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  1. I just noticed a similar problem. Before my page title was something like 'Delivery'. Now since I added a proper page title for SEO, it uses the title for the meta title which shows in the breadcrumb. How to fix?
  2. Thanks Krishkv. No I didn't use prestadesigner.
  3. Thanks Vekia, That product above is probably the only one I haven't put in a description for yet, so will get that fixed ASAP.. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  4. Recently finished a website for a client who sells army surplus, camping, hiking, and general outdoor type gear. The original theme was a ready made template, but with some heavy modification and customisation. It is now a live site, so please no test orders! I welcome your feedback. www.actiongear.com.au
  5. I had the same problem.. I tried emptying the cache via ftp before each update to the settings and it seemed to work, but the module is buggy. Sometimes I'd have 5 slides in there, go back in to edit 1 and it would wipe the whole lot with the same error message.
  6. Thanks Eleazar, I used the second method of just copying the function into the override file and it's all good!
  7. So to do an override of the PDFgenerator.php class, do I simply duplicate the file into the overrides folder override\classes\pdf\ and make my modifications, or do you simply put the modified bit of code into the override file?
  8. With the modifications explained in the OP, this removes the content from the header.tpl file and inserts it into the invoice.tpl file. That's fine, however the invoice then has a large gap at the top where the header should be, since the header file is now empty. Is there any way to move the invoice.tpl content higher to the top of the page, i.e. reduce the height of the header.tpl allowance within the PDF?
  9. Does anyone know of anyone sharing their customised invoice templates? Be nice if there was some nice looking ones already made that people were willing to share, could save me some time!
  10. See my response here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/216501-invoice-date/page__p__1073593__hl__invoice%20date%20format__fromsearch__1#entry1073593
  11. Just change the date format in Back Office -> Localization -> Languages and edit your chosen language. There will be a box for short date format and for long date format. Use d/m/Y for the short one and d/m/Y H:i for the long one.
  12. Well here was my solution to the problem.. It seems you can not have a PNG file selected for the invoice logo in the Prestashop settings. I had to change the invoice logo to a JPG file and it now works. Found the solution here: http://www.prestasho...error-help-plz/
  13. Well here was my solution to the problem.. It seems you can not have a PNG file selected for the invoice logo in the Prestashop settings. I had to change the invoice logo to a JPG file and it now works. Found the solution here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/176064-tcpdf-error-help-plz/
  14. Same issue here. Hoping for some insight soon.. I have an open bug on the issue tracker, just awaiting some further advice from Prestashop.
  15. Thanks Wizzah, When you say you replaced the adapted files which files exactly did you replace? Which ones are associated with the PDF generation? (If you can remember!) Thanks
  16. Just in the final stages of testing a new store running on 1.5.2 and noticed when doing some test orders that the PDF invoices/delivery slips do not generate. When you go into view Orders in the back office, and click on the 'View Invoice' button, it opens a blank window, trying to generate the PDF, but eventually gives me a HTTP500 error. Same deal with the Delivery slips. This makes me think it's a PDF generating issue. What could be causing this? I wouldn't know where to start. I haven't made any core mods, just theme modifications, CSS etc. Although I have tweaked some modules. I checked and replaced the AdminPdfController.php thinking maybe that has something to do with it, but there was nothing wrong with the content of the file. Same as in PS1.5.3. Anyone have any ideas or know of this happening to anyone? My next step will be to disable modules one by one, to see if one of them may be causing it somehow?
  17. I've just started having a similar problem. Placed a test order, cannot view the invoice. Click the 'View Invoice' button in the order summary (back office) and it takes me to a blank page where I get a http500 error. Same for delivery slips. Makes me think it's a PDF generation thing. Any got any ideas? I'm running Prestashop 1.5.2 Thanks
  18. Just tried restoring the original modules that I had modified.. the Home Featured module seems to have triggered this. Strange though, since it used to work before without affecting the TinyMCE editor. How would a module for the front office affect the display of TinyMCE (and the product editor in general) in the back office?
  19. I have a really frustrating problem! I have been working on a site for some time and it was all going well. All of a sudden the TinyMCE editor disappears from the back office (In Product editor). Not only that, but I can no longer edit the other tabs for the product, such as Price etc, clicking them just does nothing! I've tried reinstalling Prestashop from scratch ad restore my database backup etc, had the same problem. I thought maybe it was to do with my database.. So I eventually thought I'd try a fresh install of everything. That seemed to work for a little while, but after adding all my manufacturers back in I thought I'd again check to make sure the Tiny MCE editor was still there and low and behold it's gone again! I've tried re-uploading the whole js directory, tinymce folder, adding my theme and module mods one by one and can't pinpoint what's causing it. It can't be theme related since I even reverted back to the stock theme and the issue persists. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at a real loss!
  20. When I enable this, does it modify my global.css and other files permanantly, by removing white space etc.. or is it a fully reversible option? I just want to be sure before I enable it, that I can still edit and find things in my 'neat and organised' global.css file as per normal whether it's enabled or not. Thanks
  21. Nevermind. I don't know what went wrong, but I backed up database and store and re-installed fresh, then restored database backup and back to normal now. Hope that doesn't happen again!
  22. Can anyone suggest a possible fix? Perhaps deleting the content of the category tables in the database? Or is it likely a javascript error? I get no errors on page load. It's weird. I've tried overwriting core files via ftp with the originals, my last resort is to back up database and website and reinstall..
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