own websites too. Also do try to be polite on forum, even you might be frustrated on PrestaShop there is no need to calling them arrogant, lazy bums or bored at work.
  3. You are right, I thought you want to distinguish from other carriers. There is id_reference for carrier but that does not help much. Same with name as it can be changed. I did saw in some modules that additional custom table is used to map id_reference for carrier to name or service code so you can be certain what carrier you use. Check bit older module https://github.com/PrestaShop/fedexcarrier for 1.6 it have that idea I think. See sql-install and fedexcarrier.php and do not forget to use and register updateCarrier hook. Good luck.
  4. Not sure but think you could use to variables from Carrier class: is_module and external_module_name .
  5. I think there are several modules that display list of combination / attributes with add to cart to each. Do search a bit on Google and Addons. Found one for example https://addons.prestashop.com/en/express-checkout-process/18253-quick-add-to-cart-products-combinations-with-quantity.html but it probably needs some adjustment in layout of lot of colors.
  6. Check this topic also And also ask @202ecommerce directly maybe, or use contact on their website. AS they are developers of free module.
  7. Hi Bill In 1.7 it is bit different, new PayPal module is activated differently. So when you install PayPal and before you activate it https://nimb.ws/XfFkD4 you need to be logged into PayPal with account you will use. And then when you click Activate in module https://nimb.ws/q3Bvow if this appears use same login details. Sometimes it does not work from first try Than if will activate and auto fill your API credentials.
  8. Glad to hear, was thinking it could be more issues but that solved it. Have nice time building catalog and shop.
  9. Yes there is some redirect issue. Do you have valid SSL certificate on server? And is there some server redirect, from http to https And have you enabled SSL in Preferences/General ?
  10. OK. So first, before you had white blank page , right ? And now you see translation error? Could you share that error message.
  11. Hi Upgrade in most cases should disable old 1.6 default modules then install new specific 1.7 modules. In this case 1.6 is blockcart and in 1.7 that is ps_shoppingcart module. Do check if blockcart is uninstalled and ps_shoppingcart installed and configured. That is a first step. There could be also some 3rd party modules that cause issue, if you have some that have connection to cart, try to disable and test.
  12. Hi Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you have issues. If frontend do not show there could be some error, to check that enable debug mode https://nimb.ws/ERKlyt And see if there is any error message displaying. There could be some server issues but that just guessing. Also check server error logs to see if any error is showing.
  13. Sorry I can not guide you and I do not have solution. But examples of themes that have second image https://demo1.leotheme.com/leo_chic_demo/en/5-t-shirts or https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/en/9-casual-dresses For modules https://addons.prestashop.com/en/visual-products/27630-rollover-product-images-hover-second-image.html https://addons.prestashop.com/en/visual-products/27427-all-product-images-or-second-image-on-hover.html but those are not hover but slide more. This is just fraction of what you really need so it have to be custom code, module or some other solution. For that if you are developer you have official documentation and lot to learn. If you are not you can hire someone to do that for you.
  14. That is not available in default PrestaShop. But lot of themes have implemented second image on product list pages, think there are some modules too. But to know what image is model and what is product think it needs some custom code. Search around for existing solution and see if you can adopt some to your needs.
  15. Some shops look like using old versions of PrestaShop and glad that they are still running. To add to list one site I stumbled some time ago, about successful idea https://dajdaj.com/en/
  16. Hi Josefino It is mixed feeling right You got nice sale but there are issues. Contacting PrestaShop directly but do not expect quick answer, it is weekend first and then they do get lot of emails probably. You did not mention what version of PrestaShop you use and what Stripe module. but if you use this one https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/24996-stripe-official.html try to send a message to developers by clicking on Contact the developer link. Note it could be issue with card itself, or even some scam attempt so do not send goods and customer if it is real one would understand payment issues. Hope you resolve that and have many more successful sales with similar amount.
  17. @tdsoft it is not opened download page as it require login. But that is your choice. You saw users have issue with that. @sunny You had good intentions but you do not have right to offer other peoples work, even it is free module. So link removed.
  18. Yeah, like @joseantgv that definitely is not simple module to make and not the best to start with. You can check if there is similar module here https://addons.prestashop.com/en/466-sizes-units But also for your problem you may try other solution without making a module. Not sure if it would be possible but try to make 2 attributes: by roll and by meter. That could be radio buttons. Base product price could be 0 and then impact on price for "by roll" attribute could be let say $100 for roll of 50m. And for attribute "by meter" could have impact for example $100 * 20% / 50m = $2.4 per m.
  19. Please to not use Caps Lock it topic title and post, I have edited both. First try to unzip file you have it could be not just theme but also PSD file or even demo site bundled in one big zip. Also check theme documentation, if there is any online.
  20. Hi welcome to he forum Like endriu107 said watch for forum rules. I have removed "Please help" from title. And for your issues: for button try to find in cdesigner module, in some tpl file I guess where that "Design me" button is and change one of CSS class from btn to btn-lg. That will make buttons same size. For second issue I see images have long space and price in name, before .png so that is why they break. Not sure how to fix that, you should ask original developer.
  21. you are right it can be difficult But first if you could listen for advice people said in this topic and enable debug mode, maybe you could see some errors that could be fixed so you at least have access to back office, maybe. Also you could ask your host to temporally return PHP 5.6, if possible. Other solution is to get all files and database locally and try upgrade, that in general is good practice as you can safely test. Or use some other hosting that still have 5.6 a s option and do not force customers to 7.0, without warnings and time to act.
  22. It depends of you PrestaShop version. If you did not upgrade PrestaShop from 2011 then you probably have old version that do not support PHP 7.0. Think from version that PHP version is supported but you could think to upgrade to latest 1.6 or maybe when you upgrading already to 1.7. If most of modules you use have 1.7 upgrades.
  23. Hi You can remove that space by adding new CSS code in /themes/classic2/assets/css/style.css file, after line 590 that says section { padding: 20px 0; } add section.featured-products { padding: 0; } so it looks like section { padding: 20px 0; } section.featured-products { padding: 0; } Save file and if needed clear cache.
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