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  1. I have the latest version. I went ahead uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no good looks like it gets about half way and just doesn't finish what its trying to do.
  2. When I try to generate a sitemap using the google sitemap module it never works. Doesn't even time out just seems as if its trying to do something, but doesn't. I am running 1.5.4 and have only about 180 products, 6 categories and 18 subcategories.
  3. It took a little more time that way, but with the html editor was no issue at all. Was a little quicker before being able to change in back shop, but no biggie. Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. I can use my ftp program then I guess, ha didn't really think of that just will have to look at them in translations then edit in ftp. I will let you know if it works without issues.
  5. Yeah the default color is okay, but still some parts in order emails are still pink instead of my color green. So I was trying to edit color in html of email template. Also change some of the wording etc.
  6. Getting this error "Cannot write language file for email subjects" While trying to modify colors in the email templates it won't save something wrong with pathway. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this? "themes/default/mails/en/lang.php"
  7. Is this module not compatible with I installed it and it only shows cuber image in front office. Nothing changes when adjusting settings.
  8. https://www.website.com/quick-order It's showing secure, yet doesn't show the lock in browser.
  9. https://www.website.com/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php?token=EC-1B135476DW250623C&PayerID=XGUNMV6558K8E When confirming order in PayPal instead of going to confirmation page it gets stuck here. I tried to turn on auto return in PayPal to different url that didn't work either. Status never changes to payment accepted either.
  10. Yeah the didn't iron out the kinks very well for the upgrade they needed some guinea pigs for that. It wasn't fun doing the reinstall.
  11. I copied the link to try to get access the same page where the files are located and it wouldnt let me without logging in. Yes that was in the browser also reset my cache to try same one.
  12. What is an example of the link are you speaking of? Links to my downloads are in the "http://mywebsite.com/order-history" I tried to see if that happens on my site and no problem with it. However, because I ran into so many problems with the upgrade I did a clean install and it solved all the problems except the emails. Fortunately I was able to import all the product data through .csv file to make it a little easier to get it going again. I edited the paypal confirmation page to instruct them to go there account and download below in my orders. Also changed reinsurance images and words to instruct something similar also.
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