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  1. Hello, did you fix the problem? I'm experiencin the same issue. It happens when the standard module SEO&URL is activated. If I turn it off the confirmation page is successfully shown after purchase.
  2. Hello, I'm developing a shop with Prestashop I've activated credit card and wire payment, both tested and working. Later I activated SEO standard option to modify URLs, and it works changing default urls to human and search engines more friendly ones. The problem is that when I try to finish a order with wire payment, the shop doesn't redirects me to the order confirmation but to the admin login page. I tried with credit card payment and the shop redirects me successfully to my bank payment platform, although I haven't finish the order to see if the shop redirects me to the confirmation order page. It is obviously a redirection issue in the order confirmation step. How could I fix it? My language shop is Spanish, and the SEO friendly url for order-confirmation is confirmacion-pedido. All others friendly urls are working fine. I'm working with Debian 9 and nginx. I will appreciate any hint you can help me with to fix this. Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. I shouldn't have been so fast asking . Sorry. I found the table ps_product_shop. That's the table I have to update.
  4. Hello. I am working in a new Prestashop installation. The store have thousands products, so I have an external application that updates the table ps_products everyday to set the quantity and price of them. My problem is that if the application updates ps_product.price field, when I go to my back office to check, I see the base price have been successfully changed, but the the price tax exc and price tax incl haven't been updated How can I get all prices updated? are there others database tables involved in the price control? Thank youy very much in advance.
  5. Newbie mistake Ups, I had read about the Mail Alerts module, but I looked for it in the addons site. I didn't find it, so I thought it was outdated or invalid for the 1.5 version. I have installed and configured the Mail Alerts module and now I receive email orders in my admin account Thank you very much for your help!
  6. Hello. I'm configuring a Prestashop test store, and I´m stucked because I can't receive any email when I make test orders. [i'm translating the menu names. Mine are in spanish. Hope you can understand what I do] In Advanced Settings > E-mail I have checked to use PHP mail() function. I have made some test and I receive all of them. Later, I tested the contact form, and I received these emails too. The problem appears when I place a test order. I receive the customer email, but any in my administrator address. I'm using different accounts for customer and administrator. I have checked this help site http://doc.prestashop.com, and have googled around that without finding anything similar to my problem. Can you help me, please? Thanks in advance!
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