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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay. I fixed my issue, it was the configuration of the Currencies, where I had € instead of the correct symbol. Even the US Dollar currency was wrongly configured. I guess (hope) the issue was with the 1st installation using PS or with an upgrade (I used all the upgrade steps from to the current I copied the currency configuration for both from a test shop I have on the PrestaShop beta program and now looks fine. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hello all, On my installation, the euro values in the dashboard chart is showing as € instead of the euro symbol € (check the screenshot in attach) in the vertical axis. Due to this, there is no space left on the left of the chart to show the complete value. I'm wondering if this is a bug or it's a configuration somewhere? Any help?
  3. My issue is now fixed Unfortunately, I still don't know what happened This is what I did, for future reference: Started from the broken version rolled back to in the 1-click upgrade module cleaned all caches and looked at the front office. Everything was ok now. Updated once again to version In the process the upgrade process upgraded 100 modules as well Cleaned all caches and looked at the front office. Everything was still ok Looked at the modules section to see if there was other modules to upgrade but there where no new upgrades. Let's hope this is the correct way to proceed in case something like this will happen again.
  4. I just did the same thing just for block cart, with all other modules disabled, and same messed out front page (see attached image). I tested in Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11, all show the same wrongly configured theme.
  5. I'm not sure disabling all modules and re-enabling them 1 by 1 will help much. I did that, and started by activating just the block my account footer, did a module reset, browser and prestashop cache clean, and on the 1st refresh the footer is already messed up (see attached image)
  6. Yes, I cleaned the browser cache as well. I'll try to disable them all and then reactivate 1 by 1. It will take time, the back office has 50 modules on that category... I'll post a feedback when I finish.
  7. Yes, I cleared everything. On PrestaShop I went to Advanced Parameters -> Performance and pressed the Clean Caches button on the top of the page. Is this the right place? Btw, I forgot to mention on the 1st message, that I have all the free modules that come with Prestashop installed. Maybe it's and incompatibility between some of them?
  8. Hi all, I've recently upgraded a test store from v1.6.0.8 to v1.6.0.9, together with all the modules that needed an upgrade, and now my front page is all messed up. In a search I've done, some people pointed the featured products module to be the guilty one, and suggested to reset it, but with no results on my case. I'm attaching the new ugly look I get. I have cleaned all the caches (I think) and reset the modules Featured Products and Best Sellers, but no success. Can someone help? I'm afraid that when I launch my new website something like this will happen...
  9. Podias dizer o que fizeste, pois estarias a ajudar outras pessoas com o mesmo problema.
  10. Instala a tradução em Português daqui: http://www.prestashop.com/en/translations
  11. Existe um tópico para o PS1.5. Vê se tens alguma configuração semelhante no PS1.4: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/238403-resolvido-nif-n%C2%BA-de-contribuinte/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1387009
  12. Parece-me que a tua melhor solução será replicares a tua loja no teu computador, usando o Wamp (se estás em windows). Depois, fazes toda a tradução localmente, exportas e importas na loja online. Vê aqui http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/217863-tutorial-criar-loja-online-de-testes/ como replicares a loja localmente.
  13. Qual a versão? Parece-me ter visto um bug identico ter sido resolvido na versão que saiu esta semana.
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