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  1. Witam, poszukuje dobrych programistów do prestashop. Zapewniam stałe zlecenia i dobre wynagrodzenie !!! Do wykonania będą moduły / integracje i przeróbki u docelowych klientów. Osoby chętne proszę o kontakt na info [at] egzyl.pl
  2. o tworzenie modułów / integracji / wdrażanie szablonów do prestashop. indywidualne rzeczy i wycena już drogą mailową.
  3. witam, poszukuje osób znających dobrze prestashop do stałej współpracy - osoby zainteresowane proszę o kontakt na PRIV.
  4. chce napisać taki moduł na polski rynek bo mam kilka zapytań ale może mi ktoś powiedzieć co ten moduł daje ? rozumiem że trzeba stworzyć plik XML produktów specjalnie pod to tak? czy coś jeszcze bo nigdzie nie moge znelść dobrych infomacji.... Jakub prestahelp.com
  5. a miał ktoś problem że po powrocie na sklep przechodziło i link: domena.pl/modules/przelewy24/validation_prestashop_ok.php była jako biała strona i pokazywało że brak funcji o.0 dodałem je nawet w tym pliku i nic wersja -.-
  6. whats code must copy - now have always offline chat .. ;< i find generate script and pass it but still have always offline img what i add in module
  7. look at my portfolio: www.greenpage.pl/portfolio and my shop with addons to prestashop www.prestahelp.com my skype: jakub_gzyl
  8. The module of the poll thanks to which you will be could know answers to questions you would like to inflict which on their customers in relation to action of the shop as well as the appearance! The module has: - service of many tongues, every the question/reply can be in a few languages - option letting vote only with person log on - option of placing the duration of auction (until when day, month, hour) - not a limited quantity of poll - not a limited quantity of questions in 1 poll - adding the picture to the poll - possibility of the edition of the survey at any time - possibility of adding the additional question while lasting the poll - two types of poll: repeated (checkbox) of choice as well as single (radio button) - graphical presenting of results to the customer of the shop (overloading results in technologi AJAX) - option include/disconnect poll - working on the version 1.3 and 1.4 link: http://prestahelp.co...-sonda-pro.html
  9. i have module when u can add to all category diffrent css for example: category 1 = red.css category 2 = yellow.css category 2.1 = pink.css category 2.2 = green.css if u add to main category css all children have the same css to as long as you won't change for them alone
  10. look here http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/56-zaawansowana-wyszukiwarka.html its resolve ur problem and wronk in 1.3 and 1.4 FINE!
  11. send me email with domian where u install that module i must generate license, i find 1 bug and to evening i fixed it
  12. yes tommorrow will be add paypal
  13. Offer your customers to make purchases in your e-shop through auctions. Let them feel like the allegro and pay as much as the bidder for the selected products. Thanks to acquire merchandise at attractive prices and will go back to your store knowing that they always pay as much as the bidder. Be better than the competition, go out to meet the expectations of your customers. Let them feel the winner the auction. its avaliable here: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/83-modul-aukcji.html Module compatible with the version 1.3 and 1.4 options of the module: BO: - adding auction of the product -- placing the duration of auction (option of the calendar) -- placing a reserve price -- placing the minimum price -- ajax choice of products - edition of auction of the product -- possibility of amending of the minimum price -- possibility of amending of a reserve price -- change of finishing auction -- possibility desaktywowania of auction at that particular moment - monitoring of auction -- tracking conquering auction by customers -- possibility dismissing a given person with the offer - placing additional -- showing the unlimited amount of auction of products in the block to the right or on the left FO: - auction of the product -- they can take the participation only log on persons -- showing the current price -- showing the remaining time for finishing auction -- information about whether the obtained minimum price stayed - mail -- sent information to the customer about piercing his offer -- sent infromacja about the end sie of auction even if the person didn't win -- sent information to the person which won auctions -- sent information to the administrator from finishing auction (who won, for how much bought the product, number of auction) - additions -- showing auction of products in left or for right hand column
  14. its interesting i think i shuld add choose atribute for example cliced add to bascet to pasced ipod - show me popup then i choose atribute and quantity and then i cklic add to bascet if u have that send me priv
  15. send me PW and i give u acces to demo. now is in to languae polish and english if u need difrent language we can make it for u. add gallery to this module
  16. Do you want to shine in the Internet selling your assortment? This template will help you with it! This template will help you with it, is modern and is riveting the attention of the customer what he causes that isn't resigning from the shop within a few seconds but is staying for a long time! Don't waste time and be better than the competition order the template super and develop on the online market! Price of the template it is only net 149 €! He is entering the price of the template: - rotator of banners on the main page, - module of rewound novelties in the left column, - module of rewound promotions in the left column, - rotator of products from the given category on the main page Available template at the address: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/81-szablon-zabawki.html
  17. The template of the online shop in which it is possible to sell jewellery, watches, accessories among others and exclusive, high quality products. Template have: - top menu - bestsale (5 items) - slider bannerów (3) - block manufacture - block information - module special on homepage if u want that template in ur language send me PW its not problem to change!!! in shop here: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/79-szablon-bizuteria.html demo: http://bizuterie.prestasite.pl/
  18. I welcome, today I have a new module of the filtration of Ajax products for presenting, the Module is filtering after: - for price - features - attributes - manufacture- categories - and other elements of the product. If interested cie write the module to me will show you the demo! link to module: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/80-filtrowanie.html
  19. hi, I have a template for offering about the subject matter of the electronics engineer, friendly for the eye, neat and very practical. You like the template don't drag off already today hire him!! template i s here: http://prestahelp.com/lang-en/74-szablon-elektronika.html
  20. in tpl {$your_items|@print_r} show u all what u have in your_item
  21. change it in theme not in the PA because there u can have only JPG...
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