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  1. yes its possible only what u need to edit is themes/prestashop and if u wanna add some extra grapihs in module u must find it in modules/name_of_module but almost all u can change in global.css
  2. designe it in photoshop and learn HTML and CSS first when u know that u can do new theme!
  3. {l s='I agree with the terms of service and I adhere to them unconditionally.'} {l s='(read)'} find it and change href to your URL
  4. u can go to tpl and find or go to database and then give some CMS site id 3. u know how?
  5. search CMS with ID = 3 in tools->CMS
  6. u must add your product to MAIN category. product in main category = feature products
  7. nope, u must change it first on your file name_module.php and add function hookRightColumn($params) { return $this->hookFooter($params); } function hookLeftColumn($params) { return $this->hookFooter($params); } and then i BO u choose module->position and put your module in site what u need
  8. u must know css a litle and then u can make its yourself
  9. hi www.greenpage.pl/portfolio new shop: tomax.pl if u need some addons - www.prestahelp.com more info in PW
  10. look here: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/47-porownywarka-produktow.html in life here: www.tomax.pl
  11. what is a price for it if i do it?
  12. to test? i think u want make it in ur life shop... yes its not problem to upgrade
  13. hehe, u find all in bug track - designe nothink ofc - i wroking yes!
  14. its start it will be hight - here its make to ppl www.greenpage.pl/portfolio
  15. In my shop have some theme - soon more .... www.prestahelp.com
  16. compare products. show: - old price - new price - feature - description - image - button add nad view - available product Lack of limiting products to the comparison and multi languages (u can add it in BO)! u can buy it here: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/47-porownywarka-produktow.html
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