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  1. Hi Please help! When customer use Chrome browser - and trying to log in to shop - not possible. No errors or nothing. don't get in. With IE - logging works. When trying to place products to cart and move to pay - after moving (chrome) shows that cart is empty. IE - no problem and all products what have sent to cart - is still there and can place order. Why this prestashop don't works in chrome? What i have to change to get this work in chrome too? Your current PrestaShop version
  2. Hi Please help. Why there is not shown aviabilty status "This product is no longer in stock" when i leave ordering possible to empty? https://goo.gl/photos/KYQtyAAxweTMeWPQA This status will shown only when i mark ordering possible and from WHEN out of stock - deny orders. https://goo.gl/photos/hdYJmxU6tkzWZTTP7 when i wont disable orders from When out of stock - just leave information sector orders possible empty, then this status This product is no longer in stock wont shown https://goo.gl/photos/kasXRGSMztfJJLbu9 How i can change WHEN out of stock deny ordering in import csv? https://goo.gl/photos/7dASTA3NCThkFbuu6 What i have to put this value on csv? 0 , 1, or 2 values don't work - tryed - no changes. Or how i can show aviablity status "This product is no longer in stock " if i have choosen empty value in product information page - ordering denied? (first photo) Thank you for help
  3. I found solution myself - Used sql delete options and deleted all with carrier TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_delivery`; TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_order_carrier`; TRUNCATE `ps_carrier`; TRUNCATE `ps_carrier_group`; TRUNCATE `ps_carrier_lang`; TRUNCATE `ps_carrier_shop`; TRUNCATE `ps_carrier_tax_rules_group_shop`; TRUNCATE `ps_carrier_zone`; ALTER TABLE `ps_delivery` AUTO_INCREMENT = 0; ALTER TABLE `ps_order_carrier` AUTO_INCREMENT = 0; Works for me.
  4. Hi! How i can remove carrier from order detail view? From backoffice i already deleted carrier and leaved just new one added carrier. But when client add new order then later when client look order details, shows both carriers on order. Even this deleted one. Why? Look on picture too - Smartpost is old carrier what is already deleted. Still appears on orders. Even if make new order. This second carrier is correct and have to be on order. How to fix problem? Why even show carrier information on order detail view if this not choosed by client? on order details view have to show only this carrier what have choosed when made order. Others carriers must be hided later on detail view. But right now this old one appears on every order. Thank you for any help.
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