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  1. Im on PayPal USA & Canada 1.3.2, no such check box. Should I switch back?
  2. We started on Presta (IIRC) and at that time the PayPal module had a check box for "authorize and capture". We were having some problems with PP, so Presta had us upgrade to the latest version of the module. However, this version no longer has the "authorize and capture" check box. When I asked, support claimed it never did have it. So was I imagining this? And if not, is there some way to get it back? Is this something that can be done on the PP side, or does it always require support on the PS end?
  3. So this is basically a perfect example of what I mean by confusing. Running SQL commands to set up my taxes is NOT acceptable.
  4. Right, so why are there individual rules for every state, province and everything else? And once I have set up the rules I want, do I need to apply them o my 600+ products one by one? And which rule do I apply?
  5. Great list! Here, let's try this… 1) Do you collect taxes for every order? Yes 2) Do you have some products that are exempt from tax No 3) Do you pay or collect tax on shipping Yes. 4) Do you collect tax only in the State that you operate in? Country. 5) Do you collect tax only when the shipping address resides in the State that you operate in Country, yes. 6) Do you need to collect different tax rates based on the location of the shipping address (ie. Zipcode 1=5% and Zipcode 2=8%) There are three rules, in Ontario, out of Ontario but in Canada, out of Canada.
  6. I find the entire system of taxes and tax rules very confusing. I've read the documents and still can't say I really understand how it is supposed to work. It would seem that I should have lots of taxes and perhaps only one tax rule. Right? But I have just as many rules as taxes, one for each locations. In fact, it's not clear why I have any rules, shouldn't the only rule be "shipping address", and new rules only required for special cases? And why is this selected in the product? Perhaps this is just my server, but in order to get any taxes to apply I have to select the rule in each and every product? This makes no sense whatsoever. Am I missing the whole idea? Or is the tax system as confusing as it seems to be?
  7. Ok, I may be reading this incorrectly, but it appears to have something to do with this: suPHP_ConfigPath /home/almace5/public_html I understand that this file causes the php.ini file to become recursive. Which seems to suggest that something in my php.ini file is causing this problem. The only thing I changed in that file was the max_vars, to 2500.
  8. Ok, resetting my .htaccess to default fixed that… Stranger and stranger.
  9. More information: This seems to be related to caching, although I don't know what. I hit "clear smarty cache" and now the entire site is blank again. I turned on "Force compilation" and turned off Cache, but that does not help. It seems that the site is trying to draw pages from the cache, but the pages do not exist in the cache. Can anyone imagine why this would happen?
  10. On further investigation this appears to happen everywhere on the site - categories show subcategories but no product listings, there is no template in the page only the text, etc. Manufacturers are also blank. Oddly, the site map works, as does the CMS pages. I suspect some sort of module mis-match, but I'm not running much on this machine. Only customcontent and a blogging module. Any advice anyone?
  11. Ok, the problem is back, but now it is "one level down". Go to the front office: http://biz144.inmotionhosting.com/~almace5/ Select any product to View. I get a blank page.
  12. This is very strange. I was gone for about three hours, and then magically came back. My local browser cached the "gone" version, but looking in Firefox, there it was. Worried about this, but crossing fingers…
  13. I am running a server in english and mexican-spanish here: http://biz144.inmotionhosting.com/~almace5/ Over the last two days I have been working on adding more string translations. There were only a few dozen changes and nothing odd. In order to make this work we had to adjust the php.ini to allow more variables, first to 1500, and then to 2500. I also did a Smart cache clear (I don't recall why, some screen suggested it). That's *it*, I made no other changes Some time during this process my front office "disappeared", it now consists of nothing other than a blank body and a single empty style tag in the header. I have restored my public_html from a known working copy. This had no effect. The back office continues to work fine. Can anyone offer even the slightest clue what might be going on?!
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