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  1. Thank You for this nice module, I bought it today and found some bugs. 1. - The images does not appear on savedcart page. I fugured out that the smarty variable $product.id_image is set to default. 2. - There is missing a line with delivery fee. My version of PS is Please fix this issues
  2. The product has a supplier, but also has a "supplier reference"...it is the unique identifier of the product. If I have a product named PRODUCT1 available in black, white, green, my supplier has a unique identifier of the three colours(product supplier reference). I just vant to search by these unique IDs.
  3. I do not. The canonical module is uninstalled since i discovered how buggy it is. I just need to redirect the wrong URLs already indexed by search engines. This funktionality is included in version 1.2.2 of this module, but works not for me. Marián
  4. First of all, thank you for this avesome module. I have received the new version from you in hope it redirects the wrong URLs generated by a buggy Cannonical module, but it does not because i made a mistake. I changed my prefered domain ower time and the cannonical module produced URLs like this: http://www.mydomain.com/cat/mydomain.com/cat/product.html can you post please a fix for me? thank you
  5. I figured out how to change the Search.php class to be able to search in FO by supplier reference, but i am not able to do the same with supplier reference of product combinations. Is there a solution for this? I searched the forum...unsuccesfull Thanks
  6. zdravim, Stiahol som tych 12 skriptov, upravil pre prestu 1.3 a zaktualizoval strukturu XML podla najnovsich specifikacii. Slovencina je pod ID 3 a feedy by mali byt ulozene v modules/modulporovnavace dakujem povodnemu autorovi. slovenske_porovnavace.zip
  7. Works for me like YaKs said. I am running 1.3.2. thanks for help! marian
  8. Ahojte, Nainštaloval som si nový modul blockcategory, ktorý prepísal default modul blockcategorya nie ten v mojej téme. Modul funguje korektne, ale chcel by som nan aplikovat css z mojej temy. Moja otazka: Ako prinutim PS, aby použil modul z temy namiesto defautlneho, resp. preco to nerobi? vopred Dakujem za odpoved
  9. :red: Ok, zmazte to prosim, uz som sa k tomu doklikal.
  10. Priklad: Predavam tricka. Modre, Zelene a Cervene Kazde tricko je v databaze pod vlastnym ID a vlastnym ID dodavatela. Vo FE zobrazim len jedno z nic a nadefinujem mu kombinacie farba:Modra, farba:Zelena, farba:Cervena. Chcel by som vlastnost farba prepojit s ID konkretnych triciek, aby som mal v objednavke presne definovane id dodavatela . A mozno by bolo fajn, keby sa pri vybere farby tricka menil aj obrazok. Co vy na to ? Dakujem
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