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  1. Trying to create a query to just return the product names. can't help but think of this. http://i.qkme.me/3qbzdd.jpg
  2. Yeah you're right but I'm not going to rely on anybody reading anything. I want it easy and clear. I've disabled the drop down of the cart (where the shipping is disabled) and put 'Shipping Calculated in Step 4' instead of 'Free Shipping!' It will do for now.
  3. Yeah, I know that and have done. So that module solves this problem for you? Interesting that it hadn't been mentioned in the topic before. It's surprising that prestashop doesn't do this automatically. It does have geolocation built in. As far as I'm aware it knows from where my customers are logging on from pre-signin because they are being displayed the relevant currency...so why can't it display the correct shipping. I'll use the translation for now but if this gets fixed in a later version it would be nice if people would post the fix here in the forum.
  4. No man, I don't think that works. A few of us have tried that. The problem is with the default carrier being outside the customers zone. For example, my default zone is Europe but I also sell to the States. If someone accesses from the states and ads something to the cart without creating an account, they will see 'Free Shipping' - which is wrong. Only after creating an account (thereby registering their country) that the shipping is correctly calculated. This is as good as I can explain the problem and I'm pretty sure that this is the problem of the original poster and others on this forum.
  5. Thanks for the insight into the bug TWFree and thanks to Lachlans translation alteration suggestion. I disabled the AJAX cart (modules > cart block > disable ajax cart) This at least stops the dropdown cart summary with the shipping details. The shipping details appear in Step 1 of the checkout. I changed the translation of "Free Shipping!" to "Shipping added in Step 4". so it's reasonably clear to a customer when they can expect to see shipping. Still, let's hope that Presta developers can fix this. It should be possible with the Geolocation feature to know where someone is browsing from.
  6. This worked for me my-name. I have 1.5.2. Just follow goosedesign's instructions. Thank you to goosedesign.
  7. This sounds like a good workaround Rocky - do you think you could give a little info on the code to be added to hide the "Add to Cart" button? I'm guessing it's with the product.tpl but maybe you could give some insight.
  8. No one on this? I have a simpler version of the problem that would help me out if I could at least solve this. I'm going to try and show: 'Stock_quantity' available of 'Original Stock Quantity' Does that make sense to you guys? Refer to the link above to see a good example. I just need a little help with the product tpl file. (I don't know how to reference the 'Original Stock Quantity' Any pointers would be appreciate.
  9. Hey guys, How would I should stock quantities like what you see here: http://www.20x200.com/artworks/4301-stuart-klipper-grounded-iceberg-arthur-harbor-anvers I'd like to do the same. Example: I have 100 small prints and 300 large prints of a piece of art to sell. I'd like to show the amount of prints available beside each size that I have. Small (100 of 100 available) Large (150 of 300 available) Thanks!
  10. Here's a problem that I've noticed a few users having but it remains unsolved. It's related to the quantities of combinations. It's easiest described with my problem: I have 1 piece of art to sell (quantity for the product is 1) I want my customers the option to buy it framed (with a black or white frame) so I set up attributes and develop 3 combinations. Combination A ) No frame. Just the art. Combination B ) The Art with a black frame Combination C ) The Art with a white frame I MUST set a quantity for EACH of these combinations - a minimum of 1 is required even though I only have 1 piece of art. So, when someone buys Combination A only the stock of Combination A is depleted. There remains available 1 stock of Combination B and 1 stock of Combination C. To reiterate, I only have 1 piece of the art. I need the quantities of each of the combinations to be depleted by 1 when somebody buys any of the pieces. Is this clear? There was an attempt made here made by Eggbert74 with presta 1.4 but it hasn't worked for me but it might give some of you out there interested in the problem a starting point. http://www.prestasho...86#entry1059286 I have Prestashop version 1.5.2 and any help will be MASSIVELY appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Sure but what I'm talking about isn't really related to debugging. At least I don't think it is. I'm suggesting a way that interested parties could 'group' pay users/coders that know how to resolve issues. I personally can't code and can't code any features that don't come as standard or as part of a module in prestashop. I don't expect people to go out of their way to do this for me especially if the problem is very difficult. But, if there was a means that people with the same problem as mine could pledge money towards a solution I feel there would be more incentive for the problem solvers (those that can code) to provide solutions. It's a suggestion and I'm interested to hear what you guys think - maybe I'm a crazy bat? There's nothing stopping someone else setting up their own website offering this pledge system to resolve coding issues in prestashop but it would be nicer to see on the prestashop site itself.
  12. Sometimes there are common problems that a lot people would like fixed. It would be cool if prestashop set up something like Kickstarters pledge system. People with problems could pledge money towards correcting a problem. Coders could take on projects when they feel enough money has been pledged to warrant their effort. It rewards coders for their time. Large complicated problems that are important to a lot of users, but too much work for one coder to solve out of niceness might actually get done. In case you're not familiar to kickstarters. http://www.kickstarter.com What do you guys think? Yay or Nay...
  13. Same problem here. Here's an outline of my problem: I have 1 piece of art to sell. I want to offer it with or without a frame. So the combinations are: Without a Frame With a Black Frame With a White Frame That gives me 3 combinations of something that I only have one of. And now I'm stumped. I'd call it 'sharing quantities between combinations'. Seems like a lot of others have had a similar problem. Has anyone heard of a fix yet?
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