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  1. Have tried applying multiple products as featured on the home page using a supplied template. Several of the products are not aligning properly in that one entry is forming its own row with four others on another row with a space left over. Hard to explain exactly. Have 20 total products targeted wtih a desire to get them to line up in a grid of 5 columns and 4 rows. Any suggestions on how to rectify this issue without going into code?
  2. Have tried configuring the UPS portion of the Shipping Module and have received the following error code and short explanation upon submitting the configuration information as a query: Error 110950 : Customer Classification Code is required with the requested Pickup Type UPS Technical Support indicated this is a problem to be solved within Prestashop. Any suggestions on what to try as a solution?
  3. Have created a detailed product description document using Word. When using the cut & paste feature in the administration module, much of the formattting (indentation, table layout, bullets, etc.) are lost or not displayed accurately. Is there a way to preformat and copy text and tables into the product description to avoid having to reformat the text once it has been inserted?
  4. I am working with a preformatted template them and would like to modify the layout/content. Need to perform simple changes like store logo, photo's, button labels, etc. Can I use a feeware program like Gimpshop as opposed to purchasing Photoshop to accomplish these changes/edits?
  5. The template design I purchased had a number of misc. products shown which I have since deleted. How do I change the product numbers for the new products to start at the number 1 (and so forth)?
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