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  1. Hi. I am running PS with Agile software programs. How do I change the Categories in the Footer? my site: thereportstore.com I was also wondering whether on the top bar I can show sub-sub-categories from the category headers. Any help is always very much appreciated! Lise
  2. Has anyone heard of a module that allows one to Login with Username instead of email address? Running Prestashop Version 1.5.6 Thanks Lise
  3. The new upgrade modifies how the software handles the commission after charging sales taxes. Pretty major upgrade.
  4. There are some great features in the upgrades of the software that make up my store. But I have done so many modifications to the store, it is sure to mess everything up. In any Wordpress site, there is such a thing as parent/child installation. That way you can upgrade the software without touching the modifications. Is there such a thing in Prestashop? And if not, why not?
  5. I have an Agile Multiple Seller Prestashop store Version 1.5.6. We sell downloadable business reports for various Accounting Software programs. Resellers upload their reports, dashboards, macros, financial statements, etc and the customer purchases them and have them downloaded to their email address. Sometimes the customer won't find what they want on our site, so they will need a Reseller to make a new report for them. They send us a request through the Contact Form. We sift through the Resellers that work in that software, send them the mock-up of what the client wants, they in turn send us a quote for creating it, we contact the customer with the quote, the customer agrees/disagrees. If they agree, we have them purchase 1/2 the value of the report as a deposit. The Reseller makes the report, uploads it to the store, and the customer purchases the final report by paying the balance. This is all very complicated, and difficult to keep track of all the variables. Does someone know of any software that works with Prestashop that could do this, in an easier way?
  6. Just saw this in the add-ons in Prestashop. Dimensional Weight ModuleMight be worth looking at.
  7. Can I ask - how did you get this drop-down box for additional charges? This is what I want to implement for additional insurance on my software upgrades! Did you make this? Thanks.
  8. When you buy a product from Prestashop, if there is a newer version of it, you will see an "update" button in your order history, that tells you how many updates there have been that you can download. No extra charge. I guess you are eligible for the upgrade forever, but what my Resellers want is to be able to charge the customer at time of purchase, to guarantee that they would only have to pay a percentage of the original product, to qualify for the upgrade to the newer version. The thing with that is, the software has not come out yet, and there is nothing attached to that extra charge, so basically, they are only buying against a future product. Rather a tricky thing to sell. Hope this helps you.
  9. We have implemented the Agile Multiple Seller software into our webstore - thereportstore.com, whereby Resellers upload digital downloadable files. These files relate to various "versions" of software. ie Sage 300, Version 2014 for example. The Resellers are very interested in being able to attach a further "choice" to the item which would allow the buyer to purchase an upgrade of the item, at a cost of say $100, or a % of the total item at time of purchase. Kinda like pre-buying insurance for the new product when it becomes available. This is quite a large request, and I am at a loss to find something suitable. I know Prestashop just adds a 1,2,3, item to purchased product that has a new upgrade, but there is never a cost associated with it. It would be great if whenever there is an upgrade for any of your great products, this option would be available to you as well, then I could use it too! Is there any software out there that we could implement to do something like this? Perhaps something that we could implement for now, and be able to send the files out later, when the product is actually out? Basically an "extra charge" button at time of purchase? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your thoughts. Lise
  10. Hi everyone! I really don't want to take anyone away from their busy day, but we are in the process of changing the store to CDN, because it is just really very slow. But now I am beginning to wonder what the problem really is. My developer is telling me that we need to remove some of the great things that our store has. We only have 12 items on the store. We are on a VPS. We hardly have any content, and it is so very slow!!! Can someone please have a look at it and see what you think? This can't be. Something just doesn't sit right with me, and I can't put my finger on it. We are using the ThemeForest Unique theme, and we are on Prestashop Please! It is my number one complaint about the store. Now my developer wants to take off the top bar that just had CMS pages linked to them (they're gone now), and next he wants to take off the buttons on the right of the site - linkedin, youtube, etc. If one of you could possibly pinpoint what I could do to speed this up, I would be so very grateful. After much questioning about the site, my coder just told me yesterday that we could have the site on CDN. And now this!! I'm beginning to really wonder... www.thereportstore.com Thank you so very much! Lise
  11. Thanks El Patron - turns out I had to empty my cache. Now it's working! Tah dah! Thank you so much!
  12. Still can't seem to locate this under Preferences - looked through every one of the choices. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help... Lise
  13. Hi everyone! I need help with my Prestashop I know there is a hook that I need to change somewhere, that tells the system to default the back-end of the store to the last specific language you were logged in with. My problem is that it is defaulting to French, when I want it to default to English. (I have both on my site) For the life of me, I can't find where to change it, and where that hook is. Can someone please remind me where I can do this? It's driving me crazy! The thing is, it just started doing it all on its own, and I'm not sure why... very odd. Thank You! Lise
  14. I also want to do something - perhaps not similar, but close. I have created a CMS page, and at the bottom it says: if you care to join, go this URL. I want to put a button there instead that simply says "JOIN US". How do you attach the URL to the button? Prestashop Thanks!
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