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  1. Hi, I would like to ask how i can manage, that i will have same ORDER and INVOICE numbers. As i searched, i see that i have to modify code in Order.php and probably getLastInvoiceNumber Maybe i will have also change database table not to autoincrement - right? Can you please give me example how to do it using overrides? Thank you very much
  2. This is not functional for me (PS 1.6.14) - when i set order in status "shipped", than i have blank white screen. I have read almost all the threads at prestashop forums and i have not found a solution to add {products} to order statuses i want to... why i cannot simply use order_conf_product_list.tpl by calling in any .html ? Or better how i can achieve this - please.
  3. Hello, i would like to ask if i can set invoice issue date to order state. For example we are using state "Prepared for shipping" and in this state we are printing the invoices. But invoices have bad issue date because when they have beent placed by customers, goods were not in stock. So the due date is also wrong if we expedite it after a week and due date for invoice is set to a week. How can i manage this please?
  4. Hello, I would like to ask you for extending your solution. I am using Prestashop 1.5.6 with products combinations. So for one product with ID 18 for example i have 3 supplier_references and i would like to see all of them in product list and best way to show them also in search list. Thank you very much
  5. Hello all, i have been looking for solution, but nothing appeared before my eyes... Please, is there any possibility to add font in editor, so that user can change the default ones to those, predefined in CSS. For example mine customer is using Segoe UI in whole template, but in editor there is not listed Segoe UI. Please help...
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