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  1. The safest thing is to eliminate the free shipping text in the module code. Then its just blank till the customer signs in or uses a shipping rates button using the Presto USPS module. The "Free Shipping" text confuses customers big time. PrestaShop is software that needs debugging to be stable. If needed, many quiks can be tweaked and solved by a freelanceer familiar with Prestashop. But, its still my favorite FREE ecommerce software. Very flexible and constantly evolving. This USPS module is the best I've found, it actually works and PrestoChangeo gives solid support after the sale.
  2. I had two customers say they could not check out because of a "no carrier for address" error. All other orders were fine. I realized both customers wanted the same item, so obviously the issue was specific to that item. Scratched my head a few times and thought I would adjust the item weight, and that was the issue. If a product weight matches the carrier weight range exactly it will cause an error. In my case the item weighed .8125 or 13 ounces. My USPS First Class weight range maximum is also .8125, Presatshop didn't like it. Lowering the product weight slightly below 13 ounces fixed it and the item still ships on the cheaper First Class Mail rate. I just lowered it slightly. So if its just one product thats giving you issues and everything else ships fine, make sure the weight is not exactly at the weight range limit of the carrier. I didn't notice the issue untill those two customers chose that exact product alone, most of the time people order multiple items and it took a while for the single orders to reveal the weight problem.
  3. Since upgrading to 1.6 I have one customer who can't get a shipping carrier, existing account, known valid address. Yet the cart says no carrier for this address. Tried changing up the address, verified the information and product shipping settings. Nothing has changed, it just won't ship to the address, this is the 3rd order from the same customer. No errors in the back office? Only affecting one customer account so far. He is using Chrome, cleared his cache, still can't check out and I can't create an order from his cart either. It won't give me a carrier in the BO either. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I tried a Web Site Speed test here: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/c4oZnu/http://www.hancke.be/metaal-staal/ You have some cookie and cache issues with your images, yet the load times are okay. Your load times also depend on the distance from the server. A shared host can be really fast and then bog down during peak loads when the server is getting lots of traffic. I would set up a web site speed test software and check it for a few days and see what the average performance is over a specific time period.
  5. Another thought; When my site got really sluggish my host told me everything was fine on thier end till I insisted the availble memory was not there. Then they finally admitted the server was in need of repairs, this went on for two weeks and GoDaddy would not move my site to a better server without a fee. So, i moved to InmotionHosting. I was with GoDaddy since 2004, the customer loyalty really was horrible with that company.
  6. Ping your site and see whats up. There are browser tools that you can use for testing, you can ping it from your computer using the command prompt. Google is your friend and you'll see guides on how to judge your site's performance. Depending on the browser you may have what you need by using the F12 key. On Fire Fox its called "performance". Its probably either a slow host or a lack of RAM memory. I just went through that problem and it was my host. I was only getting 64mb of RAM at times. You really need 256mb to be safe. 128mb is ok and very common on a shared host. I use shared hosting without too much trouble, but some limit you severly on a shared server and they love to pack in way too many sites.
  7. CarlosC fixed the issues, he is prompt and professional. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the offers guys, I got all sorted out by CarlosC just now. He fixed the SSL issues very quickly and made a modification for me.
  9. I did upgrade to the latest module, very nice improvements. Great customer service after the sale with patient support for amatuers like me.
  10. One of the best things I ever added was a shipping module that alows exact figuring based on weight and size. I'm mainly using the Presto-Changeo USPS module here in the US. Money well spent. Love the shipping rate buttons in the cart, customers make positive comments on seeing the actual postage without having to sign in.
  11. Wish I could help. I've been using a LeoTheme that Elpatron's services installed, the live editor has some flexibility and you can create custom widgets. I just upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6, still learning what I can do with the module hooks and the LeoTheme page tools. Upgrades are a headache no matter how much research you do.
  12. Probably not much help, but try resetting the module and make sure the site cache is in force recompile under the performance tab. I haven't tried using that module yet, its on my to do list.
