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  1. You say 1.3.10 but the last update to PayPal USA is 1.3.9 so where did you get 1.3.10, Hi, I got this from another post in April by "papagino". Thank you for the info on European module. I had read there was the same problem with it too?
  2. Hello - is anyone else having this issue?
  3. Hi, I am using PayPalUSA 1.3.10 on PrestaShop version I am having a problem on return from PayPal. The cart remains with the order. When the page is refreshed manually, the cart empties, but the order is still not showing up. I cleared the cache in the BO and went back to my account order status and then the order with the download link showed up. I would appreciate any assistance in getting this corrected, PLEASE!! I'm afraid to go "live" with orders not showing up in customer accounts! Many thanks! Brenda
  4. Thank you. I changed my php version to 5.6 though the home page still shows the older version? I have submitted a support ticket to check this. Linux version is Cent OS6. I am not using APC or Memchache or XCache. The last setting is File. Memory limit is 256mb. Thank you! Brenda
  5. This is what I find on A2 Hosting CPanel php-version 5.3.29 memory-limit physical 1024 mb, virtual 8192 mb mysql version 5.6.23-cll-lve linux version ?? cache in use smarty? (File) Is there something else I need? They are very easy to work with and I think will be willing to help. Thank you kindly for your reply. Brenda
  6. Yes, I am able to add categories with no problem. But the buttons never stop spinning allowing me to save what I have added to the first screen. When I try to move on to the next screen and add the price, I get a message that I must save before I can add a price! Any ideas? Thank you! Brenda
  7. Hi, I just started a new install for my site using after deleting the version. I used Softaculous on my hosting site, which this host is supposed to be optimized for PrestaShop. I cannot save my products (which are downloadable files only) as the save and save and stay buttons are all spinning! If I am unable to save products, I have to be able to save my products. Please help!! Thank you! Brenda
  8. Is there a fix for this? I'm having the same problem! Thanks, Brenda
  9. I'm having the same issue with and PayPal USA 1.3.9. I would appreciate an update if anyone can figure it out! I sell downloadable products only. Thanks so much! Brenda
  10. Is there a solution for the new issues with PayPal?
  11. Thank you! This took care of the 400 errors and the shop seems to be working now. Now if I can get the Newsletter Pro module with the 500 error working I will be a happy camper! Thanks for your assistance. I will check out the Prestools Suite. Regards, Brenda
  12. I changed hosts and the new host migrated my shop for me. They say everything is working fine on their end. When I go to the site http://songbirdsdesigns.com I get a 404 error attached. The host says this is the problem: "It appears something may be incorrectly configured with your .htaccess which is why you are receiving 404 errors. " Can anyone guide me in getting my shop back up? I am currently running, but want to upgrade to When I tried to do that I get a 500 error?? I'm totally lost! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just to get it working before upgrading would be wonderful!! Thank, Brenda
  13. Any idea as to what the problem might be? Thanks! Brenda
  14. Hi, I am trying to upgrade from version to the current version using the one-click upgrade. I get an internal server error each time I even try to delete and re-install one-click upgrade. I've contacted my host and they have increased the php to the max allowed and still get the same error message. They say it has something to do with "classes." I do have this same problem with another module that used to work and now doesn't when I try to configure it. Am I doing something wrong? I have my shop in maintenance mode now. I sell downloadable products only and each product can have multiple combinations from which to choose. I will attach a snip from the chat below. In my configuration information I notice that two files are missing: psadmin/autoupgrade/index.php psadmin/autoupgrade/backup/index.php Could this be the problem? If so, how do I get those files back? Any assistance would be appreciated. I am hoping that upgrading will be the answer to the problem . . . if only I can do that! Thanks, Brenda
  15. Thank you! I had forgotten about that product. I did use it on my previous site! Thanks, Brenda
  16. Can anyone please tell me how to create a block in my footer to display my SiteLock Secure code in Thanks! Brenda
  17. Hi, My customers get an error message when trying to create an account. There is no place for state and zip code. Any help would be appreciated. I am using Thank you!
  18. Thank you, Mickeyboy1! That worked perfectly...as long as my screen is full screen, and I am using Chrome. However...when I decrease the screen size, the header and footer are shifted to the left and when I tested in IE and Firefox they were the same way on both full screen and decreased screen size. Is there a way to make them "stick" (for lack of a better word!) with the body? Thank you!
  19. Hi All, I am using version and would like to change the header and footer a bit. Here is a screen shot of what I want to do. I want to do the same for the footer. I'm not sure which code to modify and how! Thanks for any assistance, Brenda
  20. Thank you, I will give this a try. And thank you very much for the tutorials you do. They really help! I am wondering what your thoughts are with just the background picture in the body element and then making the other three elements slightly transparent. Do you think that would work if I can figure out how to make them transparent?! Thanks, Brenda
  21. Hi, I would like to modify the default theme to include a background photo that will cover the entire background on a large computer screen and instead of the white background for the center, I would like a transparent light colored background. I have added a picture that shows what I would like to do. Please forgive my crude highlighting!! I know this is done in the global css file but I'm not sure exactly which elements to change. Thanks for any help you can give. I am new to version 1.6 and it is great but different!! Plus I am having to rebuild my website from the ground up and I really want to make it special! Also, is there a way to remove the column that has information in the footer of the default template? Thanks! Brenda
  22. I tried that and then get a "controller not found" when I open PrestaShop back office. Then when I click Modules I get this message. "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log." Since I am in first stages, I have asked the hosting company to delete the current version of PrestaShop and I will try a reinstall, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Brenda
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