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  1. Sorry for delayed response, I read above messages and I'm not sure the exactly reasons. If you have ability to edit the php file, please try to edit the 'footer.php', you can find below codes in line #8: <?php include $newsBottom; ?> just revise it to: <?php //include $newsBottom; ?> this revision disable loading the foot image - this image just a link which open a how-to video. After the updating, please try again to see whether this issue removed or not, hope this is useful.
  2. Please try the pplayer2.0(with the panel), user has ability set a video thumbnail (preview image) in this version .
  3. I guess this caused by the "video autosize" function. To avoid the video expand over the player(when video size larger than player window size), in PP Player Lite 1.0, I add some codes to scale the video to fit the player window. So if the dimensions is not same as the video size, maybe have a black margin generated. If you have known the video size less than player size , you can also close the "autosize" function by adding a hidden parameter(this parameter not in help document), like this: http://www.yourdomain.com/vid/PPLite.swf?vid=test.flv&autosize=F Note: please separate each parameter with a "&" symbol. For example, if you have known the video size is 352x288, you can close the autosize function(refer above parameter), and set the dimensions(in "Insert/edit embedded media" dialog) to 352 x 318. The height is 288 + 30(toolbar). Thanks ;-)
  4. [Discad] Hello, Thank you download and use this player. I have update this player and now named it PP Player Lite 1.0, the new feature list below: 1. loading progress indicator 2. played time indicator(progress bar) 3. seek video via progress bar Using PP Player Lite 1.0, you can add Flv video in "more info" section of product page by manual. Please refer attached screen shot, and you can also find the sample on my site. Good luck!
  5. -----[Today-101123]------------------------------------------ Hello, I have added an admin panel for pplayer2.0 makes embed flv video more easily. Through the admin panel, you can embed flash, flv video to CMS, Blog (such as wordpress), eCommerce(such as prestashop), or any HTML page. Please take a quickly view from the screenshot which in the attachment. For more information, please take a look the video guide: Step1: Install Step2: Upload videos & update data file Step3: get embed codes and add it to product page of prestashop or view: the simply introduction and player sample And then, you can try the admin panel from below link: The admin demo: Admin demo pass: 78907890 The download file please check the attachment. Any bugs or issues please reply to this topic, I'll try to revise it and upload the new version in this topic. Additional, the 'PP Player lite 1.0' (previous version of pplayer2.0) still available on below link: PP Player Lite 1.0 Thanks . . . -----[10-11-10]-------------------------------------------------- Hello, I have updated the simple flash FLV video player to a new version, now I renamed it as PPlayer and the latest version is 2.0. PPlayer2.0 driven by a simply XML file, in this new version, you can: 1) specify auto play the video or not 2) specify a thumbnail (displayed when player is ready, only available if the 'autoplay' set to 'false' ) 3) specify the buffering time (in second) 4) specify displaying the fullscreen button or not through the XML file. here is a sample page to demonstrate 3 samples: view the pplayer2.0 sample[removed] download the pplayer2.0 sample[removed] I have not complete the how-to document currently, if you have some experience on web development, you can try to download and try to use it first, I'll upload the how-to document shortly. Any bugs please reply to this topic, I'll try to revise it and upload the new version in this topic. Thanks . . . -----[09-11-18]-------------------------------------------------- Hello, I write a simple flash video player for product video in FLV format, it can add into description section of product page, I share it and hope it can also help you. It's very simple on functions currently, and it need install & set manually. In attached zip file, there are 2 documents to help you use it. You can find the sample in my site:[removed] Note: The support is not guaranteed, but I'd like provide some help and response in this post. pplayer2.0.zip
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