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  1. I am looking for someone to help me implement an automated way to update the following in a 1300 product prestashop store on Quantity Price Reduced Price (nearly 95% of products) That is all that is needed to be updated. I don't want to do it with the prestashop csv import, I would like it automated through the back end. The setup: I have a CSV sheet that can get exported from my store POS system. It has all the required fields to do the job and the information needed. I custom built a filemaker system with a friend that creates a final set of CSV sheets (regular and combination) to do this update, but as we all know CSV importing sucks in prestashop. CSV importing is slow, needs split sheets and I also have to truncate the ps_specific_price every time I update the stock due to a prestashop bug (it adds a new price reduction every time you update) It is an unworkable solution to do this every day. It works but it takes far to long. My SQL skills are not good so looking for an SQL/PHP dev who could assist. Notes: - My store POS can generate and send its sheet to an FTP automatically. - I do have some items that always need to be available if not in the shop (shop says 0 needs to be 1 we can discuss this) - My dream is that the POS sends the CSV to the FTP, the data gets converted and it then goes to my database and updates the three fields. Please feel free to quote on what you would like to be paid to do this via message. All i ask is you have a proper history of doing this kind of work, a thorough knowledge of how to do this and for us to be able to communicate easily enough in english. I am in Australia. Cheers and hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations/ideas/experience with updating stock. I have around 1400 products. Pretty much 95% of them have a reduction on their price using a specific price rule (no specific groups or anything just a general amount off different for each product in dollar amount) I currently update each products quantity,price and price reduction amount (thats all I update) with a CSV sheet I generate using filemaker. I have also found a way to update the pesky combination products using filemaker and a convoluted file system. Unfortunately, I have the horrible bug (I'm on that means every time I update, I have to truncate the specific price rule table in MYSQL as the csv import doesn't update specific price rules. It creates new ones and its horrible. My question is this : The point of sale system where my physical shop is can generate me a csv file, that has on it everything I need; price, reduction amount and current quantity, and each product in the store has a unique reference ID (also on the sheet) Can anyone recommend another way to update selected stock information in prestashop without the cumbersome and time sapping csv sheet import and SQL table dropping I'm doing in the back of prestashop? Can this be done with a "direct connection" (somehow) to my database? If anyone could recommend some posts or reading material on this, or could tell me how they like do it would be most appreciated. Surely there is a simpler way than generating CSV sheets, filtering them, loading them into csv import....all that horrible stuff! Oh yeah! I also have to split my sheets as it times out. Im sure everyone is used to that too! Thanks for reading, cheers.
  3. I have the problem too on From what I can see the only way out is to truncate ps_specific_price and ps_specific_price_rule If I reimport my csv it never overwrites the old discount (I kinda get that not working to be fair) but the big problem I reckon is that does not make the new discount you put in the current one you want to use. If you put the same discount amount figure I'm reading it still makes a record. Everything on the store I work on has a discounted price so this is hard. Looks like for now I must truncate ps_specific_price and ps_specific_price_rule every time before importing my csv daily. Or has this been fixed?
  4. Anyone wondering what part "position" plays in this: for example: Value (Value:Position)* Position is where the color will be in the list of the pulldown in the prestashop backend. So if you put red:1 blue:2 green:3 then after import in the pulldown list you would have red blue green If you put red:3 blue:1 green:2 It would be blue green red I have no idea why this is an option. The example csv file in my prestashop 1.5 is useless, it has no fields to work with. I am now about to do a big search on how to enter an "impact on price" because it isn't working for me. Cheers
  5. I am also after a solution on this one...layered nav showing the colour that the customer has chosen to search for. Thanks!
  6. Cracker! Works in I too had trouble setting up a "blockcategories2" module. I was going to research it but I need this done. So I changed the code in my blockcategories.php (yeah I guess I probably shouldn't but it works) changing in the code any reference of "blockcategory2" to "blockcategory" in the code. I also want to undisplay the block in the last category. Time for research. Thanks heaps apug!
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