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  1. Alright, I'm sorry for the spam but i have tested it a bit and it seems like when i putt the " symbol (Quotation mark) in the address (which incidentally found in My address) it causes the error. Any idea how i can fix it? thank you again.
  2. Can anyone help me with this? Pretty urgent, Thank you! Here's the error that shows on the web page: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'JSMin_UnterminatedStringException' with message 'JSMin: Unterminated String at byte 904: "' in /home/USER/public_html/tools/js_minify/jsmin.php:192 Stack trace: #0 /home/USER/public_html/tools/js_minify/jsmin.php(143): JSMin->action(1) #1 /home/USER/public_html/tools/js_minify/jsmin.php(83): JSMin->min() #2 /home/USER/public_html/classes/Media.php(134): JSMin::minify('// ???var order...') #3 /home/USER/public_html/classes/Media.php(121): MediaCore::packJS('// ???var order...') #4 [internal function]: MediaCore::packJSinHTMLpregCallback(Array) #5 /home/USER/public_html/classes/Media.php(104): preg_replace_callback('/\s*(<script\b[...', Array, '<script type="t...') #6 /home/USER/public_html/config/smarty.config.inc.php(148): MediaCore::packJSinHTML('<script type="t...') #7 /home/USER/public_html/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_filter_handler.php(60): smartyPackJSinHTML('<script type="t...', Object(Smarty_Internal_Template)) #8 /home/USER/public_htm in /home/USER/public_html/tools/js_minify/jsmin.php on line 192 I've also noticed that if i disable Compress inline JavaScript in HTML after "smarty compile" execution I can access the 2nd and 3rd steps of check out.
  3. Thanks, I found out that if i remove this part of the code it works fine (as far as i checked) What does that string do and why does it cause that error? thanks! It's in "tools/js_minify/jsmin.php" if (ord($this->a) <= self::ORD_LF) { throw new JSMin_UnterminatedStringException( "JSMin: Unterminated String at byte " . $this->inputIndex . ": {$str}"); }
  4. Hey, i just tested my site after a lot of modifications, And in the order process (the 5 stage type) , When i press Next after the summary, i get an: I tried being a guest and registered account, doesn't matter, If i change the address bar to "https://URL.com/order?step=2" it continues like nothing happened. Which file is not alright? How can i find what's the cause to the error? thanks!
  5. Hello, I tried to use this in the PS version and the latest Warehouse theme (16) from ThemeForest, It doesn't work correctly, Seems like the whole code for the content stops when i put this, Is there anyone who succeeded implanting this module in the Warehouse theme or something similar? Thanks!
  6. אתה יכול אולי להסביר לי איך זה עובד? אני משתמש בגרסא האחרונה והפכתי את כל הפאנל ניהול ואני לא מוצא...
  7. Thanks a lot! I edited Classes/Validate.php and searched for "IsReference" Then just remove any special char you want to allow. Thanks again you helped me a lot!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to allow More characters in the product Name and Reference fields when i'm adding \ editing a product, I've searched in the informations.tpl file (admin\themes\default\template\controllers\products\informations.tpl) and in classess\Product.php which looked like the files i'll find it in, and i just can't find anything, Can someone give me a hint about Where i define which character is allowed and which is forbidden? (If you ask i need to add characters that normally found in a URL, Like = & + etc.) Thank you!
  9. טוב ניסיתי בפורום הראשי ולא קיבלתי תשובה אז אני אנסה פה, מקווה שפה כן אקבל עזרה. אני מחפש דרך \ סקריפט \ מודול לעשות את הדבר הזה. אני מתכוון להזמין מחו"ל מוצרים ע"פ מכירות באתר שלי, אז נגיד שבשבילי העלויות הן: מוצרים מקבוצה א' - 20 דולר משלוח מוצרים מקבוצה ב' - 30 דולר משלוח מוצרים מקבוצה ג' - 5 דולר משלוח אני רוצה שכשמישהו מזמין לדוגמא 3 מוצרים מקבוצה א' המשלוח יעלה לו 20 דולר, כשמישהו מזמין לדוגמא מוצר אחד מקבוצה א' ומוצר מקבוצה ב' המשלוח יעלה לו 50 דולר וכשמישהו מזמין מוצר אחד מא', מוצר מ-ב' ומוצר מג' המשלוח יעלה לו - 55 דולר כלומר לכל קבוצת פריטים יהיה מחיר משלוח משלה, ללא תלות בכמות המוצרים מאותה קבוצה. מקווה שהבנתם ולמישהו יהיה רעיון, תודה!
  10. Hello, I've looked everywhere for a solution and couldn't find anything except something about Total Weight shipping prices which is kind of confusing so i'll ask here, Hoping a good and easy solution (Even a module if it exists) I am selling a big collection of products, All to my own country, Some of the products are products i will buy from USA which has shipping prices, Some from another countries with different shipping prices, and some from my own country. Let's say i have these products: Products A, B, C - Cost me 20$ Shipping so i will sell them with 20$ Shipping cost, Products D, E, F - Costed me 30$ Shipping, Therefore 30$ of shipping will be added to their price, Products G, H, I - I'm shipping them from my own country, Therefore only 5$ of shipping prices will be added. How do i do the following - User invited 2x A & 1x E - Will cost him Product Prices + 50$ Shipping (20$ For A plus 30$ for E) User invited D + E + F - Will cost him 30$ Shipping User invited A + E + 2x H - 55$ Shipping Hope you understood what i'm meaning here, I want Different group of products (No necessarily from different categories, could be from same one) That will eventually decide the shipping prices. Hope you can help me with this, Thanks a lot!
  11. Alright, Seems like there's a new and fixed version of PrestaShop ( I will also recommend to upgrade to this version instead of editing your own code. http://www.prestashop.com/en/developers-versions/changelog/
  12. I Still have not encountered any other problem, Update here if you find anything, will as well
  13. Hey, Here's a solution i've found (No need to downgrade or change any version of MySQL or PHP) Edit "Classes/ImageManager.php" Replace - (Supposed to be in line 122) if (!file_exists($src_file) || !filesize($src_file)) With: if (!file_exists($src_file)/* || !filesize($src_file)*/) Worked perfectly for me! (Of course i'm taking no responsibility for any harm that happens as a result, Backup anyway) Hope it helps!
  14. Hello, I'm new to prestashop, I'm using the latest (1.5.3) version. Everything is alright and working perfectly, My only problem is when i'm trying to add a new manufacturer image or edit an existing one to change it's picture i get an error saying: An error occurred while uploading image. And that's it, Everything i edit (Name, Description etc.) is changing but i have no image. I have Safe_mode OFF I've looked everywhere for a solution and i couldn't find anything. Thanks for the help!
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