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  1. Hi, When i use addjQuery in my FrontController.php in override, the global.css link goes away from my document! this is how my FrontController.php looks like: <?php class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore { public function setMedia() { $this->addJquery('1.9.1'); } } ?> Although the override itselt seems to be working fine and jquery updates to 1.9.1. Does anyone know what's the problem here?
  2. It's before that... when i apply changes in blocklayered.php i get this error in my error_log: [17-Feb-2013 03:38:58] PHP Fatal error: Class 'Dispatcher' not found in /home/mydirectory/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.php on line 2223 and site won't load.
  3. Is there any similiar solution for 1.4.9 ? i tried this on 1.4.9 , but script didn't load anything..
  4. That's indeed very helpful. thanks alot Paul. I may go with your first solution, as it's neat and closer to what i had in mind. I'll work on it and post the results here soon.
  5. Hello everyone. this is my first post here in prestashop forum, so first i want to thank everybody involving and contributing to this great project which i think by far is the best eCommerce solution. That said, i have a problem to solve and i need your advice. This is my first time developing a prestashop theme and my client asked me to create a widget on top of the site to filter the list of products by some of their specifications. Obviously what i need first is a html form. i feel confident enough to fetch data from database and create such a form, but what i'm not sure is where to send this form ? Do i have to create a php file to fetch the products ? Does products.php have support for GET or POST requests (as a built-in feature) ? Or is there a plugin to make this work easier ? Thanks for any help in advance.
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