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  1. I fixed the issue. for me it was themes > mytheme > tools > statesmanagement.js. Changed it with the statesmanagement.js from default theme. maybe see if this works for you.
  2. LOL. Yea im on mac so when these IE problems happens its like damn. only browser to make my life miserable. I appreciate you walking me through this though. sparked ideas of things to try. I think I'm close to narrowing down what file is causing an issue
  3. it happens in IE 8 and 9. haven't tried 7 (people still use it?). I didn't change the address format but ill go check to make sure its default.
  4. it works in default theme. i just tested it on the test server. And I can get the state field to appear with changing css id_state{display:block} but it doesn't dsiplay the state information from the database, every country shows as no states. maybe a problem with javascript??
  5. Im using prestashop 1.5.3 that wont work for me as it's not the default theme, but I seen more than one person having the same issues.
  6. Hi! I have serious problem. User can't select state/province, no field, and then gives error must select province (no where to put it in). Only happens in internet explorer and works perfect in chrome. And in IE the Identification number field is still there. I hid it in the other browsers. website is www.bikersalley.ca
  7. ok so it works if i change the image names to large_default. upload. then change the image names back to large_themename (large, small, im just saying large because thats the main image im doing) this is obviously annoying to keep doing over and over.. any ideas how to fix this so im annoyance free?
  8. prestashop 1.5.3 when i upload a pictures to a new product (after upload to 1.5.3 from 1.5.1) it wont display the image and gives a broken link. if i change large_themename to large_default in "preferences > images" it fixes the backoffice and displays but still gives wrong link in front end. when i look at google chrome dev code, picture is named by a number then large_default, this should be number then large_themename. if i dont leave it large_themename there is a bug in Internet explorer and wont show images, so large_default is not an option. What is going on here? ****** UPDATE ****** I renamed the link (development tools google chrome) and works if I change the link to from mydomain.com/img/156-large_default.jpg to mydomain.com/img/156-large_themename.jpg. every other image works using mydomain.com/img/156-large_default.jpg. if i dont leave the image name to large_themename it wont display images on interner explorer. something is really messed up
  9. i think what your looking for is what DH42 mentioned or some sort of cloud server. load balancing is handle on the hosting end not prestashop. but im sure there things you can do in prestashop to optimize for a load balanced server.
  10. you will most likely have to download the module and install manually (ie. upload module via FTP). should be on the prestastore (free) Just a heads up, I had issues with every shipping module not working in 1.5. so be prepared to use the built in module if you don't want to buy a premium module. Haven't tried USPS but I did try UPS, Fed Ex, and Canada Post. All Failed. fedex worked but glitched my site, took 20 seconds to add product to cart.
  11. thanks for the reply. I actually solved this. seems the CSS file was causing an issue still don't know what. So i removed the css file for blocktopmenu and replace it with the original and themed it myself.
  12. on the product list pages, items show as out of stock. but once you click the item and in the product view, it's available. all items are available. just weird glitch showing them out of stock.
  13. can you try taking the css file for modules > blocktopmenu > css > superfish-modified.css (or whatever css file is in there) from the beta and replace in on the new version? if the id and class tags / selectors (html structure) is the same then it should look the same. If this don't work then thats the file you need to edit to skin the navigation
  14. maybe this tread will help? http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/216509-summary-cart-dont-show-images-ps1531/
  15. yea I would try wiping out everything, re-upload the backup files, and import database via phpmyadmin. Should be back as long as the settings.inc.php points to the same database file name and username/pass. I just noticed you said you were on 1.4.3. from being on the forum constantly the last 3 days I see people having issues updating from 1.4. It was suggested to update to 1.4.9 first then update again to 1.5. Haven't tried it. Also if I were you, I would use a test server to update first then test a buying product, especially in Internet Explorer (had a glitch where images wouldn't appear in IE, was easy fix but you don't want it live like I had it)
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