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  1. Hi, Do you mean the timer is hidden correctly, but the discount label is still visible? It looks more like a general issue, not exactly related to the module, because it just uses regular specific prices. Most likely it's a cache problem. Do you use any modules for extra caching? Does it happen in category pages or at the homepage? If it happens on the homepage it might be related to the module you use for displaying products there, perhaps it has some problems with cache.
  2. Well, sure, I can check it. But it'll require FTP access, Back Office won't show much info. If it's ok, please send me a PM with access details.
  3. Thanks for the demo, I see... But sorry, I still can't reproduce it no matter what I do. Number of attributes or their IDs doesn't seem to affect this. And other products on your site work fine, are you sure there is nothing wrong with this particular product? I can get a similar error only if use non-existent IDs of combinations.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Sorry, I'm not sure I completely understand how to reproduce the problem. Do you mean the product page in Front Office? But when and where does the "Can not retrieve the id_product_attribute" error appears? Do you have a possibility to show me a live page with such problem? Perhaps it depends on some specific configuration parameters.
  5. Hi, That's strange, it looks like there are parts of code from old module version and parts from new. Please try to clear your PrestaShop cache or perhaps delete and install again the module.
  6. Do you mean that you would simply like to make it more compact, keeping the current text size? Try to activate option "Compact view" in the module settings, it'll decrease the timer height.
  7. Hi, Unfortunately there is no such option, but you can change it with some custom styles. Try to add the following code into field "Custom CSS" in the module settings: .product-miniature .psproductcountdown { font-size: 80% !important; }
  8. Hi, Sorry, I'm not sure about this error. It happens in file "novpagemanage.php" which doesn't belong to the module or to standard PrestaShop files. Perhaps it's some conflict with another module, if you can send me that file "novpagemanage.php" I'll check it.
  9. Hi, Do you mean standard timer positions are not working? There is an alternative position in the settings ("Product buttons"), you can try switching to it. As about the code, at the product page most likely you need this one: {hook h='PSProductCountdown' id_product=$product->id}
  10. Hi, Yes, of course, you can download it in the first post, I've just checked it. If the link doesn't work, please make sure you're logged in. You can also try to clear the browser cache/cookies or use another browser.
  11. Just in case if anyone still needs a module to search orders by products: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/order-management/48785-better-order-filter.html It can also display ordered products directly in the order list.
  12. Hi, No, unfortunately there is no such option. And it's quite difficult to change in the module code, requires changes in multiple places.
  13. Hi, Yes, it seems catalog mode may be a problem. If you use catalog mode with hiding prices, then the main hook the module uses is unavailable. You can try to change position options in the module settings, but if doesn't help the only option is to use a custom hook. It's described in the "Additional instructions" tab.
  14. Hi, Sorry, there is no such option in the free version, only in pro. Its adding cost me so much efforts that I wish I'd better never know about it
  15. Hi, Hmm, that's strange. Is the module still enabled on your site? I'd check it if you can show me some example live page.
  16. Hi, Sorry, I not sure I understand. What do you mean by inserting a prestashop module?
  17. Hi, Great, glad it works. You can also try to set "width: 100%" instead of "width: 160px"+"margin-left: ...". Usually it's more responsive, but actually no need to change anything if it's already working good
  18. Hi, You can change countdown position in the module settings (in the latest version). Just set "Position in the product list" to any "custom hook" value and it'll be hidden.
  19. Here is the new module version. Clean installation is preferred (uninstall then install), but update should also work. psproductcountdown.zip
  20. Ok, I see... Yes, that's very strange. Well, I'll release an update tomorrow or after tomorrow anyway, hopefully it'll solve the problem.
  21. Hi, Do you mean you don't have "displayProductPriceBlock" hook when you're transplanting the module? That's strange but anyway I'll release an update soon, hopefully it'll help.
  22. Hi Robin, You can try to transplant the module to another hook. It will work if your theme supports that hook. In your Back Office go to page "Modules and Services" >> Positions >> button "Transplant a module". There you need to select the module and hook "displayProductPriceBlock" and click the save button. See attached screenshot. If that works you will also need to unhook the module from the previous position "displayProductButtons". But actually I think I'll release a new module update in a couple of days. It'll allow you to choose that position in the module settings (if it's available in your theme).
  23. Hi, Usually the only way to display a timer in a non-standard place is to manually insert a custom hook into your template. If it's ok for you, you can check block "Additional instructions" at the module configuration page. Let me know if you need any help with locating the necessary template file.
  24. Hi Ahmed, Hmm, maybe there are no suitable hooks at your product page. I afraid the only way to display countdown there is manually inserting a countdown hook into your template file. You can send me a personal message if you really need it.
  25. Does this happen at the product page or in the product list? Anyway, I afraid I can tell something specific only with a live example, sorry. It must be some conflict with your theme. Ok, please try to add the following code into the Custom CSS option field at the module configuration page. You may need to clear your browser cache after that (Ctrl + f5). #category .psproductcountdown { display: none; }
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