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  1. could you test my site please?

    Yes but I can't open the header.tpl
  2. could you test my site please?

    yes, I try, but i don't now how to do fix
  3. could you test my site please?

    Thanks but is my first time with prestashop and i'm leaning how to work with this. I don't find the way to fix the header position with the tutorial help of perfumeskunk user I don't know why the products don't have Vat in the price About the default theme I want to buy one. Thanks splash_info and perfumeskunk for your help.
  4. could you test my site? www.sbkiteboarding.com/shop thanks
  5. HELP - register new costumer

    how can i know the 50 countrys i have delete?
  6. HELP - register new costumer

    yes it work no SQL is that possible to have again all countrys if i upgrade to the new 1.5.4
  7. HELP - register new costumer

    HI THanks for your help yes i have by mistake i have delete the first 50 countries !!!!!!!! is that possible to replace again our do i need to insert again one by one?
  8. Hi I have done my website www.sbkiteboarding.com in January 2013 and i don't receive much orders since that time, and now i receive some emails from clients saying that they try to register in my website to place a order and is impossible to register, because they can’t insert the country for registering. WHAT I'M DOING WRONG? HOW CAN I FIX IT Thanks