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  1. @ejectcore u think add subcategory to it?? MAIN CATEGORY -sub -sub2 etc...
  2. i know this way but this way is not cool
  3. Does exist the module which sorts kategories in the way I want, not alphabetically i do it that: "01. name" "02. name2" etc but is not perfekt resolve ..
  4. some idea to resolve my problem ? noobody have this same problem?
  5. its some module or change in order somtkink like " i dont need invoice" some checkbox :> and if i cheked it in my order will be msg dont need invoice!
  6. <input style="width:30px;" type="text" name="qty" value="{$product.quantity}" /> here if i put 100 i have 100 items (ad press enter) and where i change it for 70 i have 70 items of product... u understand ?
  7. .jcarousel-skin-tango .jcarousel-container-horizontal .jcarousel-skin-tango .jcarousel-clip-horizontal change it to ur with in site. i have diffrent problem all in css i done and it perfet but when i press left or right arrows my MCG show items fater than before press arrows why?? i have 5 second of 1 produkt when i pressed, its max 2 second...
  8. hmm mayby u dont undestand me i want chage quantity of products if i have 100 i want chage it for 60 for example in input... i buy 200 and i want change it for 320 or for 130.. not use to it jquery i think
  9. dont must use jquery only i need number of product only it what is in input if i write 100 i want have 100 if i write 200 i want have 200, not last number + 200..
  10. thx a lot but now when i wrote numer its add to last quantity what is wronk if i wrote 10 i want have 10 not last number + 10
  11. but i want in in input u know :> [here write numer what i want]
  12. thx! Polish translation is attached. pl.php
  13. who can i change quantity of produkt?? now i have 1 but i want change it for exple for 100 or 200 etc now i can only add +1 or -1. somebody done it??
  14. i have problem when i press left or right my carusle showing produkt faster than i realode site why??
  15. how is encoding the password in admin?? MD5?? i add new record in ps_employ and can't log to my BO... ( active =1 id_profil =1 ) and find: $employee->passwd = md5(pSQL(_COOKIE_KEY_.$pwd)); where more i must change to accound will be active??? u must add in passowrd your COOKE{password} in congi/settings.inc.php for example L69qOe7eQSJyzyWOItpFisWhMYpQnzedyJvd0y4UoF9dh8roE6ottzHs[youpassword]
  16. is possible change category from mainly to my cattegory for example "special items"????
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