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  1. Hello all, I am dealing with a bug issue that I cannot seem to get any assistance on and I have looked everywhere on the forum and the internet for an answer. Currently using PS and the Presto-Changeo UPS shipping module and I seem to be having a .php issue with the way the subtotal and free shipping are calculating in the cart. I have set a threshold of free shipping at a specific dollar amount and it is working correctly, however, when products are added to the cart that are below the minimum threshold for free shipping it does not allow for free shipping and calculates shipping correctly. Once you add a zip code that requires taxes to be collected it adds the taxes to the subtotal pushing the dollar amount over the threshold and giving the customer free shipping even though they did not hit the product dollar amount minimum allowed amount for free shipping. I have reached out directly to Presto-Changeo for support on this as it is their module and only received a generalized response. It is causing a great deal of problems for the store and I need to get it corrected. Has anyone dealt with this before or has a solution/workaround for the problem? It seems like a pretty simple thing that was overlooked during the development phase that many of us have had to deal with. Hopefully someone has some input on fixing this or I just give up. I have looked and tried making .php function changes without success.
  2. Hello all, I am currently on PS build and I am having a problem with my product pages and discounts displaying properly. At first I experienced an issue where my product combinations will not apply the percent discount under Specific Prices and "Add a New Specific Price" to my second or third product combinations and would not display the reduction_percentage and old_price on the product page without having the Specific Price percentage reduction applied to the first product combination. No amount of changes to any of the second and third product combinations made the reduction_percentage and old_price display on the product page so I did some more digging. I don't want to have to create a fake product combination percentage reduction on the first product combination to get the real ones to apply to the second and third product combinations so I started digging around in the product.tpl file for a root cause. I have located the portion of the file that appears to control the reduction_percentage and the old_price around line 267 and coded out the class="hidden" for the old_price portion as well as the style="display:none;" and now the strikethrough shows with the old price but I still cannot get the percentage discount to show. When I removed out the style="display:none;" from the reduction_percentage line of code on line 268 no matter what I do I cannot get the changes to reflect on the front end of the website. When inspecting the live code the old_price changes show live but the reduction_percentage line of code still shows style="display:none;" and no changes I make have any effect on this. I can toggle the display:none; element on and off with my developer tools and it shows properly then disappears upon refreshing the page. Is there another file that controls the reduction_percentage style="display:none;" element that needs to be overriden somewhere else? I have even gone as far as to add a !important tag to the .css file for those element and still no override occurs. I am going crazy trying to track this down and need help! J Dub product.tpl
  3. Hello all, I am having problems with updated my template files to change my default product list view from "List" to "Grid" view. I have updated the global.js and product-list.tpl files under my themexxx directories, cleared the cache for PS and all browsers, changed the performance settings to not allow caching and still the changes will not update. Are there other files that need to be changed to make the list to grid view go live? Thank you in advance. J Dub
  4. PS 1.6 Hook Move Question

    Did a bit of .php coding and made it so the blockspecials.php functions in the homepage when transplanting the module, but I still cannot get it to display in the space the blockfacebook module is at the bottom of the page. Not having any luck even creating individual functions and calling them to display separately from the Specials block module either. If I disable the Facebook Like Module the two blocks of Custom CMS text look out of place. Any ideas anyone or has anyone replaced this module with another? Thanks. J Dub
  5. Hello all, I am needing to move a few hooks around and I wanted to get the proper procedure on doing so. Currently, the website has a Facebook Live Like Box (social block) at the bottom of the page in the CMS block and I want to replace this with the Specials block. How would I go about doing this? Would it be in the positions portion? I am not entirely sure the procedure on doing this and I do not want to cause any issues. Thank you in advance. J Dub
  6. Hello all, This is the code that is being displayed no matter what I do. It is displaying the number6 slide first with the "bx-clone" portion of the code after it, and repeating at the end of slide six with number1 bx-clone. I am assuming this is to repeat the infinite loop of slides, but I have never experienced this issue prior to this evening. Thanks. J Dub
