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  1. Hi I need help please. My thumbnail images turn out like this: Can someone please tell me how to fix them? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys! I need help. My website is:www.bangtshirts.com I need to know how to remove this: I also need help removing the "legend" and "shop now" which are on the image slider. I also would like to know how to resize this slider. I have tried to on the homepage image slider module but it does not work. Thanks!
  3. Hi Guys! Before we start my website is: www.bangtshirts.com I need to know how to fix a few things. First, On the homepage there is a block that says News Products. I want to know how to get rid of that. Thats All For Now!
  4. Hi Guys! Before we start explaining the issue, my website is: www.bangtshirts.com Basically if you visit my website and look at the index page, you can see that there is a Paypal Block Image on the right side. I would like to know how to replace that image with another image. I have looked at many tutorials but they are for the old version of paypal. Please can someone help me ASAP! Thanks
  5. Thanks Yavin! You are a genius! Fixed it very easily!
  6. That works but the numbers are still not in the middle of the circle. Why is this?
  7. Hi Guys! If you look at my site located here : www.bangtshirts.com You can see that on the homepage, the numbers of the images on the slider are quite far underneath the images. Also the numbers are towards the bottom of the circles. How can i fix this please?! Thanks
  8. Hi Guys! I've run in to a problem here. I would like to disable my mobile site but don't know how to do so. I want to make it so that when a mobile or tablet etc. visits my website, they just go to the full site. How would i go about doing so? My website is:www.bangtshirts.com Thanks!
  9. Hi Guys! I really need some help. I need to reposition the image slider on the homepage above the text and image on my homepage. My Website:www.bangtshirts.com Can someone please guide me on how to do so? Thanks
  10. Hello Guys! Please can you all check the site out and give feedback with information,links etc. on how to make it better in any way? I would like it to look quite professional also without spending any money. www.bangtshirts.com Regards
  11. Hi Guys! Basically I was testing out the cart for my website and I just couldn't figure out how to fix this error. This is the error: TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save account Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error It happens when i click save on the guest checkout. The website is www.bangtshirts.com Can someone please check it out and help me ASAP? Regards
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