  13. I've had good success with this easy to use page maker: http://presta-theme-maker.com/maker/ Its just an wasy way to customize the default Prestashop theme and make it your own without any coding. Its cheap and effective for people like me with no design talent. I've have tried a paid theme twice, and really don't see the advantage over keeping it simple. The paid themes always need tweaking and I have to hire it done. So the little Presta Theme Maker is nice for a simple design and you subscribe to it for a time period. Plenty of time to make changes at a resonable rate, plus its really easy to use. I used the maker a few times and had no problems making the shop functional and and somewhat unique.
  14. Thanks for the responses, I've replied to a couple. Waiting on the replies.
  15. To get specific, my recent 1.6 upgrade came up short, it needs secure SSL on the account and check out pages: The LeoBlog images are causing a SSL error The footer payment image is causing a SSL error The google fonts are causing a SSL error The prestashop search module is causing a SSL error Thats what I see, obvously I'm looking for skills I don't have. Basicly I just need the upgrade job completed.
  16. I need my site to produce a green browser lock without the errors. The devoloper I hired to upgrade my site left me with errors: sagesoutdoors.com I'm open to bids or suggestions on a reliable service to get my little site functioning correctly. It is a LeoTheme on 1.6.9..
  17. Can you guys point me in the right direction or suggest someone who can really fix these SSL issues? Obviously I would fix them myself if I knew how. Here are my Chrome errors: [blocked] The page at 'https://www.sagesoutdoors.com/authentication?back=my-account' was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS. authentication:1 [blocked] The page at 'https://www.sagesoutdoors.com/authentication?back=my-account' was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:400,300,700': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS. authentication:1 The page at 'https://www.sagesoutdoors.com/authentication?back=my-account' was loaded over HTTPS, but is submitting data to an insecure location at 'http://www.sagesoutdoors.com/search': this content should also be submitted over HTTPS. authentication:1 The page at 'https://www.sagesoutdoors.com/authentication?back=my-account' was loaded over HTTPS, but displayed insecure content from 'http://www.sagesoutdoors.com/img/leoblog/b/25/250_150/b-blog%20hunter.jpg': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS. authentication:1 The page at 'https://www.sagesoutdoors.com/authentication?back=my-account' was loaded over HTTPS, but displayed insecure content from 'http://www.sagesoutdoors.com/img/cms/payment.png': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS. authentication:1
  18. FYI, Prestashop puts Mexico, the US and Canada in the North America zone. So, if you ship International in the North America zone you need too create a separate zone for your country. The only way I could get it to work for me in the US was by creating a "USA" zone. I put my US states in that zone, my country in that zone. The module then can be set up to ship inside the US in zone USA or say to Canada in zone North America. You have to set up the zones so USPS can separate the rates. The rate calculations have been correct for me so far to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and a few even to Africa. I have mine set up for at least two carriers per zone, First-Class and Priority for the USA. The international zones for me are labeled like First-Class International Europe or Priority-Mail International North America etc. That covers most things, as far as I know you have to set up another carrier for each mail type, so I also have flat rate boxes set up a carriers too. If there is a better way of setting up carriers I would like to know it, my way worked fine on my site and I ship international almost daily.
  19. Decided to pay someone to upgrade, just ain't doing it. Maybe a pro will fix it right this time.
  20. I eneded up using Presto-Changeo modules for my more complicated modules like shipping, and they have been a pleasure to work with. Good support, good updates in a progressive manner with Prestashop growth. I think I've used 4 modules now from Presto, very little issues. When I had a question or problem the support was there and they got me straighend out promptly. The free modules are okay for basic stuff, but when it comes to shipping and payments I highly recommend Presto. I mainly get their modules now when I need a paid module because they actually work as advertized. I started with their PayPal Pro module, it works very well. I think its worth $100 compared to others. Its actually plug and play, haven't had one issue using their PayPal module. Egrove is just a conartist from what I can tell. They never refunded my money, their module was worthless. The free one is better!
  21. Well, it started working again, so I guess its server related?
  22. I keep getting this when trying to navigate the back office: Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE When it does load the page is full of glitches, links don't work. Aggravating! Got 6 orders in, so its working sometimes. But, I tried to load a product like a customer and got the: Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
  23. OK, I installed the 3.8.1 module and it seems to work on my US site. Looks a little different on the PayPal summary page, but the transaction shows up in the back office and the total is correct. So. I guess I'm using the Euro version since the US/Can screws up royally. So, if your using the US/Can version with issues, try the Euro version... Working for me so far.
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