  7. Hello all, Recently my PS 1.6 Home Slider (v1.6.0) has been acting strange. No updates have been performed on the module or changes to the website in general. However, there are two very distinct issues that are making the slider act strangely. The first issue is with the drag and drop feature in the back end for updating slider positions no longer work. Monitoring the error through my developer console kicks back the following error: index.php?controller=AdminModules&token=2252b0f…&configure=homeslider&tab_m…:1 Mixed Content: The page at 'https://mydomain.com/index.php?controller=AdminM…nfigure=homeslider&tab_module=front_office_features&module_name=homeslider' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint 'http://mydomain.com/modules/homeslider/ajax_homeslider.php?secure…123456789012345676890?secure_key=123456789012345676890'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. No changes have been made to the website that would have caused this error to propagate that I am aware of. I am logging in via HTTPS protocols like normal and never experienced this issue before now. Because of this I cannot update my slides as I have added a new slide that needs to be first. With that said, I have gone through and redid my slides and added my new slide first and all of the other slides 2-6 as they were before (only 1-5 position). The second issue I am dealing with is no matter what I do, clear the cache, clear the browser cache, turn on force compile, turn off cache mode, has worked and slide 6 is always coming up as slide 1 even though in the Home Slider module back end it shows properly as 1-6. Looking at my developer options as this occurs is kicking back this bit of code each time: <li class="homeslider-container number6 bx-clone" style="float: left; list-style: none; position: relative; width: 1170px;"> Where as the first slide is displaying this bit of code below it: <li class="homeslider-container number1" style="float: left; list-style: none; position: relative; width: 1170px;"> With the proper ending to the 6 slides coding as: <li class="homeslider-container number1 bx-clone" style="float: left; list-style: none; position: relative; width: 1170px;"> I cannot for the life of my figure out these issues, or why the bx-clone functionality is propagating number6 first with number1 following number6 slide at the end of the sequence. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cannot figure out what the issue is. Thanks. J Dub
  8. Hello Jose2250, Yes I did in fact figure it out but I never posted a response. I apologize for that. It turns out the module was updated (theme configurator) and it was causing the issue. I simply uninstalled it and reinstalled it with the last previous working version (v0.8) and reinstated my HTML content, placed the bits accordingly in the layout, and it worked again. Also, keep in mine some special characters can cause issues with this as well and will reject the formatting for whatever reason. Post up your specific issue and we can work through it together. I know how frustrating it can be. Thanks! JDub
  9. Birthday required in signup

    Thank you for posting this up! I was going crazy trying to link the two together and as it turns out it is the AuthController.php file addition under the controllers/front folder that did the trick. I am also adding in a minimum registered birthday of 18 years and older for other reasons. Any idea where the error message "birthday is invalid" when no birthday is selected or is under 18 years or older is located? I have gone through and made the changes for the birth year so it works but the error message is not correct. Thanks. JDub
  10. The issue is any of the Theme Configurator HTML "Optional HTML code" sections. If I touch any of the remaining working HTML blocks it removes the formatting and puts as plain text on the website. This is driving me absolutely insane. Does anyone have a solution? JDub
  11. Does anyone have any idea why the Theme Configurator HTML is not keeping? I had this all working just fine then all of the sudden it will not keep any HTML formatting. Anyone? JDub
  12. Anyone have any input on this issue? Thanks. JDub
  13. Hey everyone, as of this morning I am having a weird bug that popped up out of nowhere. My site has been functioning just fine for nearly a year now and this morning for some reason my HTML code under the "Add Item" for the Theme Configurator module with the hook_home configuration has gotten rid of all of the HTML styling. It is now just plain text without any styling and going into my custom block 1-3 and reentering the HTML styling does nothing. If I open my dev console in Chrome and input it there it shows properly so its not the coding, but it appears to be a weird issue with PS. Now after I have input the HTML code (tried many different configurations with/without div class tags, etc.) and click save my front end displays plain text and the back end HTML portion removes all the styling and displays the input font with nonsense tags. Has anyone experienced this, or has a solution? This was all working fine up until this morning. I have gone into the hook.tpl file under theme configurator looking for a solution without any luck. I have attached images for you all to take a look over. I am on PS currently. Thanks in advance. JDub