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  1. Hi! I'm starting my own shop: http://www.proszop.pl/index.php the main page is nearly done, but there is a huge problem in Chrome. 1# In Mozilla Firefox and most of web browsers #div header_user (the part with basket and language change) is positioned on the right, but in Chrome it's positioned in the center. That's happening, because in Chrome this #div simply starts from the left and in Firefox it starts just after the #logo. How to make it look same in FF and Chrome? 2# How to change the height of one product with short description? I'll be glad if every product will take a little less height than now. Example page: http://proszop.pl/in...roller=category I'll be very thankful to everyone who are able to help Cheers
  2. http://jumpel.pl/prestashop/ There is probably a bug at http://jumpel.pl/prestashop/quick-order
  3. Same problem here It also does not add: - short description - description I've tried million types of extensions, places, combinations with image adding and it just does not work.
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