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  1. So if I replace the original module with this one, will the right (or left) column hook still function the same and just offer the homepage content hook as an additional position? Does it have any other settings like choosing how many best-sales items to display? I'd like to be able to limit the number of listed items under the images in the standard module..
  2. Otherwise you coudl use the Addstuff module. It's a free one. Can't remember where but a quick search should turn it up.
  3. There is a module already made for this and it's free I think from memory. I'll have a look for the link now and post it. Here it is.. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/38919/modules___development/module_fronpubli
  4. Hi Paul, I'm using the latest Prestashop release v1.2.5 and the standard (non API) Paypal Module. Everything works fine in Paypal and all products and costs are transferred fine.. even the address details from Prestashop. It's just that Paypal has a hyperlink below the address when paying called "change". I just thought if someone wanted to change it within Paypal they could and the onyl way to know would be to cross check the Paypal receipt the store owner gets with the order details. May be a non-issue, but is potentially a problem.
  5. When making a test payment through Paypal for my store, I noticed that the customer can change their delivery address within Paypal? I'm guessing that if they do this, the information isn't transferred back to the store and the item could therefore be shipped to the wrong address? Hopefully this problem wouldn't arise, but it seems like a potential problem? I know Paypal will send a confirmation to the shop owner anyway but now I will have to potentially cross-check each order with the paypal delivery address to make sure they match up and hasn't been changed at the last minute in Paypal?
  6. Nobody? Rather than the customer having to go through their account details in your store, it woudl be nice of once the status changed to payment received, the confirmation email included the PDF invoice as an attachment?
  7. When I receive an order and check the order detail page to know what to pack it shows a small thumbnail image of the product next to the description. When this thumbnail is clicked it takes you to the product editing page in the Back Office. I'd like this to show a larger image on clicking it using thickbox much like the product page does. This would help with identifying the product for packaging rather than relying on the description or product code. Has anyone done this?
  8. hmm.. Thank you for the response. I'll check with my hosting provider to see what backups they do.
  9. I hope this isn't a silly question but since I'm getting near to finishing my online store I was wondering how I protect my work if something goes wrong. I know you can do a database backup from the back office but the size of the file suggests it contains no product images etc? How do you backup the full database including product images and other images uploaded through the back office so if something happens and my database dies I can safely restore my shop to it's former working state? How is this done and what do others do (and how often) to make sure they can restore their shop in case of a server 'meltdown' or something?
  10. Thanks anabreu, This little hack will come in handy. I was just thinking about this today. Seems like to should be a standard feature like the ability to turn off attributes. Would save some frustration on the buyers part if the product shows but is not able to be added to the cart. I'll give it a try soon.
  11. This thread should probably be in the security forum.. mods?
  12. Mine has a problem showing the inverted commas. It displays them in html as " instead of ". This is for status updates posted through facebook to twitter though.. Any ideas how to fix?
  13. There's also this one which currently only displays the last twitter update at this stage.. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/37422/modules___development/module_las_twitter_state
  14. Hmm. I never noticed before but mine does this also. What's the fix?
  15. Mine does this also, but only on my contact page in IE8. Firefox works fine on all pages. Only thing I could think of is that maybe the google map I embedded was somehow stopping it from displaying, but it's only a problem for me on that 1 page and only in IE8. ?!
  16. Thanks for another great free contribution DG.Craft! Is it possible to adapt this module to say the Top Sellers or Specials Block? I would like to use it in the right column of my layout for top sellers, showing 1 item at a time as your module does.
  17. Yes, I also found a solution to my problem in an earlier post by ion-cannon here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/21663/general_discussion/modhacktip_free_shipping_on_one_carrier_only_dot_
  18. Thanks for this hack.. I was looking for something like this for a while! Works like a charm.. Pity Prestashop's database system just keeps adding new entry ID's for any change you make to everything.. I check my carriers and every time I made an edit, it gives it a new ID in the database.. Could get very messy in there after a while. I even tried deleting all the existing entries in the ps_carrier table and the other carrier tables and the id still increments from the last one created despite me having deleted them all in the db. So even though I have 4 carrier options, I'm now up to about ID#30 and had to change your code from ID=1 to ID=24. Thanks again!
  19. hmm.. Yes I'm a bit confused about this. From memory the PDF invoice generated says something along the lines of "Amount Paid". I don't want this to be available to customers if they haven't paid yet, for example if I'm awaiting bankwire or payment in-store because if they never pay they have an invoice saying they did. I think I can get around that by disabling the "Allow customer to download and view PDF version of invoice" in BO for the awaiting payment statuses. But like the other posters, I would have thought that once the status is updated to "Payment Accepted" it should include a PDF attachment of the invoice with the status update email? Any ideas?
  20. I found out why I wasn't getting the full status update from twitter... The latest update was showing fine, but was being cut short with "..." at the end and you had to click the link to go to twitter to read the rest. The reason it's doing this is because that's whats diplayed in twitter, because I'm posting my twitter updates from facebook and for some reason when doing it this way it must have a character limit.. so to read the whole update, you need to click on the link to twitter, then click on the link in twitter to facebook! btw, still didn't manage to show more than 1 update using the changes above?!
  21. In the Back Office, click on the 'Catalog' tab, then go in to edit one of your products. The full description box is towards the bottom of teh page in the product editor. You can then simply use the text editing options to insert flash and then copy and paste your video link from Youtube. Look for the embed link in youtube and copy and paste the code into your product description. You can also customise the video dimensions, I modified the width to fit my centre column nicely and then adjusted the height accordingly to maintain the aspect ration of the embedded video. I guess you could do the same process for you own videos assuming they are flash based, but you can also enter html code in the product description..
  22. I'm curious about this too.. I've been running my shop in a testing environment in a subfolder on the server, but when I go live want to have it in the root directory. Is it just a simple matter of transferring the files to the hosts root folder and changing the shop location in the preferences setting in the BO?
  23. Just create a new block (I duplicated the advertising block) and insert the images in the tpl file. You just need to set the link for each image to the manufacturer link from prestashop. I also styled each manufacturer logo image so that the background position changes on hover and i get the mouse over effect of it darkening slightly.
  24. Is it possible to have a pop up box appear prompting the user to select an attribute when someone clicks 'add to cart' from the product summary? I know you can select the attributes from the detailed product page, but the risk of someone adding a t-shirt to their cart from the featured products or just a product summary (where not attributes are selectable) seems a bit risky? I know you can set the default attribute in the back office, but I just think people will click add to cart without realising they have the default t-shirt size selected and may not think to change it before check out? I was picturing a small AJAX window popping up when a product with default attribute is added to the cart?
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