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    w panelu - kazdy moze ....
  2. how can i add only login and password in header?? i try add header-authentication.tpl (modificate authentication.tpl ) but it's work only when im in [my-page]/authentication.php ( i try with header-authentication.php) but i can't find good solution. but i want make independent panel to login in header. it's possible?? if yes pls show me solution. thx for help
  3. for example with newsletter in footer function hookFooter($params) { return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blocknewsletter.tpl'); }
  4. It walked about it, thx ps. if u need changewith product u must change only id_category on id_product
  5. hello how can i change <body id"[name]"> from point of view of category i want have different bg on different category <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if}> some like, that: <body {if $id_category}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if}>
  6. SOMEBODY KNOW HOW SHOW MODULE ONLY IN ONE PAGE (FOR EXAMPLE INDEX.PHP) WITHOUT CONDITION. maybe in file [module].php i must change sth? thx for help
  7. look now condition is that: write this file php where u dont wanna see ur module ( for exaple it's ==) if i change ("= =" on "!=") my condition will be " write file php where u wanna see ur module ... is it now intelligibly?
  8. i know but I change the condition I will give only the ones on which Iwants... you know where to change it??
  9. ok it's working... but i i want it only in index.php how i can do it without exeptions?? ps. how many exeptions i must add if i want have it only in index.php -product.php, -order.php, -history.php, -identity.php, -cms.php, -category.php, -new-products.php, -authentication.php and many many more ... SOMEBODY KNOW GOLDEN MEAN??
  10. function hookFooter($params) { return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blocknewsletter.tpl'); } I did it this way, but i have newssleter in all my pages ( in footer) but i want have it only in homepage on the rest of sides i have hookleft ( where i have Newslleter...) so what condition i must use in blocknewsletter.php so that it acts?? thx for help Paul, I appreciate it and I am grateful Jakub aka.
  11. my php is good i study computer s~(but smart it's not my good site) ok men look if i move my module to footer i dont see it there why? only new product CMS etc.. i Must change display this hook?
  12. and if i want have: login and basket in footer what i must write?? where i find it ( {$HOOK_TOP} ) where is it??
  13. i dont know to much how can i do it :| explain?? in i want add include('blocknewsletter.tpl'); but it doesn't work .. so what i must do??
  14. hello i wanna add blocknewsletter.tpl only in homepage in footer but i dont know how... {if !$content_only} {if $page_name != 'index'} <!-- Right --> {$HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN} <!-- Footer --> {$HOOK_FOOTER} {/if} </body> {/if} {if $page_name == 'index'} {$HOOK_FOOTER} HERE {/if} </html> what i must write in "here" include('')"???? thx for help
  15. perhaps badly I explained .. I needs something like that: : I have products which features ( height;100px width:20px; size: 3kg etc) and wants to receive the result of every product with his features.... what I demonstrated higher is duplicating features for me if they are rose. For exapmle is taking the width from all products and he is assigning it to the current product rather than only with the one with which he should plx help
  16. i generate file XML: who must like that: − 333333343 205/55R16 91T GOODUEAR ULTRA GRIP 7+ 339.00 http://gerex.pl/product.php?id_product=333333343 Motoryzacja/Opony/Opony ziomowe − UltraGrip7+ zapewnia nieporównywalną kontrolę jazdy podczas trudnych warunków zimowych... http://gerex.pl/img/p/333333343-1078.jpg − − Sezon Zimowe − Rodzaj pojazdu Osobowe − Model Ultra Grip 7+ − Szerokość 205 − Profil 55 − Średnica 16 − Prędkość T and all is ok but onle when i have one produkt if i add second in xml made duble atribute for example Prędkość T Prędkość V and i cant solution it. my cone to generate like that(this example generate not in xml but this is not important): $sqll=' Select DISTINCT p.id_product, cat.id_category, pl.name AS p_name, p.price AS cena, pl.link_rewrite AS link, pl.description_short AS p_desc, id_image, cl.name as c_name FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product p LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang pl ON (p.id_product = pl.id_product) INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'category_product cp ON (cp.id_product = p.id_product) RIGHT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'category cat on (cat.id_category = cp.id_category AND cat.id_category <> 1) INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'category_lang cl ON (cl.id_category = cat.id_category) LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'image i ON (p.id_product = i.id_product AND i.cover = 1) LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'manufacturer m ON (m.id_manufacturer = p.id_manufacturer) where pl.id_lang = 3 ORDER BY id_product '; $productss = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($sqll); $sqla=' Select DISTINCT p.id_product, fp.id_feature_value AS f_vlaue_product, fl.name AS f_name, fv.value as f_value, fl.sort as sort FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product p LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_product fp ON (p.id_product = fp.id_product) LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang fv ON (fp.id_feature_value = fv.id_feature_value) LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang fl ON (fp.id_feature = fl.id_feature) where fl.id_lang = 3 ORDER BY sort '; $atribute_sql = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($sqla); $mdc = md5($products['c_name']); echo 'test---'.$map_data[$mdc]; echo 'mdc---'.$mdc; foreach($productss as $products) { echo '############## '; echo 'id_product::'.$products['id_product'].' '; //.'-- id_feature::'.$products['f_product'].'---id_value_product::'.$products['f_vlaue_product'].' '; echo 'name::'.$products['p_name'].' '; echo 'price::'.$products['cena'].' '; echo 'url::'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/'.$products['link'].' '; echo 'CategoryID:'.$products['c_name'].' '; echo 'desc::'.$products['p_desc'].' '; echo 'img::'.$products['id_image'].'.jpg '; foreach ($atribute_sql as $atrybut) { if ($products['id_product'] == $atrybut['id_product'] ) { echo 'name_atributa::'.$atrybut['f_name'].' '; echo 'value_atributa::'.$atrybut['f_value'].' '; } } // echo 'name ::'.$products['l_name'].' '; // echo 'value::'.$products['wartosc'].' '; echo '############## '; //break; }
  17. hello (P_ - prestashop_) I have porblem with join table. I want join p_product with p_features and p_features_lang and p_features_value_lang. i make: SELECT p.id_product,pl.name AS p_name, pl.link_rewrite, fp.id_feature_value AS f_name, fl.name AS fl_name FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product p LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang pl ON (p.id_product = pl.id_product) INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_product fp ON (p.id_product = fp.id_product) INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang fl ON (fp.id_feature = fl.id_feature) here is all ok but i want some like that fl.name = fvl.value ( for all feature what i create, where fvl is p_feature_value_lang) for example: name product: cap feature: size = 10 height = 20 sezon = winter ... please help
  18. http://karexline.com/ polecam się do zrobienia stron ; )
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