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  1. Thank you for your info. It worked for me too. Best Regards, Greece
  2. I need the countries options for feature usage. Anyway is it important to specify zip/post code for each zone ?
  3. Hi, In the same country, I have two (2) tax zones. One with 24% VAT and another one with 17%. The user can select the zone depending of the city where he lives. When he selects a city with 24% VAT it works just fine, but when he selects a city with 17% VAT this is not showing at the total cost and he finalize his order without VAT at all. What I did : 1. I have created two TAX one with 24% and another with 17% (both enabled). 2. In TAX rules I have selected the cities that belongs to each TAXes from the step 1. In the case of 17%, I also specified the zip/postal code range to some of them, but not to everyone that have the default zero (0) value. In the case of 24% I selected all the cities that belong to the rule keeping the default zero (0) for zip/postal code range. Is that bug or am I doing something wrong ?
  4. I am pretty sure that PS core does not have that feature but any module recommendation to buy is welcomed. I need a Promotions & Gifts module that creates a money return discount to the next order that is computed as a percentage of the current/active order. Example Current order = 100 Euro. Discount 10% = 10 Euro Send a gift/promotion email that in the next order he will receive 10 Euros discount on orders above ie 50 euros.
  5. Check the link from Robard at the git. Open the specific file, find the code somewhere at the center and add the exta code you will see.
  6. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Here is the message Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: Unknown resource type '<script type="text/javascript">hooks_list.push('DisplayOverrideTemplate');</script> <div id="DisplayOverrideTemplate" class="dndHook" style="min-height' <-- thrown in /home/baristaexpert/www/www/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_resource.php on line 467 It seems that the module "Custom Fields" has created a new hook named "DisplayOverrideTemplate" that is unknown for the system ? Is this a module's bug ?
  7. Under Countries--> Edit and Address format, I deleted manually the vat_number.
  8. Hi, I installed the module "European VAT number" from https://github.com/PrestaShop/vatnumber This module shows automatically the VAT number field if someone fill the "Company" field at the registration form. It worked just fine. Now I want to uninstall this module. It uninstalled just fine too. The problem is that in the registration form of the front page I still see the VAT field if someone fills the Company field. How to fix that ?
  9. After update to Live Edit does not working any more. I get HTTP error 500. Any recommendation ?
  10. Hi, After I updated prestashop to v1.6.1.5 I get the following code a:2:{i:0;s:0:"";i:1;s:0:"";} intead of a date in the abandoed carts. Any recommendation for that ?
  11. Hi, In my PS installation yesterday night all specific prices are not showing any more. They are still there in my products but I can not see them in the public view. Is that some kind of a bug ? What to do ? Regards,
  12. Hi, I am using PS and eight (8) main categories that are all enabled. 1. PS reports me in the categories that I have five disabled categories which is not true 2. In some products shows me a wrong breadcrumbs path. It inserts a non-existing/deleted category in this path. What seems to be wrong here ?
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