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  1. Hi Is this the same as triplEdit? THANKS for a great module! It still works fine for me, BUT in the visual sort I have dublicate products after activation of multishop. How can I fix that?? Is it fixed in the new version?
  2. Hi and thanks for a great module. Is it possible to use this other places than cms pages? Is there a special div or class I can wrap my text in for it to be seen as cms page?? I would like to display some products in the quick order page. I made this with content box, but the products is not displayed in this..
  3. Hi Vekia. Great module, is it possible to change some styling? Mine looks bad :/
  4. Hi I am using prestashop I am experiencing a very strange problem regarding a redirect of some sort. Some of my products is redirected to a non existing url mydomain.dk/- There is no pattern in which products has this bug. If change the seo url, it all works. Same if I change the rute to the products the bug is gone. BUT if i change URL on all products or just the once with the bug i will destroy my seo! Have anybody seen this before and have a solution??? Or is it possible to make some kind of redirect rule so a change of rute to products will not affect my SEO. Together with a developer we have tried everything we can think of, including regenerating .htacces many times. Disabeling different modules, looking in the database and a lot of other things. In addition to this we noticed that in indexing it says 646/646 but I have more than 4000 products, and around 750 that is active. Maybe this has a connection to the problem. I changed hosting a few month ago, and actually around the time that I noticed this problem/bug the old host was closed down... I really hope for some fast replies and that somebody can help me to find a solution. If I have to start over with a clean installation. Which version of prestashop is recommended now to be the best with fewest bugs?
  5. Manufacturer in top menu

    Hi. I figured out that the navigation I use is not the default. The solution was to make a costum link an add all the manufactures. Because it was not possible to choose an add all manufactures link.
  6. I am using PS With a top horisontal menu. I would like to add a menu point with the Manufactures. Displaying a list of all the manufactures. When I click one manufacture, i want to se a page with all products from this manufacture. How is this possible?? All manufactures a created and most products have a manufacture assigned, so it should be easy? Thanks
  7. Mrjohnsvend, må jeg spørge hvem du skifter til? Jeg har samme udfordringer..
  8. I am using prestashop 1.6. with default theme. How can I ad section from stores to contact page. And section from contact to stores page? I also would like to ad a loction map on both pages. Thanks
  9. I made a roll back, to be redy to test at futur update, but the rollback caused an error 500. What to do?
  10. I am having the same issus, with not being able to use combine css. When I do, the css is not loaded. I have made the upgrade in a test shop, and need to do it to my main shop. Should I wait for the next release? Does anybody know when it will be ready?? I upgraded from - Not upgrading the default theme.
  11. Hi Thanks, but for me, in them cms the text is still getting cleaned. I am trying to add an onclick to a link in a cms page and I cant get it to work :/ Using PS I found the solution.. Disabled HTML purifier under Preferences - general
  12. Does anybody know how to include the delivery message in the mail alert???
  13. The message I put blue and red circles around. It is a message about the delivery. I do not know what it is called in presta terms.
  14. Hi I am using PS 16.0.14 In MailAlert email for new ordrer the message about delivery is not included. How can I include it??? I am talking about this message, see picture.
  15. Hi is there a way to only have 1 phone no? I have prestashop