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  1. Could something like this be used to feed 'specials' content to say a mailchimp campaign?
  2. Interested to know what it does? I just incorporated the the non styled signup form from mailchimp in a modal popup window which works well. Just doesn't integrate the registration opt in newsletter subscribers.. Hope this is an all in 1 solution?
  3. Make sure you have Force Recompile turned on in the Performance tab under settings. Then refresh. Once working, turn it back to No Forced Recompile. (I forget the actual wording of the setting)
  4. One of my clients discovered he could no longer log into his admin account and was not receiving the password reset emails as his email address was no longer recognised. Luckily one admin account was untouched, so I was able to log in and see what happened and the email address for his admin account had been changed! How is this possible?.. Someone had hacked in and changed the email address associated with his account? The shop is running v1.2.5. Is there any security holes that can be plugged with this version to prevent it happening again? Also, what are the limitations on the password used? I tried a very complex one but it was not allowed?
  5. I made these changes too and it works well for a modal popup newsletter subscription box (in my case for mailchimp). Rather than modifying the core files though, how does one go about implementing these changes to FrontController.php using the overrides/classes folder, to protect it from future prestashop updates? I tried to make the changes and simply upload the modified file to the override folder, but it still reads the old one in classes/ so for now I've just overwritten the core file which isn't ideal.
  6. It's based on a template monster theme I've seen. With some minor mods by the look of it.
  7. How would you go about enabling the modal window for an alert message like the newsletter signup 'success' or 'fail' message..?
  8. I'm after the same thing.. Still deciding whether to spend the $75USD on the module.. Bit pricey. But I think it is essential if you sell products with attributes. I think a lot of people would add to cart and not realise then get the default attribute and complain. Let us know if you come across anything, but from what I've read it can be complex to implement. You could always wait for a Presto-Changeo discount code.
  9. Nah, didn't work for me either. My product still showed by 'On Sale' image despite the sale having ended. Anyone got any ideas?? Seems a bit silly to have to remember to check a box to show my 'On Sale' images when the item is on sale for a limited period?!
  10. Thanks AKJV, I used this combined with an IF statement so it only shows if the item is on sale. {if isset($product.reduction) && $product.reduction && isset($product.show_price) && $product.show_price && !$PS_CATALOG_MODE}{convertPrice price=$product.price_without_reduction}{/if} Haven't thoroughly tested it yet, but it's working at first glance.
  11. Mine does this too.. v1.4.3 I want to remove the other countries and the country select altogether and default to Australia. This is the code from the themes authentication.tpl that I think needs to be changed (if there's no way to do this in the back office): {l s='Country'} - {foreach from=$countries item=v} {$v.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {/foreach} *
  12. I have set my newsletter block as a fixed height in my theme layout and don't want the error and success messages to appear below the block once the submit button is clicked. I'd like to be able to utilise the inbuilt thickbox (or is it fancybox?) to display the error or success message in a simple modal popup so it doesn't mess with my layout. <!-- Block Newsletter module--> Sign up to our newsletter & receive 10% off your next online order <form action="{$link->getPageLink('index.php')}" method="post"> <input class="email" type="text" name="email" size="18" value="{if isset($value) && $value}{$value}{else}{l s='your e-mail' mod='blocknewsletter'}{/if}"> {l s='Subscribe' mod='blocknewsletter'} {l s='Unsubscribe' mod='blocknewsletter'} <input type="submit" value="ok" class="button_mini" name="submitNewsletter" /> </form> {if isset($msg) && $msg} {$msg}{/if} <!-- /Block Newsletter module--> Somehow when it determines which message to display in this bit: {if isset($msg) && $msg} {$msg}{/if} I want it to show it in a modal popup? Any ideas?
  13. Is there a way to make the vertical scroller have an auto height? I dont want to have a scroll bar, but just want it to display say the latest 4 tweets with no height set, so it expands to fit. Also when setting the width in the admin area, it changes the headher graphic to that width, but the tweets remain at a fixed width (CSS width property is hard coded in, so you have to manually change all these. It's a nice solution, but needs some tweaking for my purposes.
  14. I'm interested in this also.. I've set up my template to show a 'On Sale' image if an item is on sale, otherwise if it's New it will show a 'new' image, and then otherwise it will show nothing. (Using IF statements of course) Some of my sale items ended and they still show my 'On Sale' image (obviously because the checkbox in product setup is ticked to show the 'On sale' image. Like gofer, I'd like this to be automatic so the checkbox effectively says "if you check this, the product will display the 'On sale" image while the product is on sale. And to that end it would be nice to set this to the default checkbox state so I don't have to check it on every product. I'll give rocky's code a go aswell and report back..
  15. I had a look at the Live demo (main page only) and there's some display bugs.. The drop down menu shows behind the slider and is un-useable; The featured products are cut off at the footer; The text box for the search box is misaligned.. (Using IE7)
  16. Looks good Romeo.. With the horizontal ticker, is it possible to have say 2 tweets show side by side and have them cycle upwards (or down) every 5 seconds or so? Rather than continuously scrolling right to left?
  17. I've just attempted my first module, base don Rocky's Development guide.. (very good guide by the way).. I'm having some problems though.. Just when I think my code makes sense, I upload my module and it breaks my modules page. I get no modules showing any more. As soon as I delete the module it's all back up as before though. I'm pretty sure the problem is in my getContent part of the code as if I delete this, it lets my modules page load again (but obviously my module wont work). If anyone could be so kind as to tell me where I'm going wrong? The idea of the module is just to display tweets. It's configurable by a check box to show tweets or not, and another field for how many to show and your twitter username. hometwittervwd.php
  18. I'm not sure if the functionality has changed since v1.2.5, but shouldn't Prestashop email an invoice to the customer after payment has been received? Do they really have to log in to the store to access their invoices?
  19. Ahhh OK. I understand. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. I don't hold out much hope though!
  20. Hi Tomer.. You can see the online calculator in the links in my previous post. Click on 'calculator'.
  21. Thanks maofree for the specials carousel module. Am I able to have the transition as a fade or does it have to be a sliding transition?
  22. Pretty keen to get this module, but just not sure how it will handle satchels. For an example of a satchel, see this image from google: Satchel Just like a thin bag (not as protective as a box, but cheaper and good for non-fragile items like clothing). If you look at the Australia Post website they have a calculator that gives you the option of satchels or boxes. I guess you could set a rule for the satchel dimensions and weight limit (500g or 3kg) for each of regular, express and platinum) but then what if boxes and satchels overlap and it won't know which ones to show the customer? Confused.. :/
  23. Nice idea.. I think the default movement of the ajax cart is clunky. I don't like the way it 'over-expands' then comes back to size when a product is added. Not meaning to hijack your thread, but is there a way to take out the 'over-expansion' or bounce effect?
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