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  1. I have a similar problem, I use Proxy (Varnish) and i can not set my eshop at maintance mode as all users are seen as local What shall i change in order to get the real ip of clients and have the maintance fuction to work ?
  2. Hello i try to hide the blockcategory module only at one certain category i tried your code but with no luck. How can i do it ? thanks
  3. Hello I have installed prestashop with 140.000 products. I have over 87.000 supliers. Problem 1 - suppliers The problem is with suppliers. This button is crashing everything and when i go to product to change the details i am waiting a lot in order to save a change. I have seen that this section suppliers has no prediction for too many suppliers as products section. That is the reason is crashing. So is this going to be fixed at core presta by Presta or shall i make the changes ? Problem 2 - Deleting a product When i delete a product the core function from presta now is reorderind all product ids. This simple function overloads cpu from mysql. Why when the user wants to delete a product presta makes such a heavy query ? Can you fix this ?Just no re-ordering (i have allready fix this but i want to know if this is going to be at next releases of presta)
  4. Hello i noticed that when i delete a product presta is taking too long to delete it. I checked and i found that when a product is deleted all other products are changing ordering. So if you delete the product first added then problem .... Is this function necessary...?? I do not need to mention the problems are caused by this
  5. Hello i try to configure Advanced Search 4. I have some questions ... 1. When i add a NEW search and click save what is loading ? It takes almost an hour to finish and sometimes causes and server shutdown. I have 50.000 products with many features (over 10.000) is it loading all those on save ? My server is 4gb ram and 4 cpus serving only this underconstruction site. 2. Can i create a search with some fields to be "Text fields" ?
  6. I have a site under development and i noticed that i can not login as a user at frontend. I read many posts about this error at presta "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror" I could not find a translation file that is not UTF-8 Without BOM. I disabled the Sef urls and login is now functional. The problem is that i want the sef urls enabled. What shall i do?
  7. I added "other" without the bold tag but at invoice pdf that is generated i saw no change. Shall i add anything else at pdf file ? Thanks
  8. I am adding "other" under this but after save the other is missing. What i am doing wrong ? firstname lastname company vat_number address1 address2 postcode city Country:name phone [b]other[/b] I can not find it as an option at the right side and i added like that address:other and it was saved but i still can not see the information at the invoice i generate.
  9. Thanks that worked How can i add also the filed that is inside "Address" called "Other informations" ? I tried to add it at above the following at invoice.tpl but with no luck. <td style="width: 50%"> <span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 10pt; color: #9E9F9E">{l s='Billing & Delivery Address.' pdf='true'}</span><br /> {$invoice_address} Thanks
  10. How can i import Message text at invoice.tpl that is written from client during order ? (If you would like to add a comment about your order, please write it below.) What variable shall i use ... i tried everything but i could not find it Thanks
  11. Hello I have downloaded a translation zip file that i was working at presta translation system and i am trying to install it at my presta in order to check the changes. I Went at translation --> import new language pack manually --> and there i added the pack i had. The upload was made ok but i haven't seen any change at backoffice. What am i missing ? Thanks
  12. Have you found any solution to this problem ? Where can i look at bugtracker ?
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