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  1. Do Prestacrea make a module to randomize the New Products Block? Or is there another solution? I'd like the New Products block to randomly show a different product on page load rather than the same one all the time! Or even better would be a JQuery sliding block to cycle through a few new products.. Any suggestions?
  2. Yeah, I don't like the idea of having this there either. How do we remove and just insert a standard 'subject' line into the email?
  3. Great news. I might just wait for 1.4 final.
  4. Me too. Looking to purchase soon, but want to make sure it's compatible with v1.4.
  5. I'm interested to know also?.. Looking for a way to upgrade without directly affecting the store. A parallel installation would be ideal rather than scratching my head with upgrade errors..
  6. Interested to know this also as I have quite a few and not sure why?
  7. There's a good module to replace the editorial block image with a cu3er flash banner. If you want to use flash, this is one of the prettiest solutions I think. But I try to avoid flash wherever possible, and prefer to use something like the editorials3slider module. Do a forum search for each.
  8. I'm guessing you could either change the number of days that an item is considered 'new' in the back office.. I think default is 30 days.. Under 'Preferences' tab then 'Products' sub-tab. You could just set it so that it counts back to include when you first added them? Or I guess you could go into your database and edit the date added field manually?
  9. I notice there are some changes in the Classes/Product.php file with the latest release in these areas. Is it possible to simply replace my product.php file with the new one or can anyone suggest how to apply the changes from the new release to the v1.2.5 presta release to fix this rounding problem? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I still seem to get the problem.. I have applied a 30% discount to my profile and when I add a discounted item to my cart with the above code change, the orders are still 1c out. But it seems to vary. If I add 2 discounted items to my cart sometimes it is the same in paypal and presta, but other times it is 1c out. This seems like a pretty fundamental flaw with the paypal module? I've already had a customer try and order twice out of confusion after getting a payment error.. I did notice though that that code was applied in the 'Group Reduction' section.. should I be adding it anywhere else aswell?
  11. Thanks Mark. I'll give it a go tonight and run a duplicate (of an order that has given this problem before) test order through paypal.
  12. So this part of the function then looks like this? // Group reduction if ($id_customer) $price *= ((100 - Group::getReduction($id_customer))/100); self::$_prices[$cacheId] = ($divisor AND $divisor != 'NULL') ? number_format($price/$divisor, $decimals, '.', '') : number_format($price, $decimals, '.', ''); self::$_prices[$cacheId] = round(self::$_prices[$cacheId],2); return self::$_prices[$cacheId];
  13. I'm experiencing this rounding problem with v1.2.5 using paypal also. Think it seems to be associated with discounted items generally (same as original poster) but I'll investigate further and try the fix in this thread.
  14. I'm interested in this also.. Would save an extra click of the mouse.
  15. I've noticed, sometimes when viewing say 'All Specials' at the bottom of the page it will show pagination links for multiple pages which sometimes goes up say 37 pages, even though there's only say 2 pages of specials.. Clicking on the higher pages just says there are no more products.. "No price drop." Why does Prestashop generate these additional pages in the pagination buttons, if there's nothing on them?? It doesn't seem to happen all the time, but I've noticed it on my specials pages.
  16. I noticed the same thing when running a test order through Paypal.. It wasn't very encouraging when the buyer returns to your site from Paypal to a blank page.. (well not blank, but the centre column doesn't say anything like "Thank you for your order, it will be processed soon and you will receive an email... blah blah blah.." Perhaps it's just a simple case of putting some text into order-confirmation.tpl in your theme directory?
  17. Thanks for the tip for the add to cart animation.. That's cool.
  18. I inserted the google maps code into my Contact page quite easily, by pasting the code into the contact-form.tpl under your theme's directory. I also adjusted the width and height parameters of the iframe code from google to fit my centre column and removed the pop-up bubble from maps that has all the business info in so it is easier to see the map. Check it out in the signature and click on Contact in the menubar at the top. The only problem I have is in IE8 on the contact page, I suspect the embedded map is preventing my categories block from loading, but seems to work fine in all other browsers..
  19. I'd also like to do this.. Is there a module out there?
  20. Yes, this would have been handy.. I guess I'm not the only one that had to go through that BIG list and uncheck all those boxes! I only wanted 1 country!
  21. I'm interested in something similar... I haev a product that HAS to be local pick-up only (due to size/weight). All other items in the shop can be posted across the country, but if someone selects this particular item, I want the shipping options to only show my local pickup one. A module that allows for a checkbox in the product setup to select which carrier must be forced would be ideal. Anyone? I had a thought.. I use flat rate postage with free postage based on orders over a certain $ value. I thought if I make my 'pick up in-store' carrier have a weight range of 0 to 2000kg while all the others are 0 to 1000kg, that I could then set the product up with a weight of say 1999kg and it would only show the pick up carrier option on checkout.. but it didnt work. It still showed them all?? Unless choosing the 'Handling' Billing according to 'Total Price' rather than 'Weight' doesnt permit you to use the weights in this way?
  22. Just do a search for the addstuff module. It's free and does what you want. It would also be quite easy to duplicate or use the advertising block also.
  23. I've wondered about this also. My instinct when checking out is to hit the 'checkout' button, not the 'cart' button. Unless you hit the cart button it will skip the order summary page and hence most people would miss the coupon entry option. I might give this a go also and see how it goes.
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