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  1. I just made the switch over to Prestashop from OScommerce and I'm looking back. Sooooo much easier. One lil speed bump I just ran into was the subcategories. I'm selling hardware upgrades for Mac computers. The categories would look something like this: Intel iMac Upgrades -iMac 3.06Ghz Core 2 Duo -iMac 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo -iMac 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo Macbook/Macbook Pro -Macbook 1.8GHz -Macbook 2.0GHz Each series of computer has about 20+ models associated with a total of about 150 models. A list of 150 computers in the left-hand category box would be way too many. Plus the description would be too long for that category box as the text would wrap for 2-3 lines. How can I disable the subcategories from appearing in the left-hand categories nav box? I still want the subcategory models to show up in the body as results. Thank you soooo much for your help. Happy selling!
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