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  1. Batch download module was the problem, did all kind of strange things.. SOLVED
  2. Hi Prestashoppers, I have some problems with my site, if I want to register as a costumer, I can't specify a separate invoice address. There is no checkbox for different addresses. On checkout I can't choose between different addresses for delivery and invoicing. I can put the data in the fields and the two addresses are made, but it isn't processed properly. Also on the invoice address field in onepagecheckout the company and vatnumber fields are not shown. I have the same problem with another website, different download of prestashop package, but same version. PS Please help, Thanks in advance! Kind regards Bart
  3. jgullstr, You are a genius! Works like a charm, thanks a lot for helping me out!! Kind regards Bart
  4. In the new_order.html template there is a variable called {message}, which displays the message given by the customer. I want to display this message {message} also in the order_conf.html which is send to the customer. When I put this variable in the email template it doesn't display the message, just {message}, how can I fix this? Any help would be apprecitaed! Thanks in advance Kind regards Bart
  5. aha found it in AdminAddressesController.php, the problem was that in all translations it uses the string "address (2)", except on this page in the back office it only uses the string "address" and the (2) is hardcoded in the php file. Hardcoded my translation in there Too bad the translations are managed differently between bo and front, fix for next version? SOLVED
  6. Hi Vekia, Thanks again, this is where I want to edit the translation (see screenshot) Thanks in advance Bart
  7. Hi Vekia, Thanks for the fast answer, in the front end it was easy (through localization->translation in the backoffice), but in the backoffice I don't seem to be able to find the translation for it. Is there a .tpl file for this so I can hardcode it?(maybe that is a solution?). If yes, where can I find it? Thanks in advance
  8. When I go into the backoffice and go to customers->addresses->edit selected address: I want to edit translation for "address (2)". I searched for the translation in localization->translation->all avaiable sections + all files in the "lang" folder,but I can't seem to find this specific one. Some help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance! Kind regards Bart
  9. Hi, I want to add a discount to a specific product to a specific group, when this product is ordered I want this discount foreach of the products: 5 phones -> 5 times discount. I thought I had it with "cart rules", but when I order 5 items it only shows the discount once. Is there a way to fix this? PS: it seems that when you choose a % it gives a discount to all the products, bu if you select an amount it only gives it once, this seems a bug to me? Thanks in advance! kind regards Bart
  10. Hi tdr170, thanks for the advice! But those are set up properly. I asked elpatron to help me, he showed me that with new accounts there is no problem, therefore his reaction. Though I don't find this is a solution, I would be eager to know how this is possible. It seems this isue is displayed only in one account, an account that was completely deleted and then recreated (aacount was already there and was moved with server transfer and then deleted by one of the admins as no longer necessary, I needed to adjust some things adn therfore recreated the account with that emailaddress ). With that account it displays the tax as 0,0. Now when I make a new account the problem isn't there anymore and the tax shows up just fine in the cart. Both the accounts have the same group applied and the same country. (Tax rules apply to all zip codes). Something really weird going on. I hope the problem is gone now, but I'm still curious to know why it doesn't work with that certain account. Kind regards Bart
  11. Anyone? This is a big problem for me, anybody from Prestashop knowing what may cause this? Please help!
  12. Hi guys, I'm using ps 1.5.3 When I add products to cart the tax doesn't display. - I have Localization->taxes :tax enabled + tax in cart enabled -I have a tax added to my product (these taxes are added standard by ps install), and it calculates properly. But still no display on front office. - I have a "this tax only" for the entire country. -I ahve groeps tax included, but that doesn't change a thing when I change this Please help, Thanks in advance Kind regards Bart
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for the quick reply! You probably mean :lacalization ->translations ->Modify translations->installed module translations which I found after some browsing for translations Thanks again!
  14. Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I installed a module which displays the categories on frontpage. The module works great after tweeking the image path. When I change my language the categories tile isn't translated. Could somebody help me to have this working in multilingual webshop? Now it states this in the .tpl file: <h4>{l s='Categories' mod='homecategories'}</h4> thanks in advance! kind regards Bart
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